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Florida Atlantic University Global Human Resource Management Discussion

Florida Atlantic University Global Human Resource Management Discussion.

Please reply to each of the following questions in a single post answering each question individually:What are the main similarities and differences between domestic and international human resources management (HRM)?Discuss at least two variables that moderate differences between domestic and international HR practices and analyze the stages a firm goes through to grow internationally.Explain the difference between a strategic and a tactical perspective on HRM. Please provide examples and explain why you believe what you believe.BookInternational Human Resources Management (7th ed)Peter Dowling, Marion Festing, and Allen D. EngleCengage Southwestern Publishing, ThomsonISBN-10: 147371902XISBN-13: 9781473719026
Florida Atlantic University Global Human Resource Management Discussion

Anthropology homework help. Audio Amplifier ProjectThis is a group project which will require working with another student. The project is a design project using Multisim with the requirements given below. The project is due on the last day of the term.Total Points:ÿ100Project name:ÿAudio Amplifier (Multistage)Audio Amplifier Power Output selection:ÿ3.2 W, 5.6 W, 7.1 W, 8.4 W, 11.5 W, and 16.3 WAudio Amplifier Input Voltage (peak) selection:ÿ150mVpeak, 200mVpeak, 250mVpeakAudio Frequency:ÿ20 Hz ? 20 KHzDeliverable:ÿMultisim design (soft copy), test results, short report, and teamwork evaluationProject Definition:Design, simulate, and test an Audio Amplifier which delivers one of the above power outputs to an 8? speaker load. The output power of your design and the input signal of your design must be selected from the above list. The audio frequency range is between 20 Hz to 20 KHz, so the operating frequency of your design will be within this range. The measuring equipment should display the output power and the input signal of your design. You are required to use either or both NPN and PNP transistors, but not an op-amp. It is recommended that you use multistage amplification of any class amplifiers of your choice. You should try to minimize your usage of components and be cost effective.Project Structure:In general, you will have one other classmate in your team. Each of you will design and simulate an audio amplifier with different specifications, each making your choice from the above parameters. Thus, it is highly suggested that you communicate with your partner as early as possible to plan and coordinate your activities, select the input voltage and output power for your design, and establish a schedule. For the testing phase, you will develop a test plan and characterize and validate your teammate?s amplifier.During the project period, you are encouraged to communicate, exchange ideas, and help each other complete your project. A team area will be set up for you in Blackboard, and you are required to use this area as part of your grade will be based on effectively using this tool.Project Deliverable:ÿReport and the multisim design for your projectEach student will submit an individual report. The report should, as a minimum, include the following:Title Page (Name, Partners name, like the table they have in the document)Description of your project (including the specifications you selected)Design methodology (show calculations and provide rationale for design choices; remember that your choices must take into consideration commonly available parts)Final schematic in MultisimComponents/Parts list with cost and total project costSimulation results for your designTesting process and results for characterization and validation of your teammate?s design ? screenshots along will not suffice. Description of process is required along with discussion of results.Project Challenges: Note any difficulties you faced during the completion of your design and how you overcame themTeam Interaction Reflection: Describe how you used Blackboard to facilitate interaction, how you worked with one another in the design phase, challenges you encountered, methods you employed to overcome any challenges.Teammate Assessment: Use the Project Participation Rubric below and give your teammate a ranking of Needs Improvement, Competent, or Excellent for the first two items in the rubric: Interacts professionally and Plans and organizes team effort. Be sure to justify your ranking.ConclusionReferencesPROJECT PARTICIPATION RUBRIC10. ConclusionGrading RubricAnthropology homework help

FITM Aviation Software the Aviation Industry Traxxall Software Discussion

FITM Aviation Software the Aviation Industry Traxxall Software Discussion.

Choose a piece of software that is used in aviation. It can be one that is used by air traffic controllers, pilots, or anyone else involved in aviation. Take a picture of the software (or draw it). Then write a 300+ word paper about how you would redesign that software to better improve the human-machine interaction. Explain what your changes would be and why you would make them. Finally, include a drawing of the new design.APA format, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch marginsSubmission method: submit via TurnitinWhere does artificial intelligence come in improving the design on this particular softwar?
I wanted to see how you would apply the HF knowledge you have learnt to make a change/improvement.
FITM Aviation Software the Aviation Industry Traxxall Software Discussion

Northcentral University Ethical Advertising and Promotion Presentation

help me with my homework Northcentral University Ethical Advertising and Promotion Presentation.

