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final Portfolio Project

final Portfolio Project.

Please help put this in a summary, include reference/s. Need it tonight by 8pm CST. Thank youLast week, we talked about how cultural differences enhance literature. Many of you shared research on the writer and/or the culture. In completing that research, you read the ideas of others—critics or people who have used various tools or lenses to talk about literature.For the final Portfolio Project, you are asked to locate critics on Achebe’s novel and to incorporate those critical voices in your final paper.1. For this week’s discussion, share the critical resources you plan to use in your final Portfolio Project.2. What are the key concepts of these critics (maybe looking at race, religion, class, or gender)? Did you decide to omit any critics? If so, why?3.Please be sure to choose a unique topic for your discussion response.4. You are encouraged to explore ideas not already referenced by classmates.As you respond to your peers, be sure to share your own reflections on their ideas and to offer any suggestions that you’ve learned along the way.Rubic Requirement for summary:Content: Demonstrates excellent knowledge of concepts, skills, and theories relevant to topic.Support:Statements are well supported; posts extend discussion.Writing Quality: Writing is well organized, clear, concise, and focused; no errors.
final Portfolio Project

ACC 300 CSU Global Campus Week 8 Closing the Gap Between College and Career Report

ACC 300 CSU Global Campus Week 8 Closing the Gap Between College and Career Report.

***Attachments are below for accounting***
Option #1: The Accounting Cycle and Stockholders’ Equity Analysis
Portfolio Project Option #1 is for accounting students who are sensing learners and learn best from concrete materials and examples. If this is your learning style preference, you are practical and careful with detail. For this assignment, you are required to complete Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. You will present Parts 1 and 2 in Excel, and Part 3 of the Portfolio Project in a Word document, following the exact instructions that accompany each part. (The templates can be found in Module 8, and by clicking “Next” at the bottom of this page.)
Use the assignment templates are attached below.
Part 1:
Katy McCall opens a tax consulting business called Horizon Consultants Inc. and completes the following transactions in March:
March 1: As a sole shareholder, McCall invested $125,000 cash along with $45,000 of office equipment in the company.
March 2:  Horizon Consultants Inc. completed services for a client and immediately received $4,000 cash.
March 3: Horizon made credit purchases for office equipment for $1,500 and office supplies for $2,100. Payment is due within 10 days.
March 6: Horizon Consultants Inc. pre-paid $6,000 cash for six months’ rent for their office.
March 10:  Horizon completed a $4,250 project for a client who must pay within 45 days.
March 12: Horizon paid $3,600 cash to settle the account payable created on March 3.
March 19: Horizon paid a $6,000 cash premium on a 12-month insurance policy.
March 22: Horizon received $3,250 cash as a partial payment for the work completed on March 10.
March 25: Horizon completed work for another client for $4,250 on credit.
March 29: McCall paid herself a dividend of $3,000 cash.
March 30: Horizon purchased $750 of additional office supplies on credit.
March 31: Horizon paid $350 cash for this month’s utility bill.
Using the following chart of accounts and template, prepare journal entries for the above economic transactions. Include the effect that each transaction has on the accounting equation.  Enter your journals to the general ledger using the same file name.
Chart of accounts: cash, office equipment, capital stock, prepaid rent, prepaid insurance, office supplies, accounts payable, consulting revenue, accounts receivable, dividend, utility expense. 
Part 2:
The following unadjusted trial balance is for Groenke Construction Company as of year-end for the December 31, 20×7 fiscal year. The December 31, 20×6 credit balance of the stockholders’ equity account is $61,900, and the stockholders invested $45,000 cash in the company during 20×7.

