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Folly of Hubris in Mythology academic essay help Foreign Languages assignment help

Thebes until she showed her arrogance to the gods. She thought herself strong enough not only to deceive the gods as her father had tried to, but to openly defy them” (349). Niobe gathered the people of her city and told them to worship her instead of Leto. Leto only had Apollo and Artemis, while Niobe had fourteen. Niobe was queen and Leto was homeless until Delos welcomed her. “I am happy, strong, great- to great for any, men or god, to do me harm” (349). Of course the gods proved her wrong. With their deadly bows and arrows, Apollo and Artemis shot and killed all of Niobe’s children.

Niobe watched them die and wept in sorrow. She then was turned into a stone, always wet with her tears. In Mythology by Edith Hamilton, mortals can make many mistakes. The folly of hubris was the offense most despised by the gods. A sure way to suffer would be to think thoughts too dangerous for men and defy the gods in actions. A human who thought themself equal or better than the gods was brtually punished for their arrogance. Bellerophon, Salmoneus, and Niobe all learned the error of their ways and were severly punnished for their foll of hubris.

Buildings and Landmarks

In this activity, you’ll create buildings for your experience! Please note, you must create all buildings by yourself – you are not allowed to import assets/use the toolbox.
Start with a new Baseplate or Classic Baseplate Template.
At least one of the buildings must be based on a picture. (A landmark)
Create at least three different buildings.Example BuildingWatch the Lecture Video Example (select 1080p) and/or follow the directions for Creating Buildings with Parts.To scale your buildings, import the following Scaled Character.Take a screenshot of your example building.LandmarkChoose a Landmark you’d like to recreate using Roblox Studio. This can be a historical landmark. Feel free to browse Wikicommons for ideas. Insert the image here.Your Re-CreationTake a screenshot of your re-creation in Roblox Studio.Your BuildingsExplain the structures you built. What is your design philosophy?

Your Game URLMake sure your game is Public.

ReflectionHow was your experience playing your own Roblox game? What ideas do you have for your future games? (1 paragraph)