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Florida International Univ Quality & Safety in Nursing Department Research Paper

Florida International Univ Quality & Safety in Nursing Department Research Paper.

Nursing Leadership Quality Improvement Project PaperAssignment Description:Each student will produce a plan for implementing a change project in nursing departments throughout the organization. The student will begin by selecting one area for improvement of (e.g. quality and safety, cost effectiveness, core measures, documentation, billing, patient satisfaction) within his, or her healthcare organization and propose a change to solve the problem. Students will then select one of the change theories from the assigned text readings and scholarly literatures that models and appropriately will guide the implementation of the proposed change. Note: You will develop the nursing leadership quality improvement project into an APA 6th edition 5-7 page paper for this assignment. Assignment Overview: Students will develop an APA 6Th edition paper for this assignment by producing a quality improvement project paper containing a plan for implementing a change within a nursing department of a health care organization. Students must select an issue within his, or her nursing department in need of quality improvement. Student will need to propose a change to solve the issue.Students will also select one of the change theory models from the course readings and materials to guide the paper on how to implement the proposed change. To assist with the development of the nursing leadership quality improvement project paper students must complete the following: Select and utilize a change theory model to implement the proposed change;Analyze the leadership roles and management skills necessary to implement the change;Present and defend your decision-making process; and Demonstrate the elements of the change process.Assignment Outline and CriteriaIntroduction:Provide a clear statement of a scenario (problem), change theory model, proposed change, and rationale.Action Plan (Critical Paper Component):Supporting rationale for implementing the the proposed change for the nursing leadership quality improvement project paper will include:Steps and processes necessary to assure staff compliance;An approach to communicate the plan;The change process chosen with an explanation of how and why the change theory model was selected; A definition of the leadership style utilized and evidence of its effectiveness; Management functions utilized;Include the proposed change impacts the healthcare organization’s budget and costs if applicable;A plan to address noncompliance and rejecters to assure compliance; andSpecifications regarding the evaluation of the effectiveness post implementation of the proposed change. Summary:Conclude the nursing leadership quality improvement project by:Highlighting any relevant points points; andProviding a nursing implication conceptually consistent with the nursing leadership change theory model in the paper.
Florida International Univ Quality & Safety in Nursing Department Research Paper

