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Florida International Way Transnational Gangs Operate in Central America Paper

Florida International Way Transnational Gangs Operate in Central America Paper.

This will be my exit option paper, hence I need help with my research proposal. The proposal should contain and abstract (100 words) followed by an introduction of the gang problem in central america, which would be followed by a through literature review of the subject ( I can provide a list of sources from were to start), Then I would move on to my methodologyl: I plane to conduct this study using qualitative data from in depth interviews acquired from experts and ex gang members in Honduras. ( i can pitch in what I have for this part)…
Florida International Way Transnational Gangs Operate in Central America Paper

Table of Contents Introduction Selected State Adopted Items Area Incongruent with the Consensus Model Plan of Action Conclusion References Introduction The Consensus Model is a framework for guiding states in the United States to streamline advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) roles. Presently, most of the states have managed to adopt portions of this tool in an attempt to empower their practitioners. The paper below discusses how the state of Ohio has adopted the Consensus Model. Selected State The selected state for this discussion is that of Ohio. According to its board of nursing website, this state has managed to adopt a number of items outlined in the Consensus Model for APRN regulation. The proponents of this framework anticipate that more APRNs will become empowered and continue to meet the diverse needs of the targeted patients. Adopted Items The ultimate objective of the Consensus Model is to address existing inconsistencies in APRN practice, regulation, and education (Madler, Kalanek,

Farley Aguilar’s Show At Lyles & King Art Review Writing Help

Farley Aguilar’s Show At Lyles & King Art Review Writing Help.

review should summarize the main arguments of the selected show, and should
give the reader a clear sense of the exhibition. The review should succinctly
describe the material constitution and appearance of a few of the works on
view. The review, in addition to describing the show, should come to some short
(one sentence or so), incisive conclusions about the merits or weaknesses of
the exhibition. As in any art review, clear summary, concise yet interesting
descriptions, and a penetrating punch of analysis are key. In spite of their
short length, art reviews should be as specific as possible; picking a few
discrete examples and arguing your point through them is crucial to avoid generalizing.
The files below are the names of Aguilar’s work that exhibited at Lyles & King.
Farley Aguilar’s Show At Lyles & King Art Review Writing Help

ITS 442 Purdue University Global Module 2 SaaS Providers Paper

java assignment help ITS 442 Purdue University Global Module 2 SaaS Providers Paper.

Write minimim 900 words based on the instructionsNo plagiarism!SAAS PROVIDERSYour employer is interested in finding SaaS solutions for the following business functions:Sales and customer relationship managementAccountingHuman resourcesPayrollSocial networking.Search the web and find SaaS providers for each business function. In a report to your CIO, briefly describe the capabilities of each SaaS provider. What capabilities differentiate that provider’s product from the competition? Are there any special licensing, security, or contractual requirements with that provider’s product? Recommend two SaaS providers that could create the greatest business value to the company.Report requirements:Your report should be three to four pages in length.The page count should not include the title page and references page.Cite at least two credible sources other than the textbook. One source must be from a peer-reviewed journal or conference publication.
ITS 442 Purdue University Global Module 2 SaaS Providers Paper

Balanced Scorecard Case Study

Introduction Business environments (internal and external) have been changing constantly especially in the 21st century. The effects of these changes are being felt across various business sectors regardless of their size, location, and market or maturity level. Apparently, the 21st century has brought forth many challenges and opportunities and industries are starting to examine new strategies to enable them overcome these challenges as they embrace new opportunities (Nørreklit 2000, p. 65). The management team at Rainbow Lighting Ltd is in a quagmire because the company seems to be attracting numerous challenges amidst the changing business environment. The company is experiencing numerous problems across the various departments, which are threatening the business performance. To begin with, the production department is operating under capacity owing to the short production hours. In addition, the department lacks the necessary mechanism to ensure that their products adhere to quality and safety standards before they are released into the market as evidenced by the latest incident with Everlasting Halogen Spotlight (EHS) bulb. The marketing and sales department is a lagging behind in its mandate and even the rare promotional activities are executed without proper market information. For instance, an attempt by the marketers to position domestic market bulbs through packaging modification and subsequent price increment lead to a huge sales decline. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, customer satisfaction survey indicated that domestic bulb consumers were unsatisfied with the product quality and pricing, while industrial consumers were not confident about product quality though prices were reasonable. Moreover, wholesalers are complaining of late deliveries and most of them opt for supplies from competitors. Employee satisfaction survey revealed that employee motivation was at its lowest leading to high staff turnover and poor product quality. Consequently, the above problems have impacted negatively on the company’s financial performance leading to a reduction in operating profits and negative Return on Capital Employed. Theory, aims and structure of the Balanced Scorecard Following Rainbow Lighting Ltd poor performance, Eindnacht GmbH senior management has issued the management an ultimatum to turn around the company in the next two years or face dire consequences. During the management meeting, the managing director revealed that senior management advisor had recommended that they consider implementing the Balanced Scorecard concept into the company. According to Figgie et al. (2002, p. 262), performance measurement has become a necessity because it enable managers to understand how a business is performing, and it also enables business to improve their performance. Against this background, Robert Kaplan and David Norton developed the Balanced Scorecard in 1992 aimed at facilitating the performance measurement surveys within organizations (Nørreklit 2000, p. 67). The theory behind the development of BSC was based on the fact that, following the implementation of a performance measurement system, an organization would be able to serve its customers, owners, employees, and stakeholders in a better way, thus leading to a promising financial performance (Figgie et al. 2002, p. 265). We will write a custom Case Study on Balanced Scorecard specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Atkinson (2002, p. 1445) perceives BSC as a report card that provides business manages with information on the positive and negative aspects of their business. Moreover, Chia and Hoon (2000, p. 5) explain that a BSC aim is to enable organizations to plan, measure and control their performance based on a pre-defined strategy in order to achieve the desired results. Traditionally, performance measurements have often focused on financial measures while ignoring the contribution of non-financial measures to the organizations performance. On this note, the BSC model measures performance based on four different perspectives – a financial perspective (return on capital employed, economic value-added, operating income, etc) , an internal business process perspective (employee satisfaction, new product development ), a customer perspective (customer satisfaction, new customer acquisition, customer loyalty, customer profitability etc.), and a learning and growth perspective (skills improvement, IT system overhaul ) (Chia

Linking Performance to Organizational Rewards Report

Table of Contents Introduction Reward Linkage programs Performance Bonuses Gain Sharing Skills-Based Rewards Conclusion References Introduction Linking performance to organization rewards is an effective way of ensuring that employees remain motivated, staff turnover is reduced, and there are increased chances of a company retaining the best talents (Lemieux, 2008). The traditional reward system involved rewarding an individual employee due to his commitment to the set duties in a firm but as the business environment evolves, the system has been replaced by the group reward system that aims at rewarding the best performing teams in an organization (Mondello