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FIU Wk 11 Dysfunctional Relationships and Preventing Conflicts Discussion

FIU Wk 11 Dysfunctional Relationships and Preventing Conflicts Discussion.

Please reply to the following two post 100 words one reference each#1 Yulier Rodriguez MedinaDiscussion Board Week 11Dr. Carmante ExtraDysfunctional Relationships are relationships that do not perform their appropriate function; that is, they do not emotionally support the participants, foster communication among them, appropriately challenge them, or prepare or fortify them for life in the larger world.( Tina B. Tessina, 2018)To prevent conflicts, a professional code of conduct should be established, not only in the hospital but also as part of group practice policies and medical staff bylaws. Ground rules make it easier to discipline, as they take personality out of the equation. A disciplinary structure should be developed, so that the mechanisms and the referral pattern to higher authority are well understood. General knowledge of this discipline pathway can often facilitate resolution at a lower level. Everyone needs to understand that there are firm limits on inappropriate behavior.Pitfalls that leaders should be careful to avoid include taking people for granted, failing to keep promises, failing to take responsibility for one’s own errors, and failing to practice what one preaches. The key to survival as a leader is to develop emotional intelligence and to engender it in the work environment.( F.A. Chervenak, L.B. 2015)Litigation is now readily available for those who feel that they are working in a hostile work environment. The hostile environment may be the result of abusive behavior by other employees, supervisors, or physicians. When a dysfunctional behavior pattern is recognized, an intervention should be made. ( Blum LA, Hunt DW, 2015) This action is necessary not only for patient safety but also because lack of action could be interpreted by the courts as negligent or as condoning a hostile work environment. When a confrontation is necessary, a team approach should be used, and if possible, a member of the team should be a close acquaintance of the individual.The workplace is becoming more violent as people are unable to handle the stresses of life. Over 1 million workers are assaulted each year in the US workplace, and the health care industry is no exception to this frightening statistic. Violent incidences have been reported between physicians, as the changing pattern of medical practice creates enormous stress on both work and family. If the warning signs are not heeded, disastrous consequences can occur. Similarly, interactions with families of very sick patients can turn physical as emotions overcome rational thought.ReferencesBlum LA, Hunt DW, Hanks J, Nordberg M, Goldstein SN, Spiro DC, Ludwig GG. Rude awakenings. Emerg Med Serv. 2015;24(5):31–34. 73–75, 80–85.F.A. Chervenak, L.B. McCulloughThe diagnosis and management of progressive dysfunction of health care organizations Obstet Gynecol, 105 (2015), pp. 882-887Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D; 2018/Discovering Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance and Independence. Newsletter: Psychology of the Workplace environment. #2 Yulier Rodriguez MedinaDiscussion Board Week #11Dr. Wanda MorancyStudy of Groups Dynamics is a “system of behaviors and psychological processes occurring within a social group or between social groups.” In other words, it is the study of the behavior of individuals in groups, how they become members and how they react to others in the group. The study is based in both psychology and sociology.Explained how group cohesiveness is developed and sustained and how you can apply this to your healthcare setting.Group cohesiveness can be defined as a bond that pulls people toward membership in a particular group and resists separation from that group. In addition, group cohesion generally has three characteristics.( Friedkin NE. 2017) They include the following:Interpersonal AttractionThis means group members have a preference or want to interact with each other. Group members enjoy this interaction and seek it out.Group PrideThis involves group members viewing their membership to a specific group with fondness. They feel proud of their group membership, and staying in the group feels valuable.Commitment to the Work of the GroupGroup members value the work of the group and believe in its goals. They are willing to work together to complete tasks which are aligned with these group goals, even through adversity.The nature of care itself and new ways of working are potentially highly stressful for staff.( Dahl-Michelsen T, 2015) Nurses in my workplace are not only experiencing an increase in the volume and intensity of their work but are having to accommodate new protocols and a very “new normal.” For instance, many mental health services have transformed almost overnight from providing face‐to‐face care and treatment to a predominately virtual service of telephone or video consultations. Nurses are therefore frequently standing in for family members and facilitating remote access for loved ones.Supporting nurses practically and psychologically is essential to preserving their health in the short and long term, particularly when occupational stress levels are so high. Improving our interpersonal and professional relationships through group cohesiveness has been undoubtedly the most useful and stronger strategy.References Dahl-Michelsen T. Psychology in the Workplace. PhD thesis. Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences Centre for Professions Research; 2015.Friedkin NE. Social cohesion. Annu Rev Sociol. 2017;30:409–425. doi: 10.1146/annurev.soc.30.012703.110625
FIU Wk 11 Dysfunctional Relationships and Preventing Conflicts Discussion

NURS 350 WCU Week 10 Quality Nursing Care in the Words of Nurses Paper.

