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Wendy Medina Porf. Arlandson Gun Control November 25 2013 Protecting our Families Having access to protect ourselves and family should be always legal. We should be able to obtain any weapon we feel is appropriate to defend our family from dangerous people and situations. Guns are not always necessary to murder, but to scare someone away as well. As a story proved, A Texas burglary suspect dialed 911 to report that an armed homeowner was threatening to shoot him.

James Gerow, the homeowner, told the station that he awoke and discovered a man wearing a dark oodie inside his home. Gerow grabbed his gun and followed the man out to a truck in his driveway. With gun in hand, Gerow convinced the man to drop his keys. He told his wife to call 911 and waited for deputies to arrive. This story is a perfect example of a defensive gun use that no shot was ever fired. A gun was used to bring a peaceful resolution to the situation in which no one was hurt. Guns don’t have to resolve a problem in a killing, but peacefully like this situation. Second Amendment doctrine and state preemption laws can and should incorporate these longstanding nd sensible differences between urban and rural gun use and regulation” (Fire Localism). Doing this would present new possibilities for gun control, protect rural gun culture while permitting cities to address urban gun violence, and preserve the longstanding American of firearm localism. The image of Americans defending themselves and their families with guns has long captured the imaginations of the public, scholars, commentators, and at least one very important vote on the Supreme Court.

We should be able to have the right to protect our families. The question shouldn’t be should it be legal to have arms? It should be: Which arms are the ones that should be allowed to be kept in a home? Which individuals qualify for having an arm in their homes? We should have the right to protect our family but also, take precautions. A person who wants to purchase a gun should be mandated do a background check and even a psychological test if possible. It should also be mandated, for the individuals that live in the same household as the gun owner.

The product should also be slightly different; they should try to make guns harder to operate. “Our Journey is not complete until all our children, from the streets of Detroit to he hills of Appalachia to the quiet lanes of Newtown, know that they are cared for, and cherished, and always safe from harm” (Goodwin). This is a deep sentimental quote that, explains that we have do everything to protect our children. We need protection towards ourselves, our children and our society. There was a time when public safety was a fact. Children played freely in their yards and lanes.

In fact, they were often ordered to do so, growing up my mother used to always tell me “Go outside and play. ” But if we went back to the neighborhood were my mother would ell me this, she would say “Come inside and Play’. Our societies have changed. There And Just how Goodwin explains we need arms to protect our families. Our society is not that safe how it used to be back in the day. With that being said, we should have the right to own guns. There are many different views of gun control that Casteen explained on “Ditching The Rubric On Gun Control. On one side are those convinced that the right to own and carry guns is a national patrimony handed down from the framers; their core constituency is a fairly recently politicized group formerly called sportsmen. ” On the other side are those who believe it a moral and legal imperative that the government do whatever it must to prevent gun related violence by further restricting the purchase and ownership of guns; this group, whose ranks include the fundamentally well intentioned million marching moms, differ in their experience with firearms but have in common a conviction that we’d all be better off without them.

As casteen described, we will never get what we want in America. Private Citizens will always own guns in this country and will always be subject to Just laws overning their access and ownership. The underlying truth is that while both groups are correct in their preferred understandings of the issues, they reach wrongheaded and impractical conclusions for American culture. Since their going to be around illegally, or legally they should Just be legalized, most of their intentions are Just for protection.

If we have the right to own guns, and criminals have the understanding that citizens have protection, there is a possibility crimes will decrease. The more guns that are owned, the more afraid criminals well become, and hopefully won’t ant to commit any crimes. The contoversy that is often mischaracterized of gun control has been shaped by the personal qualities of the debators, not by the evidence. Some of our most humane and progressive fgures execrate guns and want them not Just controlled, but banned. Too often their oppontes have lacked the sophistication to make the intellectually more demanding argument.

To establish wether any scientific basis exists for banning guns, the department of Justice in 1978 allotted 275,000 to Massachusets University’s James D Wright and Petter H Rossi, who rankly admit they began as belivers in the underlying assumptions of handgun prohbition and hoped to validate them. Three years of research, however, convinced them that, while moderate gun controls are desirable prohbition can not be Justified. “There is no persuasive evidence that homicide occurs simply beause fire arms are readily at hand or private weaponry is an important cause of violent crime”(Gun control versus gun prohbition).

Guns are not the ones that kill people, it’s the one who pulls the trigger. Guns should always be legal. With all the crimes, burglary, ape and kidnapping that has occurred in our own community, it has left us no choice but to defend ourselves and our family with fire arms. Its our society that has concluded that we are no longer safe. Our children are not even safe at their own school, follwing the Sandy Hook incident. Not even in public places, like the theatre massacure. This is what our world has come to, and with that, we need the correct appropriate material to protect us and our family from any dangerous people of situations.



 Format: Submit the assignment using an Excel XLS or XLSX workbook. Each budget schedule is to be contained on a separate spreadsheet tab. You are to utilize the power of Excel for totaling and referencing/linking amounts contained in other spreadsheets. Your grade is based upon the accuracy and formatting of each spreadsheet. Cells must be referenced (aka linked) between cells and tabs; this is how you will show your work and demonstrate comprehension of the use and purpose of budgets. In addition to the spreadsheet tabs, you are expected to provide a narrative recommendation for improving performance. This recommendation will be the last tab in your Excel file. Use Word Wrapping, Alignment, and punctuation for readability. The following spreadsheet tabs will be graded: • Assumptions • Sales • Collections • Production • General Impressions/Recommendations

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