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FNU Phenomenological Inquiry Ethnography and Grounded Theory Study Paper

FNU Phenomenological Inquiry Ethnography and Grounded Theory Study Paper.

In your opinion which of the following topics is best suited to a phenomenological inquiry? To a ethnography? To a grounded theory study? Provide a rational for each response.a-The passage through menarche among Hatian refugeeb-The process of coping among AIDS patientsc-The experience of having a child with leukemiad-Rituals relating to dying among nursing home residentse-Decision making processes among nurses regarding do-not-resucitate ordersAll postings should have three paragraphs with three sentences. The initial post applies course content sufficiently by
expanding on the main points of the prompt; responses exhibit critical thinking
and analysis. Written in a clear, concise, formal and organized manner.
Responses are mostly error free. Information from sources is paraphrased
appropriately and accurately referenced and cited in APA when applicable.
FNU Phenomenological Inquiry Ethnography and Grounded Theory Study Paper

Harvard University Singer Solution to World Poverty Critical Analysis Essay.

Request: MLA format. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES, Below you will find two abridged theoretical discussions on the ethics of charity- use only this material. After reading BOTH articles, use the questions below (you do not need to use all of them) to form an essay response. You are writing an essay, not a series of short answers or bullet points; please remember that. The paper needs to be around 3-4 pages, Times New Roman, 12,double spaced. What is the ordinary American’s obligations to the poor, locally and or globally? Which argument is more compelling, and why? Do the authors show bias? Do the authors provide sufficient evidence? What would Singer’s reality look like? What would Harden’s reality look like? Any other concerns with either or both of these two articles?
Harvard University Singer Solution to World Poverty Critical Analysis Essay

APU Psychology Anorexia nervosa Paper.

The paper is to be written in APA format and will include a title page, an abstract,8 to 10 pages of original text, a title page, and a reference page. This paper will include no less than 6-8 primary sources.The paper will include:•Title page created in APA style•An introduction•2-3 pages of discussion of DSM 5 diagnoses that are related to the question broken down into typical age of onset, DSM 5 diagnostic criteria, highlighting symptoms specific to adults25years of age to elderly, and a discussion on the common co-occurring diagnosis.•3-4 pages of the original text that includes a summary of 4 current (2010-2020) research studies that address the diagnosis and treatment in adults. These studies should show different techniques that address the same diagnosis.•2-3 pages of the original text that includes a conclusion and discussion on directions for future research•Reference page listing at least 6 sources created in APA style.
APU Psychology Anorexia nervosa Paper

Pay for Performance.

Option #1: Pay-for-PerformanceRead: EHRs Improving Care Coordination with Local Referral Network (2012), Retrieved from: pay-for-performance stimulate and encourage electronic medical record (EMR) adoption? How does the adoption of meaningful use stimulate the adoption of EMRs?What are the financial and human resource costs involved in implementing an electronic medical record in a small medical practice versus in a large-scale healthcare system?Identify various challenges for small practices implementing an electronic medical record. Are these different from those affecting a large healthcare system? Explain why you think so.Requirements:Your written paper should be 4-5 pages in length not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include.Use terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings.You need to cite at least three sources for this assignment, outside of the textbook. The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find resources.Your paper must be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.If you need assistance with your writing style, start with the links under the Research Help and Writing Help tabs on the CSU-Global Library’shomepage.Review the Module 4 Critical Thinking rubric for full details on how you will be graded on this assignment.
Pay for Performance

A key component in the learning process is to complete a self-assessment or to academically reflect upon the lessons

A key component in the learning process is to complete a self-assessment or to academically reflect upon the lessons learned throughout a course or experience. Identify at least two or three specific ways in which the discussions and assignments throughout an MBA program have changed your perspective of business or your practice of business in order to better live out your faith. Additionally, identify at least one instance that is specific to this strategic management course.

Restrictions that The Government Applied & American Airlines Flight 444 Discussion

essay writer Restrictions that The Government Applied & American Airlines Flight 444 Discussion.