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A research critique demonstrates your ability to critically read an investigative study. For this assignment, choose a research article related to nursing or medicine to critique.Articles used for one assignment can’t be used for the other assignments (students should find new research articles for each assignment).The selected articles should be original research articles. Review articles, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, and systemic review should not be used.Mixed-methods studies should not be used.Your critique should include the following:Research Problem/PurposeState the problem clearly as it is presented in the report.Have the investigators placed the study problem within the context of existing knowledge?Will the study solve a problem relevant to nursing?State the purpose of the research.Review of the LiteratureIdentify the concepts explored in the literature review.Were the references current? If not, what do you think the reasons are?Theoretical FrameworkAre the theoretical concepts defined and related to the research?Does the research draw solely on nursing theory or does it draw on theory from other disciplines?Is a theoretical framework stated in this research piece?If not, suggest one that might be suitable for the study.Variables/Hypotheses/Questions/AssumptionsWhat are the independent and dependent variables in this study?Are the operational definitions of the variables given? If so, are they concrete and measurable?Is the research question or the hypothesis stated? What is it?MethodologyWhat type of design (quantitative, qualitative, and type) was used in this study?Was inductive or deductive reasoning used in this study?State the sample size and study population, sampling method, and study setting.Did the investigator choose a probability or non-probability sample?State the type of reliability and the validity of the measurement tools.Were ethical considerations addressed?Data AnalysisWhat data analysis tool was used?How were the results presented in the study?Identify at least one (1) finding.Summary/Conclusions, Implications, and RecommendationsWhat are the strengths and limitations of the study?In terms of the findings, can the researcher generalize to other populations? Explain.Evaluate the findings and conclusions as to their significance for nursing.The body of your paper should be 4–6 double-spaced pages plus a cover page and a reference page. The critique must be attached to the article and follow APA guidelines.
NURS 350 WCU Week 10 Quality Nursing Care in the Words of Nurses Paper

Women Status in Middle East Empires Essay. There is a popular belief that the role and status of women in the pre-twentieth century society among Islamic empires were horrifying. Even though historians have reported this, they are always cautious due to the complexity of the matter. In many states, patriarchy played an important role in subjugating women to men. The social structure was characterized by role differentiation based on gender. It is reported that women were isolated and relegated to the harems. In other words, they were not supposed to participate in socio-political life. Women could not participate in economic activities such as seeking formal employment. The labor market was predominantly a men’s affair. In the legal front, women could not defend their rights since they were always supposed to serve men. In case of conflicts, women could not be represented in court. From this analysis, it is established that women were denied their rights that were provided by the traditional Islamic laws. Initial laws gave women equal rights. In the Ottoman Empire, men were allowed to marry many wives, but women were never allowed to engage in extra-marital relationships. This act was punishable by death. With the strengthening of Islam in the Islamic Empires, women were allowed to inherit property and men could only own four women. However, this was never implemented since only men were invited to implement the policy. In the Safavid Empire, women had a different role as compared to that of the Ottoman. Women were given the responsibility of advancing the works of art. Historians observe that the entire region of Safavid, Mashad was a flourishing center of arts in the 16th century. The Empire of Safavid emphasized on intellectual values and women were supposed to provide them in society. Confidential data from Safavid proof that literacy was a policy among the privileged women at the majestic court. From available data, historians observe that literacy and access to excellent education, as well as physical exercise, appears to have been imperative issues that advanced the societal positions and tasks of Safavid women. With time, Irano-Timurid mores allowed women to take part in academic and inventive life. The intellectual environments of the Safavids and Qizilbash semi-nomadic Turkmen armed groups allowed a significant contribution of women in political and occasionally military quarters. The Old Turkic legacy of prairie land itinerant culture may have been the basis of the certain social positions of women under the Safavids, permitting unique societal human rights for the majestic women. In the Timurid Empire, women had a higher standing as opposed to men since they could inherit power in case of mischief such as death. In the Timurid Empire, the nomadic leaders had no Chinggisid men to take over the affairs of the empire after the death of the ruler. This is because men were always angry for power. It was dangerous to trust any man with power; hence the society was comfortable with the custodianship of a female member. Societal peace and coexistence were achieved through marriage. Therefore, women were important figures in matters related to state security. During succession, children from different mothers would fight for power, which was also viewed as a negative role of women. In terms of political legitimacy, Ottoman tried as much as possible to separate the state from religion. With the introduction of the modern state, institutions were changed whereby interest groups, political parties, and pressure groups were allowed to flourish. Changes were witnessed in 1924 where the Ottoman Caliphate was replaced with a more efficient system. Political legitimacy came from the people. As opposed to the Ottoman Empire, the Safavid Empire practiced traditional power where the power was concentrated in the hands of one person. Historians observe that Safavid authorities exercised the Mongolian and Timuridian style of leadership. In other words, its political legitimacy was based on past practices. The rulers of the empire unified the whole of Persian society. The Emperor was a symbol of unity. In comparison to the Timurid Empire, Safavid was based on people’s opinion. The rulers made decisions based on the most pressing issues in society. Timurid leadership never consulted the population. Its legitimacy was based on the power of the sword since the militia group took over governmental powers and imposed taxes on people. In terms of similarity, Dale observes that Muslims established the three empires and decided to employ Islamic laws in administering justice. By the end of the 17th century, the three empires were controlled by the children of the previous leaders meaning that power was inherited. There were no competitive politics. Dale compares religion, culture, and politics in the three empires. He established that the three states were similar in terms of culture and religion (Dale 4). Through analysis, Dale established that Islamic laws affected the lives of people in the three empires in the same way. From the views of scholars, we come to know that Islam has always affected the socio-political and economic lives of people in the Middle East region. Policies made in the Islamic states are always based on Islamic laws. Works Cited Dale, Frederic. The Muslim Empires of the Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. Print. Women Status in Middle East Empires Essay
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Literature Review

