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Finite element analysis is widely used for many years as statistical resolution method. Not very long ago experts stared to use this method in medicine for simulation of human body elements by applying reasonable biomechanical information. Finite Element Analysis turns into a usual instrument in production and is widely accepted instrument of creating the mechanics of organic tissues. (Giori 1993) However, speaking about articulation biomechanics it is necessary to admit that in this sphere Finite Element Analysis is not yet widely applied and this is due to natural difficulty of the articulation and muscles modeling.(Giori 1993) It is necessary for Finite Element Analysis instruments to give high-quality outcomes very quickly to be helpful for the physicians and for the investigators. The completion and processing time needed for processing should be taken into account. It is necessary to make stress on processing time. Every stage of the models, if done completely by hand, takes much time and often appears to be erroneous. (Giori 1993)The investigation made raises model excellence and reduces processing period. Stimulus for this investigation is in the fields of computing mechanism and natural science.The kinds of instruments created in future will appear to be beneficial in medical analysis and cure preparation and assessment, and in creating universal orthopaedic scheme. (Giori 1993) Early progress of finite element method was irregular. Different scientists tried finite element principles however they did not distinguish primary the huge number of possible use. Later than 1960 this state of affairs altered and the speed of expansion grew noticeably. By 1972 the finite element analysis became the most dynamic area of attention in the statistical resolution of range problems.It is still considered to be the leading technique nowadays. One of its advantages is that this method can be applied in a modular style so that advancements in different fields can be quickly incorporated. Scholastic journals are the most excellent predictor of the future of finite elements methods. (See table 1, 2 and 3) Many different investigators had the same goals of their implemented research. (Shephard, Weiss, Hollerbach). Table 1 Time line of important developments Huebner Kenneth (2001) “The finite element method for engineers “ John Wiley $ Sons, Inc

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Read the article and write the reflection paper
Must be familiar with Persuasive Communication concepts!!!
Reasoned Action Theory
At least 400 words, double spaced
Each reading reflection must include three components (organized in three separate paragraphs):
A description of at least three key concepts, ideas, and/or insights in the readings;
Your thoughts about their relevance or implications regarding the potential of persuasion to influence people’s attitudes or behavior (you can simply give an example or two of how these ideas or principles work, or not, in reality); and
A question you have about the topic that was not answered satisfactorily in the readings (i.e., “I’d be curious to know” type of question) or a concept that you did not fully grasp and for which you’d like further clarification.