Account Title Debit                     Credit

101         Cash                                                      $15,000
126         Supplies                                               $8,500
128         Pre-paid insurance                          $11,200
167         Equipment                                          $175,000
168         Accumulated depreciation – equipment                 $19,000
201         Accounts payable                                                               $9,250
251         Long-term notes payable                                               $45,000
301         Shareholders’ equity                                                      $106,900
302         Dividends                                            $15,750
401         Construction Revenue                                                   $153,000
623         Wage expense                                  $61,800
633         Interest expense                               $6,250
640         Rent expense                                    $15,750
683         Property tax expense                    $12,500
684         Repairs expense                                $6,100
690         Utilities expense                                $5,300
TOTALS                                                            $333,150                  $333,150
Use the template provided to:

Journalize the following adjusting entries as of fiscal year-end December 31, 20×7.
Post the adjusting entries to an unadjusted trial balance and prepare the adjusted trial balance.
Create financial statements, namely: i) the income statement, ii) statement of stockholders’ equity, and iii) the balance sheet for 20×7.

Adjustments needed:

The supplies available at the end of the fiscal year 20×7 are at a cost of $5,700.
The company’s employees have earned $3.500 in accrued wages for the fiscal year.
The cost of expired insurance for the fiscal year is $8,600.
The rent expense not yet paid or recorded in the fiscal year is $2,250.
Annual depreciation on equipment is $8,000; no other depreciation adjustment was made in 20×7.
The $450 accrued interest for December has not yet been paid and reported.
Additional property taxes of $625 have been assessed for the fiscal year but have not yet been paid or recorded in the accounts.
The December utilities expense of $425 is not included in the adjusted trial balance, because the bill arrived after the trial balance was prepared. The $425 amount owed needs to be recorded.
The company paid dividends of $15,575 to its shareholders on record.

Part 3
Assume you are the chief accountant making a presentation during the stockholders’ annual meeting for your corporation. Provide a brief explanation to stockholders on each of the following questions:

In what ways can shares be “preferred”? In which ways are they similar and different from common shares?  Give real-world examples.
How does the book value of shares of stock differ from the market value of shares of stock? Use a real-world example in your answer.


Discuss at least three main issues a board of directors considers when making a dividend declaration decision.
How does a share dividend differ from a share split?

Retained Earnings
e) Explain why companies place restrictions on some of their retained earnings.
Reminder: Your Part 3 paper should be two to three pages in length total and conform to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.). Include scholarly references as needed in addition to the course textbook to support your views. The CSU-Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to find these references.

Your argument research essay will be driven by the questions you explored in your discussion groups and your critical thinking assignments based on one of the following themes:

Closing the gap between College and Career
Closing the gap between military service and civilian career
Science Writing and the Public (Secular Science)
Enterprising America and the World

If you deeply engage in the lecture content, group discussions, and your critical thinking assignments, you will find that the work for your final portfolio will be a compilation of your efforts throughout the term. With your final portfolio paper, you will share your “answer” to your inquiries throughout the term in an argument essay.
Use the template to complete the project:

Argumentative Paper Format and Outline Template (Template found in the Module folder.)

Your essay must address the following:

Be persuasive in purpose, i.e. have an argument
Be directed at a specific audience
Have a thesis statement, which includes a claim and reasons
Support the thesis through evidence from research
Summarize and respond to counter arguments
Document sources both within the essay (parenthetical citations) and in an APA formatted References page

When you initially read these instructions in Week 1 of this course, this may sound like a lot of work, but you will find that as you move through the term you will engage in critical thinking, researching, and writing about this issue in the weeks leading up to the completion of your research paper.  The purpose of this course is to teach you aspects of writing as process.  Remember that your task as you move through the term is to take what you have learned and shape it into a specific argument for a persuasive purpose.