Watch the video Literature Review. (Links to an external site.)
Review the Literature Review documents:

Conducting a Literature Review (PDF)
Literature Review-Graduate (PDF)
Literature Reviews Made Easy (PPT)
Literature Review – eBook (PDF)
Literature Reviews – The Writing Center (PDF)

Write a literature review paper on the topic: The Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society
.N.B i have stated issue/purpose statement of the research in the attached file. Just to have idea of what to write.

Your paper must consist of the following:

Be organized by categories or themes using sub-headings, as needed.
Include an introduction to the literature.
Thoroughly compare literature (not an annotated bibliography.)
Contain 8 to 12 peer-reviewed, scholarly references published within the past 5 years.
Follow the formatting guidelines in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010), (6th ed., 7th printing).
Contain scholarly references.
Be submitted through the Turnitin originality-checking tool.

i have attached question 2. Provide short answers pertaining to the research topic and stated issue/purpose statement (both provided in the attached document)

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Instead of completing a case study, please complete the following activity.
Imagine you find out that you are graduating tomorrow. Are you ready? As you know, the first step in performing well and being a successful manager is planning. This does not mean diving in and learning the hard way or figuring it out as you go. It means, thinking it through, anticipate bumps in the road, preparing a game plan and executing. For this exercise, select one of the following questions below to answer. These are discussion questions that could be asked in an interview. Use the same rubric (attached) to ensure you give a well-thought, professional response.
Select one of the following to answer:
1. Describe 3 techniques or procedures that managers can use to determine whether a goal is difficult.
2. Provide 3 solid points on why managers should try to use positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement.
3. Give 3 professional arguments why some people have low instrumentalities even when their managers distribute outcomes based on performance.
4. Describe what transformational leadership is and explain how managers can engage in it by providing 3 examples.
5. What are 3 reasons that explain why some work groups have low levels of cohesiveness?
6. When you are a manager, what are 3 steps you will take to reduce social loafing by members of your staff to ensure they are performing with the highest quality?
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The Main Conditions of the Special Education Analytical Essay