The Five Virtues of Kofi Annan: Case Study Having sat at the helm of the United Nations for two terms, Kofi Annan exhibited astute and strong leadership skills. Admiration for his ability to bring different warring parties together was unending. He always wished for a world where sufferance of innocent global citizens would end. Among the virtues he stand out to have entrenched in his leadership is dignity. He always believed that all people regardless of their social-economic status, nationality, race and other lines of segregation would have a dignified life. Indeed, the life that Annan envisaged for all people was free of atrocities, poverty and pandemics such as Aids. Ciulla (2003) postulates that he always saw both sides of the coin in that he could negotiate with perceived criminals such as Saddam Hussein for the sake of innocent civilians who in many instances were caught in the crossfire. To him, dignity was a major virtue of leadership. Second, throughout his mission as the Secretary General to the UN, he never fell short of confidence in all his actions and attitude. Despite taking positions that put him at loggerheads with major world leaders like Madeleine Albright, Annan had confidence that his cause of action was the best in delivering peace to the world. Third, Annan held courage as an important virtue that all leaders should learn. He never feared to enhance access to medical care, food and other humanitarian assistance regardless of the risks and dangers this action predisposed him to. Fourth, Annan values compassion, which is a major aspect of transformative and supportive leadership. He never shied away from the poor and the meek. Indeed, Ciulla (2003) pinpoints an instance where he randomly got out of his motorcade and spent over an hour with a refugee who had fled war in Iraq. Finally, Annan always preached faith. He believed that all leaders should have faith in their actions whenever their actions would end up bringing peace to the world. Standpoints Held by Different Critical Thinkers Ruth Benedict The major concept of her works revolves around explaining anthropology and the way it affects normalcy of different people especially those holding leadership positions in organizations and groups. She articulates that leadership is nurtured and can be uniform across the entire world despite different social, religious, racial and national backgrounds. Leaders should be consistent in their actions regardless of the contexts they encounter. To that end, Benedict says that all leaders are able to differentiate between right and wrong and inspire followership that brings about happiness to all people. Mary Midgley She concentrates her main ideas on themes of leadership by articulating that a leader should be ready to try out ‘his/her sword’. By that, she means that every leader has special attributes, which he/she should use to achieve the goals that the followers. It is important to note that Midgley holds the view that different leaders are unique and their leadership skills are dependent on the goals they seek to accomplish. It is therefore upon the leaders to understand their ‘swords’ and act in a way that can provide the best form of leadership to their organizations. F.G Bailey Bailey emphasizes on values and beliefs in leadership. He asserts that virtuous leaders should be able to make decisions that do not contradict the beliefs of the followers. Beliefs and values should shape the common goal in a group. No leaders should exert their personal beliefs and values to the followers. UN Commission on Human Rights The global body focuses its attention and activities on the need to uphold human rights regardless of where people live. UNCHR emphasizes on the importance of human dignity and the need to remove impediments that lead to violation of human rights. In many instances, UNCHR has spearheaded democratic leadership and governance where governments enshrine human rights as a way of dignifying the lives of their citizens. Indeed, the organization holds the view that all human beings are important regardless of their location in the world and governments should abide by global standards in enshrining human rights. Isaiah Berlin Berlin asserts that leaders face numerous challenges and upheavals in pursuit of ideal societies and organizations. These challenges hinder their ability to perform nobly although they provide different insights to the leaders. To him, leadership should entail the ability of leaders to overcome such hurdles and achieve their objectives in line with the wishes and aspirations of the followers. In pursuit of idealistic leadership, Berlin articulates that leaders and organizations should be able to differentiate actions that could impede the achievement of the goals that are in the best interest of the majority. Application of the Theoretical Standpoints on the Case Study From the above case study, we learn of a global icon who exercised leadership using virtues. Annan was global leader despite his roots being in Africa. He always perceived the world from the lens of globalization and nobleness. Benedict cite him as an example of a leader who defied social and economic backgrounds to achieve his objective of uniting the world and delivering peace to war-torn regions. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More His virtues were consistent throughout his life as the UN Secretary General. Despite many setbacks that impeded his ability to achieve some of his goals, Annan represents a leader whose ‘anthropology’ did not lead to ‘abnormal’ leadership style (Ciulla, 2003). Since his school days, Ciulla (2003) asserts that Annan was able to nurture his astuteness as a leader and adopt virtues that are important in enhancing effective leadership. His virtues of dignity, confidence, courage, compassion and faith stuck with him throughout his reign at the UN. As elucidated by Benedict, Annan depicts a leader who has the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and inspire followership that brings about happiness to all people. Midgley on the other hand would attribute the leadership abilities of Annan to uniqueness of specific leaders. She pinpoints that leaders have ‘their own swords’, which they use to exercise leadership. To her, Kofi Annan was a unique leader whose traits and virtues were outstanding. To cement her assertions, it is important to highlight that his predecessor and successor have