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Firm Financial Position or Not

You are a labor law attorney who has worked for the hospital for nearly 10 years. Now, you must help to determine whether the hospital should consider a bond to finance a major hospital renovation bond.—Identify the factors you believe to be most critical to consider during this renovation bond decision.—Summarize your decision.—Identify and describe the information that was used to make the decision.

Forensic blood splatter

Forensic blood splatter.

Describe the forensic significance of the different types of blood cells. Describe the proper procedures for handling blood evidence. Compare and contrast different types of blood-spatter patterns. Describe how different types of blood-spatter patterns are formed.

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The Parmenide

Firm Financial Position or Not The Parmenide.

The book is it is easy to download. You should read Parmenides’ fragments carefully and more than once — especially the first 8 — before reading the rest of the chapter. The fragments raise lots of questions, such as the following: –what is Parmenides’ aim? What (in the light of what he says in fragments 2-19) does the goddess mean by what she tells him in fragment 1 lines 28-32? –what does Parmenides mean by “is” and “is not” and by “what-is” and “what-is-not”? Why does he think that what-is-not cannot be investigated and why is this important for him? –what is wrong with “mortal opinions”? Are they false? If not, where does the problem lie? –what do we learn about what-is? –unlike earlier presocratics, Parmenides gives arguments for his views. Identify the arguments in fragments 2-8.What results do they claim to prove? –why are his arguments so difficult to understand? Are some easier to understand than others? –why does Parmenides offer an account of “mortal opinions” (end of fragment 8 through fragment 19)? –does Parmenides hold that what-is is unique (there is only one thing that exists), that it had no beginning, it will have no end, that it does not move, does not change, that it is a sphere? Answer every questions and expend 2-3 of them

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Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare principles

Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare principles.

Paper details

Please review Chapter 2 of Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare before responding to the below prompt. Hospital leadership continues to increase efforts to enhance the application and use of evidence-based decision making. Provide an example of evidence-based decision making based on your work experiences, and discuss the EBM principles you would use improve operations.

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Argumentative-Thematic Analysis of a Play: Arcadia

Argumentative-Thematic Analysis of a Play: Arcadia.

You have learned a lot about written argumentation techniques in the
chapters we have covered from Cooper and Patton (Chapters 3+4), and
have studied one of the most well-known postmodern comedies in
theatre, Arcadia. But, how can we connect drama to formal argumentation and critical thinking? In an odd “meta” twist,
you will see that not only is a work of literature, such as a play, an exercise in logic, but your own essay, in proving your
point with logic and reason, also demonstrates a prevalent theme in Arcadia: the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge.
Because “good” writing of any genre is inherently logical.
You will identify what you believe to be the one most important theme in Arcadia. In the first half of your essay, you will
demonstrate that this theme exists, and in the second half of your essay, you will argue why you think this theme is “the
keystone” to Stoppard’s theatrical “argument.” In other words, you are not writing about what theme is the most
valuable to you personally, but rather which theme you think Stoppard values most based on your reading of the play. As
with any academic essay, you will sustain your argument with evidence from throughout Arcadia in order to drive your
points home, and you will take into consideration an opposing point of view to lend your argument fairness and
Minimum requirements
• Upload a rough draft of 3 full pages and then participate in peer review workshops
o Identify and highlight what you believe to be the thesis, premises, counterarguments, refutations, and
concessions in another peer’s rough draft, followed by an end note evaluating his/her work.
• Give readers a clear, specific thesis that states your position
• Must include a counterargument paragraph (with concession and refutation, see pgs. 79-83)• Must be at least 4-6 full pages, 1” margins, double-spaced in MLA Format, works cited
• Free of grammatical/mechanical errors
A successful essay will…
• Ensure that the argument is logically sequenced and coherent (see ch. 4)
• Contain two effective summaries (see ch. 3) – one in the introduction briefly summarizing Arcadia, and one
in the conclusion summarizing your main arguments (i.e. your essay).
• Be comprised of TEA/PIE paragraphs (topic-evidence-analysis/point-information-explanation)
• Have clearly identifiable “elements of written argument” (p. 85)
• Find numerous examples from both acts of the play to substantiate your POV
• Correctly use “joining words” to help establish your stance (p. 83)
• Have a reasonable counterargument that implements empathy (see Rogerian strategy, p. 81)
Readings and resources
• Tom Stoppard, Arcadia
• Our Really Exciting Textbook (AKA Writing Logically, Thinking Critically)
• Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting Guide

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