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Is 454 pages long and the fourth and final book in the series. It can be categorized as both a romance and science-fiction novel due to its content with fallen angels and magic. It takes place in Cold water, Maine in present-day. 2a. ) In the previous books In this series, Nora Grey, a Nephilim, falls in love with Patch Clprlano, a fallen angel. Nephilim Is a race conceived between angels and human females. A fallen angel Is one who was banished Heaven and was sent to live on Earth.

They can be sent to Hell only by burning the last feather of their former angel inns which were ripped from their backs when they were sent to Earth. They cant feel physical pain or pleasure, only pain when the wing scars on their backs are disturbed. However, during the month of Cheshvan which takes place around October and November, a fallen angel can Inhabit the body of a Nevile, thus giving them the ability to feel both pain and pleasure. At the end of Silence, the book previous to this one, Nora Grey must swear a blood oath to the Black Hand, who Is the leader of the Nephilim army.

She learns at this end of this novel that the Black Hand is her biological father, which is also when she learns she is Nephilim. Nora and Patch kidnap and restrain the Black Hand, and he threatens to kill Nora and her mother if she doesn’t continue to lead the Nephilim army. They swear a blood oath, which will automatically kill the party that betrays their side of the oath. Immediately after this blood oath has taken place, the Black Hand tries to burn Patch’s feather.

To keep the Black Hand from sending Patch to Hell, Nora shoots him before he has the chance. She now has to lead the Nephilim army. However, she also made a blood oath with the archangels, who are the more prestigious angels, that she would bring ease between Nephilim and fallen angels. By making this oath, the Archangels agreed not to send Patch to Hell. This means that not only does Nora have to lead the violent Nephilim army, she now has to lead them to peace between the fallen angels to keep her other blood oath to the Archangels.

She also has to keep her relationship with Patch a secret In order to earn trust from the rest of the Nephlllm, so she stages a fake break up with Patch and begins a fake relationship with Dante Matterazzi, a member of the Nephilim army who was very close to the Black Hand. This gives her he upper hand in publicity with the rest of the Nephilim. 2b. ) In order for Nora to lead the Nephilim army, she must train to become like the rest of the Nephils. Since she had been raised thinking she was a human up until recently, she never knew of her Nephilim powers. Dante gets the idea to train her.

Knowing she was not raised a Nephil, he is aware that he will not have time to bring her up to speed on her training before Cheshvan. However, he teaches her how to mind trick people. This is where you can enter the mind of your opponent and force them to do or think whatever you want them to. Dante encourages Nora to drink anyone who drinks it extreme physical power, which he knew he wasn’t going to have time to train Nora for. Devilcraft was produced because the Nephilim know that fallen angels are more powerful than them and they wanted the upper hand should it come to war between the two races. c. ) Later on, about two weeks into Cheshvan, the fallen angels aren’t trying to inhabit the Nephilim and the Nephilim are becoming suspicious. Nora comes to find out that they aren’t attacking because Dante is working with the fallen angels while also working with the Nephilim. He has a plan to become the supreme ruler of both races. In order to get Dante to surrender, Nora and Patch hire an archangel named Pepper to take all of the fallen angel feathers from Heaven and store them underground in a Nephilim safehouse.

Nora and Patch think that if they have all the control over sending the entire fallen angel race to Hell, Dante will back away from his plans. Pepper gets the feathers and keeps them in the safehouse, but ignores Patch’s commands to stay there with them. As soon as he drops the feathers off, he runs away. Dante had been tracking Pepper the whole time and burns the safehouse down. Nora tries desperately to put out the fire, or at the very least recover Patch’s feather. However, it’s too late and all fallen angels are sent to Hell. 2d. Nora, feeling extremely betrayed by Dante, wants to challenge Dante to a duel over who will continue to lead the Nephilim army. She already knows that he will accept the challenge because he is extremely egotistical and knows it won’t be hard to win in a physical fight over Nora. However, on the morning of the duel, Dante opens the gates of Hell and releases the fallen angels to let them destroy the Nephilim race. He intends on not letting Patch out simply to spite Nora, but Patch inhabits the body of another fallen angel and escapes from Hell himself.

Once out, he is back on Earth. There is an intense battle between the two races entirely, and another between Nora and Dante alone. Dante had a dagger made that would specifically kill anyone who ingested, and the only two people who had done so were Dante and Nora. Although Dante has a physical advantage over Nora, Nora is very good at mind tricking. Once she gets the chance, she invades Dante’s mind and controls his body. She forces him to fall on the dagger and kill himself, and she is transferred back into her body.

The fighting between the two races ceases and they retreat to their respective sides. 2e. ) Detective Basso, a police officer that seems to have it out for Nora, sees the fight go down. Nora thinks she’s going to be in trouble because humans aren’t supposed to know about Nephils and fallen angels. However, he approaches her and reveals to her that he’s an archangel, and tells her that the rest of the archangels are appeased with her decision to go to war because it ultimately leads to peace between the two races.

He also tells her to cut open the Nephilim mark on her arm, winks at her, and leaves. She is confused by this gesture. Patch then reappears, and it is the first time Nora has seen him since he was sent to Hell. He promises never to leave her side and wants to make a blood oath to marry her. He cuts open his palm, and Nora, blood oath with Patch. By doing this, Patch is granted mortality. He can now grow old with Nora and physically feel. This was the gift the archangels gave to Nora. 3a. ) The main character is Nora Grey.

She is eighteen through this novel and has grown up in Coldwater, Maine her whole life. Up until recently, she always thought Harrison Grey, the man who raised her as his daughter, was her biological father. He died when she was very young. She comes to find out, however, that her high school enemy’s father is her biological father. He is also known as the Black Hand, the leader of the Nephilim army. She is in a relationship with Patch, a fallen angel. 3b. ) Patch Cipriano is a fallen angel.

Although at one time he was an archangel, he was banished from Heaven. Archangels have certain rules they have to follow, and one of the biggest is not to fall in love with someone who is not an archangel. He broke this promise long before he met Nora when he fell in love with another fallen angel named Dabria. The archangels ripped his wings and sent him to Earth, where he met Nora and fell in love with her. 3c. ) Dante Matterazzi is part of the Nephilim army. He is overall a sneaky, conniving factor in this story.

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