different traits. Indeed, they have ‘different swords’ to exercise leadership. Midgley tends to disagree that leadership is nurtured and asserts that it is inborn and not all leaders are able to exercise leadership qualities in a similar way. The aspirations and objectives of UNCHR seem to coincide with the virtues of leadership offered by Annan. In particular, UNCHCR emphasizes on the need for human dignity in the world. This would imply that leaders work towards ending atrocities, poverty, diseases and wars that demean and devalue human dignity. Annan’s virtues dictated that all human beings should live in a peaceful and loving way and instances of wars ought to end (Ciulla, 2003). In fact, Annan pointed out that no government should shield itself in the name of sovereignty given the fact that its citizens have suffered in a huge way. To this end, he called for other nations to bear the responsibility and obligation to prevent atrocities that occur in some countries. This way, Annan was convinced that the world would uphold human dignity, importance of peace and the need to reduce pandemics. We will write a custom Case Study on Kofi Annan Leadership Traits specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Berlin perceives Annan from a standpoint of idealism. He sees his leadership style to draw inspiration from his virtues as too optimistic for the world to achieve. While Annan believes that world peace is possible, Berlin tends to be cautious by saying that there are many challenges for leadership that pursues idealism. Nonetheless, Berlin sees such leadership being very important since it helps leaders to address similar situations in future. In essence, the objectives that UNCHR has seem to explain the case study in a more elaborate way than the rest of the theories. This is partly because Annan was the custodian of these objectives when serving as the Secretary General of the UN. To this end, his goals and perception of the global society were motivated by the need to uphold human dignity and peace. His articulation that no country could shield itself in the pretext of sovereignty provided a clear indication of the levels that he could reach in achieving the goals of the organization. Nonetheless, Annan was an outstanding leader whose virtues provided guidance not only to him but also to the international organization that he served. Virtuous leadership brings about effectiveness. All leaders should therefore aspire to have virtues that uphold human dignity. Reference Ciulla, J. (2003). The Ethics of Leadership. New York: Thompson-Wadsworth Publishers.
Google Self Driving Car’s New Idea Essay. Having achieved great success in the world of computer technologies, corporation Google, however, does not rest on its successes. The best thing is that it is trying to guarantee the introducing of digital technologies into real life with the main goal to make our life easier. It is no use denying the great success of the company in the digital world. That is why the companys intention to implement its inventions in real life can only make people happy. Googles next investigation is called Google Self Driving Car. It becomes obvious from the title that the main idea of this investigation is to create a car which will be able to move without any help of people. This idea is very interesting and it should be analyzed from different points of view, answering different questions. The first question to answer is whether it is really needed and will bring any use. The answer is obvious if to look at statistics. “In the US, 30,000 people die from automobile accidents every year” (Six things, I learned from riding in a Google self-diving car, n.d., para.1). With this in mind it is possible to make a conclusion that men are just killing themselves by inaccurate driving. Taking this fact into account, it is possible to say that the first and very important goal of Google Self Driving Car is to reduce this level and help to avoid automobile accidents at all. It is possible to achieve this goal with the help of total exclusion of the human factor. The computer which is going to drive this kind of car does not have drawbacks which human being has. The attention of a computer will not be decreased because of its tiredness or computers ability to make decisions will not worsen because of the influence of alcohol. That is why it seems that an ideal driver is found. Moreover, it will guarantee the ability to use cars for people whose sight is reduced. Nowadays, blind people do not have any ability to dive a car, depending totally on society. Google Self Driving Car is going to change this situation, providing transport for them. The second question to answer is the way it works. This system uses information collected by Google Street view service, cameras, radars, and transducer connected to wheels, which helps to determine the cars location. That is why it can get very detailed information about the environment and make the right decision, analyzing it. The last question to answer is whether its advantages can compensate for its disadvantages. The main disadvantage of this project is that this car is just being developed and it is rather difficult to introduce it to the market. Moreover, it is obvious that the speed of this car will be very measured. It will not satisfy a great number of drivers which like speed. However, this drawback can be easily fixed by applying different speed patterns for this car, which will regulate its speed within the given speed limit. With this in mind, it is possible to say that this invention will be very useful and guarantee road security. Another sphere of investigations of this giant company is connected with the previous one. Being a corporation whose main activity and successes lie in the sphere of computers and digital technologies, Google company depends heavily on energy. With this in mind, Google has a clear understanding of exhaustibility of all energy sources. That is why it directs great efforts and money to investigations in this sphere. It is not necessary to show the great importance of these actions. The world understood their significance many years ago. Google corporation is not an exclusion. According to its yearly report, a great amount of money is usually devoted to investigations in this sphere. The company gave money to different investigators, being a sponsor for their researches, trying to guarantee its future, as