Question : what are restrictions that the government applied after November 15, 1979 American Airlines Flight 444First bomb as air cargo? writing initial post answering the question above with 300 words and please cite the references.Answer:
Aircraft hijacking was a thing long before the attacks on September
11th, 2001. The Aviation Safety Network, part of the Flight Safety
Foundation, counted a total of 1,066 hijackings since 1931. The
terrorist attacks on 9/11 brought much more attention to the issue than
any other incident, and serious measures were quickly taken to improve
security and prevent future hijackings. Cockpit doors are now
strengthened and locked to prevent hijackers from entering. On 9/11,
terrorists used box cutters as weapons, since they were allowed in carry
on luggage at the time. Obviously, items like this are no longer
allowed in carry on luggage. Since 9/11 and the new security measures,
only about 50 hijackings were reported between September 11th, 2001, and
March 29th, 2016, the day the article I found was published. 1,066
hijackings between 1931 and 2001 comes out to an average of 12.5 per
year, while 50 between 2001 and 2016 is an average of only 3.3 per year,
and none were in the United States. While security measures still are
not perfect at preventing hijackings, it is very clear that the
improvements made after 9/11 have made a significant impact on aviation
security.Response to the above post with 120 wordsTWA
Boeing 727 flying from Athens to Rome got hijacked enroute by two
terrorists armed with guns and grenades. The hijackers stormed into the
cockpit and demanded pilots to fly to Algeria. The captain notified ATC
when both hijackers had left the cockpit. The captain later convinced
the hijackers that the fuel wasn’t enough to fly to Algeria. Then, the
hijackers ordered the pilots to fly to Beirut instead to get fuel. The
captain calmly negotiated for the release of 19 women and children,
which was accepted and soon 19 women and children were released. Then,
the aircraft flew to Algeria and back and forth to Beirut until the
captain shut down the engines at Beirut and pretended that they could no
longer fly. The standoff went on for 18 days until all passengers were
released by negotiation.Lessons learned:The
hijacked aircraft being on the ground, always makes the situation safer
and easier to handle. All attempts should be made towards putting the
aircraft safely down.Flight crew members should be trained on how to manage such a security threat.Flight crew should find a way to communicate and inform law enforcement of the situation to get help.Flight crew should stay responsibly calm and cooperate with the hijacker.Hostages
are a bargaining power in exchange for fuel, food and other services.
Thus, negotiators should seek to release as much hostages as possible in
exchange of services.Response to the above post with 120 words
Restrictions that The Government Applied & American Airlines Flight 444 Discussion

Why do we explore space?

Why do we explore space?.

250 words or moreHow do telescopes collect and analyze data from stars?What can astronomers see in space using a telescope?What are two targets of space exploration?Can we live in space? On the moon or on Mars? Why or Why not?Countries across the globe launch satellites and other technology into outer space. Discuss the potential impact of space trash and how Earth can be impacted.What is the future of space exploration? Explain why you would or would not contribute to space tourism by buying a ticket for a trip to the moon?
Why do we explore space?

St Edwards University Social Budgeting Discussion

St Edwards University Social Budgeting Discussion.

It’s good to understand the purpose of investing in social media marketing tools which is, “to make SMM more efficient and to less the chance of errors” (Bark et al., 2017). To get started in choosing the right, necessary tools, there are a number of points to consider: 1. Investigate the tools offered by a platform, 2. Think about what you need to accomplish, 3. Be sure the tool services the platforms you use, 4. Consider how many people need to use the tool and what their roles are, 5. Consider whether a free tool will suffice or whether a paid one is needed. Top Golf’s strategy seems to vary based on their location. Each location of Top Golf has a different media platform apart from the overall Top Golf brand. Therefore, selecting the right tools would range widely. If we solely focus on the main Top Golf page, we will need to evaluate the costs versus benefits. If we had a large Social team and we were wanting more efficiency and control, investing in multiple platform tools would be a beneficial purchase.“To optimize the opportunities behind a social media marketing project (no matter the size or complexity of the effort), I believe organizations need to commit to budgeting in a consistent and patient way” (Schaefer, 2018). Along with budgeting funds, having consistent small engagements that eventually lead to awareness and bigger interaction, like a sale or a committed customer, can help monetize a company’s social media. When it comes to resources, small or medium companies are unlikely to have resources in-house to run a social media marketing strategy. Therefore, it is likely they choose to outsource expertise that could save money in the end. Whereas, larger companies can have an in-house employee to coordinate social media strategies.ReferencesSchaefer, M. W. (2018). Social Media Explained: Untangling the World’s Most Misunderstood Business Trend. Schaefer Marketing Solutions.Barker, D. I., Barker, M. S., Bormann, N. F., Roberts, M. L., & Zahay, D. L. (2017). Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach (2nd ed.). Cengage Learning.In a reply to a above statement, please respond using the following prompt:Choose a posting in which the original author’s strategy/tactic resonates with you.Do you agree or disagree that the tactic chosen is the most effective? Why or why not?
St Edwards University Social Budgeting Discussion