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Florida International University The Salary Proposal of Stan Questions

Florida International University The Salary Proposal of Stan Questions.

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It is important to know your worth to an employer, however, we also should have reasonable expectations on how much we should be compensated based on some of the following factors: education, work experience and expected job responsibilities.The case study below will help you develop strong skills and strategies to negotiate salaries.1. Read the case study below and answer the associated questions. Once you have completed the questions please upload your responses to Canvas to receive credit. How do you negotiate when it’s your dream job?Current pay: $55,000 with great benefitsBackground: Stan was working a good hospitality job with great benefits, but through networking and hard work, he landed an interview at his dream company, Marriott Corporate. Not only was this an internationally recognized organization, but this particular company was ranked among the top in the world. Note that this was not an open, posted position, but rather was something the company was thinking of creating just for him. The problem? It’s hard to negotiate when it would be unbearably difficult to walk away from an offer.When asked during an initial phone call with Marriott for his salary expectations for this job, he stated a range of mid-to-upper $40,000 for his base.While the upside is that he knew what he was looking for and was honest and upfront, the downside is that by going first, and not knowing how they structured their positions, he might have been too high or too low in his request.Questions: 1. What would you have done differently if you were Stan? Would you have done anything differently? 2. Do you think that Stan went too high or too low with his offer? Why? 3. If Stan is offered the position at the salary of $41,000, do you believe he should accept or negotiate a higher salary? Do you think he should stay in his current position? Why?PREVIOUSNEXT
Florida International University The Salary Proposal of Stan Questions

Ring of Fire Over Mountain Valley: Picture Discussion Essay

My name is ABC and the picture I chose to discuss is “Ring of Fire over Mountain Valley.” I chose this picture because of its amazing illustration and background. The picture represents the wonders of nature that human beings try to explain using science. It is wonderful to discover how nature keeps some events happening but the only thing we can do is to explain them. This picture shows rings of fire during an annular eclipse. The picture was taken on May 9, 2012 in the South Western United States at Monument Valley as the annular mid-eclipse was in progress. The annular solar eclipse appeared in Western Australia and proceeded to appear in the United States at sunrise on May 10, 2012. The picture shows clear rings of fire representing an annular mid-eclipse in progress over the valley before sunset. In the course of the eclipse, rings of fire appear since the moon silhouette does not completely cover the sun. The moon appears as a silhouette because of its nature in the new moon period. The moon silhouette is the description of its appearance during the eclipse which looks like a shadow or an image reflected at the sun. This happens because the eclipse takes place a few days after a lunar apogee. The appearance of the rings is not witnessed all over the world but in few regions that experience the annular mid-eclipse phase. In regions where the rings appear, they last for a varied period of time but do not exceed six minutes. They are visible along a shadow track at the horizon just like the appearance shown on the picture. This is one of the most spectacular images of our fascinating universe to have ever caught my eyes and I could not avoid studying it.

An Overview Of Student Affairs Professionals Education Essay

programming assignment help Do you feel that the task is somewhat overwhelming or is it possible for student affairs professionals to take up this mantle of responsibility on a daily basis? What welcomes undergraduates to this agenda and what, perhaps, hinders their acceptance of this function of American higher education? Student affairs’ professionals do have the capacity to carry out their duties on a daily basis. However, it is imperative that these professionals are organized in their approach and appropriately trained. According to Colby, Ehrlich, Beaumont and Stephens (2003) student affairs professionals must make a “concerted effort to assist students from the very first time that they come in contact with the school” (pp.226-227). Professionals must make students aware of the extracurricular activities available to them and the ways in which they can get involved on campus and in the surrounding community. The first relationship that student affairs’ professional have with students begins with campus tours. These tours often leave an important first impression with students. Beyond the first impression student affair professional must make a concerted effort to reach out to the students once they become a part of the University community. Reaching out to the students require several different elements including e-mails, telephone call and a personal letter. As it pertains to e-mails students should be sent e-mail correspondence a few days before the event actually occurs. Such correspondence allows them time to adjust their schedules, so they can attend a function. Likewise, a personal message is an important form of communication that can greatly assist students/confidence helping in becoming more involved in campus life. Other announcements should be placed on bulletin boards in dorms or other high-traffic areas. Although communicating with students in this manner does require a great deal of work, it is not an impossible endeavor. Undergraduates are welcomed to the agenda when they are encouraged by student affair professionals to get involved in campus activities and in community activities. According to Colby et al (2003) “community service projects are of particular importance in most campus organizations” (p.134). Some students may not be as familiar with the importance of community service and the vital role that volunteers play in the context of a community. Making students aware of this particular agenda is vitally important as it informs the way they react to opportunities associated with community service. To this end professional must be sure to inform students of the benefits associated with community service and other types of community involvement. Students, freshmen in particular have many issues that they face, for instance, adjusting to college life. In some ways, all of these new adjustments can prevent students from making the progress they need to make in becoming involved. In some instances, students do not get involved in such things because they are not aware that certain activities are occurring. Student’s affairs professional cannot assume students will automatically get involved in other activities. In addition, depending on the size of the institution a student may be intimidated by all the activities and may not know where to start as it relates to involvement in activities. In the case of the student feeling intimidated, student affair professionals must make a concerted effort to engage students and assist them in understanding the importance of community and campus involvement. Reference Colby, A., Ehrlich, T., Beaumont, E.,

Adults in Rebound Relationships: A Narrative Inquiry

Adrienne Maie C. BactolSushmita G. De Leon Kyle Marie S. CayabanMa. Fatima G. Isanan Everybody has heard of rebound fling. This type of relationship comes immediately after ending the previous relationship. Rebounds are usually not based on love, rather it is just a way for people to relieve themselves from the loneliness and hurt they felt from their break-up. They are dubbed as “rebound” relationship which reflects a common perception that they are somehow unique or different from a non-rebound relationship. According to Brumbaugh and Fraley (2014), “A rebound relationship is commonly understood to be a relationship that is initiated shortly after the end of a significant romantic relationship—before the feelings about the former relationship have been fully resolved.” The statement represents a commonly held negative view of rebounds. In sum, the consensus is that a rebound relationship is a band-aid that will distract us from dealing with unresolved emotional issues related to our previous relationship. A band-aid that can only stay in place temporarily and when ended, it still reveals an unhealed wound. People who lately experienced a breakup may gain from engaging through their emotional distress particularly by means of reflection and considering a new relationship (Marshall, Bejanyan,

edu 352 assignment week 5

edu 352 assignment week 5.

Unit plan or Lesson Plan Collection
Submit a unit plan spanning One to Four weeks. Technology should be integrated for assessment, instruction, and student engagement. You may use a single form of technology or multiple forms depending on what best suits the needs of the lesson and students.
You may use some or all of the lesson plans you’ve been developing throughout the course, combine or adapt them into the plan. The intention of this assignment is for you to reflect on all the learnings from the course and put them to practice for classroom implementation.
Your unit plan must include the following:
Standards and Goals to be addressed
Time span (for each lesson and unit)
The unit needs to include a meaningful integration of technology or technologies to support the instruction. Just as it might not be appropriate to use technology in every element of a lesson, you should not write it into your lesson plan unless the use of technology supports the teaching and learning in effective ways. For example, using a software program to create story books might not be the best use of time if your goal is for students to analyze passages of writing, but it might be an effective use of time if you want students to demonstrate understanding of elements of plot.
Just as you will do with your own students in your classroom, explain the motivation and purpose for your choices.

edu 352 assignment week 5

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