Purpose: to persuade audience to accept a claim about a debatable issue
Audience: specific/narrow group who can make change regarding this issue, e.g. state or local government
Voice: Third-person (no “you” voice; limited “I” voice for personal stories/examples)
Length: 1,800+ words (not including References page)
Citations: APA parenthetical/in-text citations throughout and APA References page com Score: 5-20% range.
Sources: 8 or more research sources used and cited within the essay (and on the References page)

3+ peer-reviewed scholarly articles from the library databases
2+ magazine/newspaper/government document/book/eBook sources (or peer-reviewed articles)
2+ other credible sources, such as more general websites (may include any of the more credible source types above)
1+ personal interview

A Successful Argument Essay*

Essay is persuasive, utilized rhetorical devices, demonstrating largely effective logical and persuasive skill.
Essay is directed at a specific/narrow audience.
Successful focus on topic and stance; thesis is a viable, well-worded opinion (claim + reasons format) leading to focused argument.
Thesis and body strongly aligned throughout: flows in an organized manner that matches the thesis “map.”
Utilizes topic sentences, transitions, etc. well and paragraph content is focused, purposeful, and smooth.
Support is extensive, varied, and sophisticated throughout the paper:
Informs audience about the background/context of the issue.
Offers strong support for thesis by developing the reasons listed in the thesis.
Cites and incorporates evidence from multiples sources for each reason.
Employs research from at least 8 credible sources, meeting requirement. Sources are current (published within last five years).
Synthesizes research with writer’s own ideas.
Source materials are smoothly integrated with successful interpretation/accreditation; avoids “dropped”/”dumped” quotations.
Successfully synthesizes opposing points-of-view, i.e. fairly acknowledges and responds to possible counterarguments.
Cites paraphrases, summaries, and quotations with APA parenthetical citations.
Point-of-view is appropriate and sustained with third-person voice.
Language usage, voice, style, and tone are appropriate and effective; insignificant padding, redundancy, and/or overstatement.
Errors in surface features largely non-existent; minor errors do not distract from reading.
Is double-spaced, alphabetized, and indented as prescribed by APA conventions, uses level headers to separate sections of content for ease of reading.
Meets the length requirement of 1,800 or more words.
Has a originality score in the 5-20% range, meaning a relatively small portion of the essay contains direct language from others/outside source, minimally repurposes previous work. Should you need to repurpose prior work from English 101, or another class, please inform your instructor of your intentions to do so.
References page included in same document as the essay, as the final page.
Contains citations in proper and consistent APA format (6th edition).
Is double-spaced, alphabetized, and indented for second and following lines of each entry.
Is relatively free of errors in punctuation and mechanics.

ACC 300 CSU Global Campus Week 8 Closing the Gap Between College and Career Report

Truman State University Best Buy Discussion

custom essay Truman State University Best Buy Discussion.

Discussion BoardA) Pick an actual (not fictional) business that has not already been selected by another student on the discussion board. Do not pick one of the businesses in Chapter 1 of the textbook: Walmart, Neiman Marcus, Payless Shoes, Tiffany & Co. Provide a web link to the webpage or Facebook page for the business you pick, so other students can find out more about it.B) Briefly describe these four items related to your business: 1) the products/services the business provides to make money; 2) the major competitors for the business 3) the types of customers for the business; 4) the major suppliers for the business.C) Based upon the description of Porter’s generic strategies in chapter 1 (cost leadership, differentiation, or focused strategy), pick the one strategy that best fits the way your business differentiates itself from its competitors in order to better serve customers. If your business strategy is cost leadership, low costs are provided to a broad market. A differentiation strategy often involves unique products /services that can command a higher price. A focused strategy concentrates on serving the needs of the customers in specific niche markets. Justify why you think a particular generic strategy fits your business.After you have made your discussion board posting, ask probing questions of at least two other students so you can better understand the strategy for the business they picked.
Truman State University Best Buy Discussion

Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help. BCS220 Management Information Systems -Decision support systems (DSS) . Assignment Teams of 2-3 12% Description: The following assignment is intended to be a brief introduction to how a spreadsheet package (Microsoft Excel) may be used as a Decision Support System. One of the classic DSS applications is “what if?” analysis, or the analysis of outcomes that may occur as a result of changing conditions in the business environment.,BCS220 Management Information Systems -Decision support systems (DSS),To introduce you to this area, you are provided with an assignment that will allow you to ,model, a business problem. You will identify relevant variables to put in your model, build the model in Excel, then perform a series of analyses to see what the outcomes would be under a variety of conditions in that business environment. Further, you will also use some of the features of Excel (e.g. charting) in order to communicate your results in a clearer fashion.,You should follow the instructions and submit 1 assignment in teams of 2 -3 students. The Situation: Gizmo produces vintage motorcycles. However, employee turnover rates are at an all-time high at Gizmo Manufacturing’s plants. The company is experiencing severe worker retention issues, which as leading to productivity and quality control problems. The majority of the company’s workers perform a variety of tasks paid hourly. The company currently tests potential applicants to ensure that they have the skills necessary for the intense mental concentration and dexterity required to fill the positions.Because of their employee’s issues, they also have problems understanding the financial and logistics aspects of their business.,Tasks: Step 1:,Since significant costs are associated with employee turnover, Gizmo Manufacturing wants to find a way to predict which applicants have the characteristics of being a short-term versus a long-term employee. Review the information that Gizmo Manufacturing has collected from two of its data sources. The tabs Step 1 contains information regarding employee retention. a.,Using Excel analysis functions seen in class, determine the employee characteristics that you would recommend Gizmo Manufacturing to look for when hiring new personnel. BCS220 Winter 2020 DSS Assignment b. Prepare a report based on your findings for your recommendations (which should include several forms of graphical representation) (Name the tab Report step 1, you may have other tabs for the analysis, name them appropriately).,Step 2:,Gizmo manufacturing is curious on how its profit will be affected by the sales over the next year.Prepare a best, worst, and most-likely scenarios for the sales over the next year. Use the data in tab “Step 2 Profit Scenario”. Name the new tab “Step 2 Scenario Summary”.,Step 3:,Gizmo is having a hard time making the business profitable. Knowing that you have great business knowledge and solid financial sense, Gizmo has come to you for your advice. They would like you to determine how many motorcycles they need to sell per year to break even. Use the data in tab “Step 3 breaking Even”. Copy a print screen of your What-if analysis tool you use to answer the question.,Step 4:,Gizmo’s motorcycle are manufacture at 3 plants (Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; and Dallas, Texas) and are then shipped by truck to 5 distribution warehouses in Sacramento, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Chicago, Illinois, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and New York City, NY. Since shipping costs are a major expense, management has begun an analysis to determine ways to reduce them.,Using the information in tab “Step 4 Shipping costs”  minimize the costs of shipping goods from production plants to warehouses, thereby meeting the demand from each metropolitain area while not exceeding the supply available from each plant. Some business rules and requirements you should be aware of include:,Firstly, The problem presented, which involves the shipment of goods from 3 plants to 5 regional warehouses.,Secondly,  Goods, which can be ship ed from any plant to any warehouse, cost more to ship over long distances than over short distances.,Thirdly,  Focus on minimizing the total shipping costs.,Fourthly,  Total shipped being less than or equal to supply at a plant.,Fifthly, Total shipped to warehouses being greater than or equal to the warehouse demand.,Lastly,  Number to ship being greater than or equal to 0.Statistics homework help

Analysis: Platform Specific Story

Analysis: Platform Specific Story.

I need a document, with screenshots, for the assignment attached. I have also attached a student example. The student example’s topic/audience/genre is not the same as mine, but you can see how the assignment is laid out. Also, I attached my project I did last week. Please see it for reference for my goal audience. Please let me know if you have any other question. Watch and read the materials in the attachment if necessary. Based on the genre and audience of focus you chose in week 1, give me 3 examples of competitors in your field on each social media platform you chose, (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), that are using the techniques and strategies outlined in the resources above to generate an active engaged audience. Please include links and screen captures to illustrate your point. Tell me which techniques and strategies will YOU carry forward into your project for this week.
Analysis: Platform Specific Story