it will be one of the greatest energy consumers in near future. Its sphere of interest includes solar energy, the energy of wind and water and all other modern directions. However, things change, and Google is now creating its own department which is going to investigate and create a new source of energy which will be cheaper than coal with the same energy output (Carmody, 2011). At first gaze, it is possible to conclude that a special department which consists of at least five people is going to focus its efforts on the matter of new and renewable sources. The main goal of this team is to support the company with new ideas about possible ways of encouraging its green image by giving consultations and recommendations about its new products, trying to make them environmentally friendly. With this in mind, it becomes obvious that Google corporation counts not only on the invention of new sources but on reducing of energy consumption too. This policy has its advantages and disadvantages. First of all, it is clear that it can bring benefit to our world and make the life of the next generations easier. However, there are also some obvious drawbacks. First of all, they are connected with the effectiveness and functionality of services given by the company. It is possible to suggest that there are some artificial limits which are made by developers of the company for a service to be not so energy consuming and as a result be more environmentally friendly. Another drawback is not so obvious and even doubtful, but still, it exists. Google corporation announced that this team would find a new source in the nearest five years. Its discovery will change the world. The question is whether Google company is going to share it with the rest of the world or will keep it for private usage. It was announced that the price would be comparatively small, but it is rather doubtful that the company is going to sell it according to its prime cost. It can trigger some crisis in the world market and lead to some unexpected conclusions. Another very interesting Google corporation’s project which main aim is to make life of people easier is Android Home. It is a technology which is said to change the image of a house we have today. Its main idea is to create a clever house, where all electric devices will be coordinated and ruled by one operating system, basing on Android. This attempt is not new of course, as in the era of digital resources there were a great number of different examples of such houses. However, they were too complicated for a common consumer to understand them and be able to control. However, Google is going to solve this problem. The main difference of this project is that Android Home is a model of smart house which is controlled by Android operating system. This project is going to be more successful because of number of reasons. First of all it is a great popularity of this system. With introduction of mobile phones supplied with this system it became wide spread. That is why this system will be very easy for customers to understand and get used to it. It is one of the main factors which can guarantee success of this technology. The easier and the more effective system is, the higher demand for its services exists. Google perfectly proves it by a great number of its services which are already working and bringing benefits to the company by their overwhelming popularity. This technology of cause has its own perspectives. Development of civilization influences development of peoples laziness. People move less and less, using cars, planes and ships. That is why demand for such kinds of houses is guaranteed, as a great number of people want to do all job about the house sitting in their favorite armchair and watching TV. The house will be totally controlled by their mobile phones, using a wireless protocol. There is no doubt that Google corporation is able to do it in the near future. However, it also introduces some anxiety. Creation of this type of houses will reduce number of working places for people working in sphere of house service at the same time raising amount of unemployment. Another thing is even more threatening. Obesity becomes more and more actual problem for humanity, causing a lot of deaths every year. Creation of Android House will undoubtedly lead to reduce of activity of a person about the house and his more quite lifestyle. These factors will lead to increase of number of overweighed people. That is why further investigations in the sphere of smart house seem rather contradictory. It goes without saying that inventions should make our life easier and create a certain level of comfort, however. health issue should not also be forgotten With this in mind, creation of such house should be taken with a great caution. Google corporation of cause has great perspectives in this field, however they should not forget that not everything which is done can be used for the benefit of humanity. Another sphere of Google Corporations activity is very popular nowadays. It is the sphere of robots. It is difficult to find a company which works with computer technologies and does not make any investigations in this sphere. The reason for such popularity is very simple. It is possible to see visible results even on the current stage. Constructing of robots seems to be the most common and usual among all activities and projects of Google corporation. However, the company has ambitious plans connected with this sphere. This project is going to be turned into reality. First of all it could be done in order to bring some benefits to Google corporation itself. The obvious advantage of using robots is their universal character. They can be used under different conditions where people cannot survive. They can replace human beings on their workplaces, being more effective, reliable, and able to work all day long. That is why Google is the first to be interested in the creation of such types of robots. Company has a great digital and informational base for these robots to work effectively. It is possible to integrate Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Search within one robot for him to accomplish different tasks. This project has great perspectives, as Sergey Brin, one of the cofounders of Google shows his great interest in this sphere. He has even attended a conference devoted to this issue through a robot (MillerGoogle Self Driving Car’s New Idea Essay