InstructionsImagine you were asked to present your recommendations for ethical advertising and promotion to the Board of Directors of your company. The presentation should be focused on your chosen company and industry. Conduct research to create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:Provide a detailed critical evaluation of recent trends in the changing environment of advertising regulations and marketing promotion practices (address not only U.S. trends but global trends).Discuss the arguments for and against self-regulation as an effective way of protecting consumers from misleading or deceptive advertising.Include a critical discussion of legal and ethical issues in advertising and marketing promotion.Outline the challenges of social, ethical, and economic aspects of advertising and promotion along with recommendations to mitigate these risks moving forward.Identify and summarize specific consumer concerns of ethical advertising and promotion practices by using examples of consumer claims of product/service advertising.Evaluate various advertising practices to illustrate ethical concerns and socially responsible advertising best practices. Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics as well as speaker notes for each slide. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists.Support your presentation with at least five scholarly resources published in the last 5 years. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources may be included.Length: 15-20 slides (with a separate reference slide)Notes Length: 150-200 words for each slideBe sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style where appropriate. Save the file as PPT with the correct course code information.Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button below.
Northcentral University Ethical Advertising and Promotion Presentation

Campbellsville University Interrelations of Corporate Sustainability Discussion

Campbellsville University Interrelations of Corporate Sustainability Discussion.

1)Various topics related to global information technology are there in which we will have more interest. Some of the points in IT include human rights and path to justice, education for development, global public health, social and economic development, protection of wildlife and environment, and corporate sustainability. In this discussion, I have chosen the topic of climate and corporate sustainability. The research is practical, and also, the surveys are administered to understand more problems related to this topic. There is also a guide for the interview presented in this research. This topic will be available for the student of the first-time thesis. The data is not examined through the statistical tools in this research. There is no theoretical model, but the framework is explained in this research (Onazi, 2020).
In this research, the interrelations of corporate sustainability guiders have been reviewed. They will designate the firm’s benefactions to environmental activities. Various crucial operators of corporate sustainability have been recognized by concentrating on the evolution of market levels. The obstacle is also rooted in the literature of this research. The framework that is used is an integration of analytical procedures such as data mining and cluster analysis. These are some of the models utilized in this research. One of the research findings includes many companies presenting the most significant ranking of corporate sustainability. Finally, from this research, environmental and social pillars are the leading crucial operators of corporate sustainability compared to other posts. And also, this methodology will not provide any new designs for estimating the average of corporate sustainability
Onazi, O. (2020). Disability Justice in an African Context: The Human Rights Approach. In An African Path to Disability Justice (pp. 39-72). Springer, Cham.
A global society is going to require its infrastructure for governance. In this way, we can avoid a handful of countries controlling most global resources and political influence. As long as capitalism has been in the vanguard, it has never overcome the crisis that it now faces. It will be equally difficult for the working class to put aside the delusion that it can reform capitalism and overcome the crisis that it is experiencing. Several factors would help ensure the development of technology systems and the implementation of sustainable economic systems. These include a strong development policy aimed at strengthening public and private sector participation in developing technologies, the proper application of technologies at the earliest stages of their development, and the protection of investments and assets made by companies. In addition, there should be a clear focus on technological innovation through the provision of appropriate technology education and on the implementation of appropriate technology policies and regulations. In addition to this, appropriate technology policies and regulations should focus on developing public participation in developing relevant technologies through more active participation by relevant stakeholders. In addition, the international and national efforts to create and promote a competitive environment for the research and development of relevant technologies through public participation are important elements for the transition to R&D.
The idea of a marketing data agency that is using big data and analytics is one where one can be comfortable because the companies behind this think it is just as important as a creative team in building a compelling marketing narrative. A creative team understands what their brand is about and how they are communicating their brand. The creative team’s vision for a creative narrative and not the marketing team’s vision for a brand narrative is the problem. Creative people understand that they are the point of view of the audience, not the authors. Many of these companies have started moving into analytics to understand consumer behavior better. However, they have not figured out what it takes to make good data-driven decisions for the business and its clients. They do not have the right tools to do that or lack the motivation to do so. Big Data has the potential to solve several large business problems. There is an increasing number of large companies, such as Walgreens, which are now using Big Data to increase productivity and effectiveness.
Henry, Maxine. “Exploring Information Technology: Why the Use of Information Technology Governance Negatively Influences Revenue Performance.” ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2016. Print.
Xu, Zhenning Jimmy. “Three Essays on Big Data Analytics, Traditional Marketing Analytics, Knowledge Discovery, and New Product Performance.” ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2016. Print.
Campbellsville University Interrelations of Corporate Sustainability Discussion

State, Describe, and Define any single personality trait of your choosing. Use this link if you’re stuck (note this

State, Describe, and Define any single personality trait of your choosing. Use this link if you’re stuck (note this link lists some more dated traits feel free to modernize)Give a brief contextualization/History of the trait. Some questions you might ask yourself to help with this: Where does the word/phrase come from? Language and/or culture of origin? How is it typically used? Is it considered positive, negative, neural? Why in what context?Speak to/demonstrate this traits prominence/stability. Can trait be considered foundational to someones personality? Why or why not? Do you feel this trait stays consistent across time and situations or does it change? Why

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