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financial assets ip4

financial assets ip4. I don’t know how to handle this Accounting question and need guidance.

Choose a company from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) EDGAR Web site for your Key Assignment to evaluate for the impact of convergence to IFRS.
Review the financial reports and notes for the company that you have chosen from the EDGAR Web site. Using this company as your point of reference, provide general information on the following:

Create an overview on IFRS.
What will be some of the main concerns for your company as it moves from U.S. GAAP to IFRS?
Generate a list of differences that you would expect to see on your income statement and your balance sheet after the convergence process is complete.
Describe what impact the convergence will have on your company’s inventory account (IAS 2).
Describe some of the differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP regarding the accounting for financial instruments.
Give a minimum of 2 examples of how your company will be impacted by the conversion process (IAS 32, IAS 39, and IFRS 7).

financial assets ip4

ETFs vs. Mutual Fund online.

Hello . I have some questionsThree advantages of exchange traded funds and 3 advantages of mutual funds?Explain in at least 3-5 sentences how exchange traded funds and mutual funds are similar?Explain in at least 3-5 sentences how exchange traded funds and mutual funds are different?Please dont copy some answers from any websites..I need your own words
ETFs vs. Mutual Fund online

ST Thomas University Sore Throat SOAP Note Paper

ST Thomas University Sore Throat SOAP Note Paper.

SOAP is an acronym that stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. The episodic SOAP note is to be written using the attached template below.For all the SOAP note assignments, you will write a SOAP note about one of your patients and use the following acronym:S =Subjective data: Patient’s Chief Complaint (CC).O =Objective data: Including client behavior, physical assessment, vital signs, and meds.A =Assessment: Diagnosis of the patient’s condition. Include differential diagnosis.P =Plan: Treatment, diagnostic testing, and follow upSubmission Instructions:Your SOAP note should be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation, and misspellingI HAVE ATTACHED THE RUBRIC, TEMPLATE AND A EXAMPLE! I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU TO DO THIS SOAP NOTE ON Sore Throat!! THIS IS A PEDIATRIC PATIENT A 7 YEAR OLD PATIENT IN A CLINIC SETTING.PLEASE FOLLOW THE RUBRIC AND FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE I HAVE ATTACHED.
ST Thomas University Sore Throat SOAP Note Paper

Memorable Food Experience Report

online homework help Memorable Food Experience Report.

I’m working on a journalism question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Practice: Active voice writing, Food EditionPortland food trucks are the best food trucks, IMHO.A great habit to get into as a writer is writing simple, active voice sentences. So let’s do it with one of our favorite subjects: food! For this assignment, we want you to write a 250-300-word essay about a personal experience you’ve had with food. It can be about anything you like, from a great recipe your dad made to a terrible dish that gave you food poisoning. It’s up to you!Here’s the catch: every sentence must be written in the active voice except for one. So let’s say your essay is 20 sentences long. That means 19 of those sentences must be structured in the active voice. One sentence — and one sentence only! — must be in the passive voice. Put the passive voice sentence in bold so it stands out. Have fun reliving your favorite — or not-so-favorite — food memories!
Memorable Food Experience Report

University of California Wk 7 Decision Making Techniques Discussion

University of California Wk 7 Decision Making Techniques Discussion.

Hello and Welcome to Week 7!Please remember the following instructions. Your grade is based upon you completing all of these on time and by length of post.By Wednesday, write original post on a selected topic.By Thursday, write response posts to 2 other original posts.Original PostThe original posts must be a minimum of 100 words. Original posts must be about something from the reading for the speech we are currently studying. Each original post must have 3 components: (A) a topic of choice within the assigned reading, (B) thoughts on the topic, and (C) one quote from the reading. The quote must be in APA format.
University of California Wk 7 Decision Making Techniques Discussion

College of Saint Benedict Childs Development Milestone Analysis Essay

College of Saint Benedict Childs Development Milestone Analysis Essay.

The discussion assignment provides a forum to discuss the relevant topics for this week based on the course competencies covered. For this assignment make sure to answer all questions by the due date assigned. Provide a detailed response directly in the Discussion Area. Do not use attached documents.To support your work, make sure to utilize your course and text readings. When asked, also utilize outside sources. As in all assignments, make sure to cite and provide references for your sources utilizing APA format.Developmental milestonesOne of the measurements that can be used to determine a child’s developmental progression is to compare the child to the typical developmental milestones. Some examples of developmental milestones are when an infant first sits up, crawls, and walks. There are also developmental milestones for communication, emotional, and social development. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides some extensive information on developmental milestones for infants and young children. (Hint: Type “CDC: Developmental Milestones” into your preferred search engine.)Why is understanding a child’s developmental milestones so important, especially communication, social, and emotional development?Part BWeek 2 Project: Occupational Interest: Self AssessmentFor this assignment you will write a two-page Occupational Interest Self-Assessment in which you discuss how your occupational interests and personality type, as determined by scores obtained on the Holland Code Career Assessment and the personality assessment found on, match up with the career you have in mind as you are pursuing your academic studies at South University.Please think about your occupational interests, personality characteristics, and skills. To what extent are these similar/dissimilar to the qualities descriptive of you on both the Holland Code and the personality test? Do you agree with the results of the reports of the Holland Code and the 16 personalities test? Why or why not?How well do your personality characteristics match up to your anticipated career? Are there aspects of your personality that make your career choice a good fit or might your personality present some challenges to your eventual career?Wrap up your summary by considering your strengths and weaknesses and how knowing more about your “career personality” (based on the Holland Code and 16 personalities assessments) can help you hone your skills in anticipation of your career of choice. Moreover, discuss how knowing more about your occupational interests and personality type can aid you in your job searches, resume building, cover letter writing, and interviewing.Please use the link provided to access The Holland Code/O*Net Career Interest InventoryPlease access and take the 16 personalities test here:
College of Saint Benedict Childs Development Milestone Analysis Essay

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