essay writer There is no use denying the fact that nowadays education plays an important role in the life of every person. The thing is that due to the achieved level of technical development a person obtains a great number of facts every day. Moreover, he/she should process them and be able to use all information which comes from different sources. Besides, taking into account tempos of the development of science nowadays, it is possible to assume that new approaches to some traditional things will appear and a person should be ready to face these challenges Under these conditions, the issue of special education obtains great importance. The thing is that there have always been people with some special needs. Thus, nowadays they also want to become the part of a scientific sphere and obtain a good education. Moreover, technical revolution created many various remedies which could help people with special needs to obtain knowledge. With this in mind, it is possible to say that the issue of special education should be given especial importance and researched nowadays. Investigating this issue, it is possible to say, that it is quite easy to obtain the needed information. The thing is that the key words like special education, special needs, value-added assessment, teacher preparation could help to find the needed sources connected with the issue. Moreover, there are no certain search limiters as a great number of sources, found with the help of these key words, could be used for the investigation of the issue. The only thing which should be given especial importance is the credibility of a source. A researcher could not use the information which is not proved and can distort results of the investigation. That is why, only scholarly sources could be recommended for investigation. For example, peer reviewed articles could be used to obtain the needed information connected with the issue. The term peer reviewed means that specialists, who investigate the same sphere and are informed about the latest tendencies in it, have read and analyzed the given work and found it credible. This source could become very useful in any research project as it could suggest some new idea or vision of the problem and, moreover, it does not contradict to the leading thought. That is why it is vital to use peer reviewed sources in any research work. The next two articles belong to the sources of this kind. The first one is Special Education Services Received by Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders From Preschool Through High School. It centers around special education services provided for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. (Wei, Wagner, Christiano, Shattuck,

Team Creativity and Organizational Performance Report

Many researchers have, in the past, sought to determine the extent to which some team characteristics impact the creativity of teams and their overall productivity. However, there still lacks enough research on the usefulness of group emotional intelligence in achieving both team trust and establishing a collaborative culture. Without emotional intelligence, the other three cannot possibly be met, and this could have devastating implications for an organization’s performance. There is no doubt that team creativity is a critical requirement for organizational performance. Be it in a business organization or academics; creativity is highly essential. This is mostly in the increasingly competitive and fast-paced world. The need to come up with solutions and products that appeal to many people and increase the profitability of organizations has prompted the need for teamwork in business organizations. In the modern organization, project teams are becoming unprecedentedly diverse, featuring members from numerous backgrounds and skill-sets. Ensuring that teams function as single units are the ultimate goal of most managers. Emotional intelligence is among the significant determinants of cohesiveness and harmony in project teams. Dealing with people, especially in new organizations where tasks are incredibly interconnected, requires a great deal of emotional intelligence and trust. For teams to function effectively, members have to forge ways of working as a single unit. Team members often have different goals, perspectives, and expectations. It is through emotional intelligence and the trust that emerges that these differences are blurred or converted to advantage so that the team is capable of operating towards achieving a common goal. Without emotional trust, the workplace would be too chaotic, and this is a setback to the organization in terms of creativity and productivity. Social Media and Creativity The 21st Century has seen numerous technological innovations that have made the world more interconnected than ever before. Social media sites have emerged as among the most significant innovations of the time and whose usefulness transcends the social lives of people. In fact, they have made it possible for people to gain more information and knowledge while at the same time interacting on considerably informal platforms. In the competitive business environment where outstanding ideas determine who claims the prominent market shares, social media platforms have been at the center of knowledge management and the enhancement of creativity. To many people, social media sites have completely changed the rules of interactivity, even within settings that are incredibly formal. Whether during the official working hours or past working hours, employees communicate and share ideas more freely through social media platforms. Since the social media sites are considered to be informal platforms, the creativity of some employees, who to some extent are restrained by the formality of the conventional interaction mediums, is considerably increased. Integrating social media into the organizational culture as a way of enhancing public communication between the employees is essential. This way, more outstanding creative ideas that can transform the organization come out even from the least expected people. It is a fact that people tend to interact more freely with social media than in other formal discussions. This increases the chances for a more generous employee- employee interaction and the formulation of novel ideas. It also establishes the need to find new ways, including social media, to improve collaboration between employees so as to improve their creativity and productivity.

EDSP 360 Liberty University Week 6 Fluency and Word Identification Paper

EDSP 360 Liberty University Week 6 Fluency and Word Identification Paper.

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This Case Study assignment is designed to help you make application of course content to reading/literacy. This case study has you focus on strategies you can use to help struggling readers. Choose one of the attached documents to complete this assignment (Early Reading or Fluency & Word Identification) in the Reading and Study folder for week 6. Choose any level C case to complete. Answers the questions at the end of the case study.You will be writing a review of 2-3 pages in current APA 7th EDITION format, including a title page. Be sure to consider literacy needs of struggling readers in your classroom. Provide a rationale for your diagnostic impressions using criteria from the Star Sheets, which are included in the packet, also other educational journal sources to support your answers. The goal is to present, in writing, the basis for your diagnostic impressions.Make sure your recommendations are relevant to the case, able to be implemented and have support from at least the chosen required documents, adding citations and reference(s) from these scholarly sources.
EDSP 360 Liberty University Week 6 Fluency and Word Identification Paper

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