SMC Socio Spatial Organization and Material Culture Ethnography Discussion

SMC Socio Spatial Organization and Material Culture Ethnography Discussion.

Anthropology 2 class this assignment is 2 part Part 1 : 500 wordRead:My life’s place (Links to an external site.)What Syrian refugees carried with themWhat migrants leave behind (Links to an external site.)Write a two-paragraph reflection on these articles and post it here. If you have personal experience of migration you can include it. Part 2 : 500 wordPlease write a short ethnographic observation of your home, writing as an insider, from an emic pov, and as an outsider looking in, from an etic pov. Follow the instructions here: HOME ETHNOGRAPHY.docx Don’t try to do the assignment without reading those instructions!
SMC Socio Spatial Organization and Material Culture Ethnography Discussion

Unit 2: Marketing Strategy and the Consumer Purchase – Discussion

python assignment help Unit 2: Marketing Strategy and the Consumer Purchase – Discussion.

VALS™ strengthens demographic characterizations by explaining the deeper psychological drivers of consumer behavior. Visit the VALS™ web site, take the survey, and find out in which psychographic group you fall.Would you have guessed that you would have been in this group?How would you rate VALS™ in terms of market segmentation?Why it is important for marketers to know VALS™ ?How and when should this information be used?
Unit 2: Marketing Strategy and the Consumer Purchase – Discussion

Ashworth Influence Personal Values on Attitudes Toward Food & Food Choices Discussion

Ashworth Influence Personal Values on Attitudes Toward Food & Food Choices Discussion.

Numerous factors are involved when making food choices on a daily basis. Given the variety of food choices that we have available to us, why do we choose the foods that we choose? After studying chapter 1 in your course text and watching the documentary ‘The Weight of the Nation: Part 2: Choices’, please address the following elements:Examine the cultural and social connections attached to food. Provide one examples of a personal and/or environmental factor driving your food choices based on your culture or upbringing.Explain at least three physical, psychological, social, and /or philosophical factors that lead to our food choices, and discuss how these factors are relevant to your own life.Your initial contribution should be 250 to 300 words in length. Your research and claims must be supported by your course text and a minimum of one additional scholarly source. Use proper APA formatting for in-text citations and references as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.Guided Response: After reviewing your classmates’ posts, respond to at least two of your peers. Each peer response should contain 100 words at a minimum. Which factors did your peer choose that were different from the factors you covered? How could these additional findings improve your own dietary habits?
Ashworth Influence Personal Values on Attitudes Toward Food & Food Choices Discussion

Not sure how many page will be needed to answer these questions, but if you are going to need Essay

Not sure how many page will be needed to answer these questions, but if you are going to need to add another page to answer them, I can pay for the extra page. Instructions: Required: Answer the following questions giving reasons for your answers. 1. Does XYZ have a good legal cause of action against Snowdon? 2. The textbook’s publisher and author have sued Lizardo and Blink’s for copyright infringement Blinks claims Lizardo is solely to blame. Lizardo claims that this was a “fair use’ and even if it is not Blinko’s is solely to blame. Is either Lizardo or Blinko’s correct?

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