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Fire Science

(2017, July 10). Two fire fighters die and two fire fighters are injured at multi-occupancy fire with structural collapse – Missouri (NIOSH Report No. F2015-15). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. this case study, respond to the following questions from a fireground strategy and tactics perspective:What are the main issues identified in this report?How could the three concepts of decision-making—recognition-primed, naturalistic, and classical—assist an incident commander manage an emergency incident like this?What do you believe could have been done differently to have prevented this tragedy? Include a discussion about preincident planning in your response.Does your fire department have policies or processes that, if followed, would prevent this type incident from occurring? If yes, what are they? If no, should you?Of the recommendations made in the report, which one would you make as your priority to implement immediately if you were the chief of this department?Your paper must be at least three pages in length not counting the title and reference pages. You can include the eTextbook as a resource, as well as other resources, for at least two references. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.

Preventing Cancer and Detecting It Early

Preventing Cancer and Detecting It Early.

. Please use one (or more, if you are curious) of the following screening tools to assess your personal cancer risk (see links below). Although you do not need to tell me the specific details of your results, you will need to discuss your results in general terms in your short paper (2-3 pages maximum, 1 1/2 spacing) on personal cancer risk. a. Paper prompts: i. Did you expect the results your found? What did you expect to be different? Were you surprised? Why or why not? ii. What (if anything) can you do to decrease risk? Is this something you are willing to do? Why or why not? 2. Please follow the instructions below, complete the worksheet, and use it to guide your paper. Include this worksheet with your paper. a. Work sheet application i. Use the worksheet to help you answer the previous questions and perhaps trigger other questions or topics you would like to address. ii. Use the SMART goals to pick 3 behaviors you might change. 3. Please reference APA style in text and on your reference list. Preventing Cancer and Detecting It Early as a College Student Purpose College students are not immune to a cancer diagnosis. Although most cancers take many years to develop, some cancers affect the traditional college-age population, and early detection is the key to an increased survival rate. Also, many lifestyle behaviors, if adopted in college, can help prevent the onset of cancer. In this lab, you will evaluate how well you are doing in terms of the lifestyle behaviors that can help prevent some cancers. Instructions 1. In the following table, review the list of behaviors related to cancer prevention and put a check mark next to those in which you currently engage. Then circle the behaviors that you would like to adopt in the near future as achievable prevention techniques

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A risk assessment of a real or fictional facility or building

Fire Science A risk assessment of a real or fictional facility or building.

The requirement for this assignment is to conduct a risk assessment of a real or fictional facility or building. This paper must be at least eight (6) pages and adhere to the stated policies for assignments. There are two models described in your Course Resource section (modules) which is in Course Content.

Use the more simple process, the FEMA model outlined in the FEMA publication, Risk Assessment:

A How-to Guide to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings.

Your paper will consist of an explanation of each step of the process as it relates to the facility of your choice. The process consists of the following steps: threat identification and rating asset value assessment vulnerability assessment risk assessment consider mitigation options

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Cognition Communication & Behavior

Cognition Communication & Behavior.


This assignment requires that you first review all reading and written content BEFORE preparing your analysis paper. Therefore, carefully read the instructions and spend time synthesizing the EI content and take notes to help you formulate your final written paper. Write two pages of analysis to answer the following question: How Do You Feel EI can influence your behavior? Instructions: Read Articles 1 and 2; listen to the 2 You Tubes; After you have read the assigned content, complete the paper. Your response should integrate the following assigned content as well as your own personal insight: Reading assignments Human Abilities: Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence: New Abilities or Eclectic Traits?; Listen to the 2 YouTube videos Note: Minimum 3 citations and related reference detail. Separate title and reference page included. Follow APA Standards (Refer to Online Purdue Owl). Hint: One of your You Tubes discuss the dimensions of EI regarding emotions: Your Perception, How You Use It , How You Understand It, and How You Manage It. This is a good structure for a framework to write your paper.

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Theory Analysis (The DNP prepared advanced practice nurse will be prepared to lead change in the practice setting. )

Theory Analysis (The DNP prepared advanced practice nurse will be prepared to lead change in the practice setting. ).

In this assignment, students will choose an organizational change theory, framework or model. Student’s will use the Walker and Avant principles of theory analysis to analyze their chosen theory, model or framework . Content to be covered in paper: • Origins refers to the initial development of the theory, what prompted its development, how it was out together and the purpose for which it was developed. • Meaning has to do with the theory’s concepts and how they relate to one another. Indentify concepts, examine definitions and use of concepts, identify relational statements and determine types of relationships e.g. causal, associational, linear, any boundaries, and the empirical support. • Logical adequacy denotes the logical structure of the concepts and statements independent of their meaning. Consider predictions that can be made using theory, do scientists agree on these predictions, does the theory content make sense and are there any obvious logical fallacies. • Usefulness concerns on how practical and helpful the theory is to the discipline in providng a sense of understanding or prediction of outcomes. • Generalizability explains how widely the theory can be used in explaining or predicting phenomenon • Parsimony refers to how simple and briefly a theory can be stated while being complete in its explanation of the phenomenon in question. • Testability has to do with whether the theory can be supported by empirical data; a theory with strong empirical evidence to support it is a stronger than one that does not. Readings and references: Frankel A, Haraden C, Federico F, Lenoci-Edwards J. A. (2017). Framework for Safe, Reliable, and Effective Care. White Paper. Cambridge, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Safe & Reliable Healthcare Batras D, Duff C, Smith BJ (2016). Organizational change theory: implications for health promotion practice. Health Promotion International, 31 (1), 231–241.

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Environmental Tourism in Southeast Asia

Environmental Tourism in Southeast Asia.

This paper is exploring the subject of environmental tourism, specifically in Southeast Asia. “Late last year Bali declared a “garbage emergency” after several of the country’s most popular beaches were inundated with a rising tide of plastic waste.” Was there a surge in tourist population? Why? What is to blame? What are the negative effects? Are there any positive effects? What is environmental tourism? When is it a good thing? Please focus on a couple of specific sites. What is the current response to the negative effects and is there a solution? Please find and utilize academic sources for this paper. Here are some links to start with but please find more:

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Policing in Latinx Communities

Policing in Latinx Communities.

Answer the 4 questions from the readings. 1. What was the Greaser Act and who did it impact? 2. Why is the case Hernandez v. New York important? 3. How is Broken Windows policing detrimental to the Latinx community? 4. How would you resolve the issue of police/community relations in the Latinx community?

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