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final paper accounting 2

final paper accounting 2.

You’ve just been hired onto ABC Company as the corporate controller. ABC Company is a manufacturing firm that specializes in making cedar roofing and siding shingles. The company currently has annual sales of around $1.2 million, a 25% increase from the previous year. The company has an aggressive growth target of reaching $3 million annual sales within the next 3 years. The CEO has been trying to find additional products that can leverage the current ABC employee skillset as well as the manufacturing facilities.  As the controller of ABC Company, the CEO has come to you with a new opportunity that he’s been working on. The CEO would like to use the some of the shingle scrap materials to build cedar dollhouses. While this new product line would add additional raw materials and be more time-intensive to manufacture than the cedar shingles, this new product line will be able to leverage ABC’s existing manufacturing facilities as well as the current staff. Although this product line will require added expenses, it will provide additional revenue and gross profit to help reach the growth targets. The CEO is relying on you to help decide how this project can be afforded  Provide details about the estimated product costs, what is needed to break even on the project, and what level of return this product is expected to provide. In order to help out the CEO, you need to prepare a six- to eight-page report that will contain the following information (including exhibits, but excluding your references and title page). Refer to the accompanying Excel spreadsheet (available through your online course) for some specific cost and profit information to complete the calculations.Final Paper Spreadsheet I. An overall risk profile of the company based on current economic and industry issues that it may be facing. II. Current company cash flowa. You need to complete a cash flow statement for the company using the direct method. b. Once you’ve completed the cash flow statement, answer the following questions:i. What does this statement of cash flow tell you about the sources and uses of the company funds? ii. Is there anything ABC Company can do to improve the cash flow? iii. Can this project be financed with current cash flow from the company? Why or why not? iv. If the company needs additional financing beyond what ABC Company can provide internally (either now or sometime throughout the life of the project), how would you suggest the company obtain the additional financing, equity or corporate debt, and why?III. Product cost: ABC Company believes that it has an additional 5,000 machine hours available in the current facility before it would need to expand. ABC Company uses machine hours to allocate the fixed factory overhead, and units sold to allocate the fixed sales expenses. Bases on current research, ABC Company expects that it will take twice as long to produce the expansion product as it currently takes to produce its existing product.a. What is the product cost for the expansion product under absorption and variable costing? b. By adding this new expansion product, it helps to absorb the fixed factory and sales expenses. How much cheaper does this expansion make the existing product? c. Assuming ABC Company wants a 40% gross margin for the new product, what selling price should it set for the expansion product? d. Assuming the same sales mix of these two products, what are the contribution margins and break-even points by product?IV. Potential investments to accelerate profit: ABC company has the option to purchase additional equipment that will cost about $42,000, and this new equipment will produce the following savings in factory overhead costs over the next five years: Year 1, $15,000 Year 2, $13,000 Year 3, $10,000 Year 4, $10,000 Year 5, $6,000 ABC Company uses the net-present-value method to analyze investments and desires a minimum rate of return of 12% on the equipment.a. What is the net present value of the proposed investment (ignore income taxes and depreciation)? b. Assuming a 5-year straight-line depreciation, how will this impact the factory’s fixed costs for each of the 5 years (and the implied product costs)? What about cash flow? c. Considering the cash flow impact of the equipment as well as the time-value of money, would you recommend that ABC Company purchases the equipment? Why or why not? V. Conclusion:a. What are the major risk factors that you see in this project? b. As the controller and a management accountant, what is your responsibility to this project? c. What do you recommend the CEO do?Writing the Final Paper 1.   Must be six to eight double-spaced pages in length, and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. 2.   Must include a title page with the following:a.   Title of paper b.   Student’s name c.   Course name and number d.   Instructor’s name e.   Date submitted3.   Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement. 4.   Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. 5.   Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis. 6.   Must document at least three, but no more than five sources in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. 7.   Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
final paper accounting 2

Fresno State University Student Loans Plan for Payback and Associated Issues Essay.

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I need a minimum of five pages for the body of the essay. providing 5 to 6 main points to discuss in question form as headings within the paper in APA format. Using a minimum of 10 articles. The paper is to be written on student loans, and the plans students have for paying them back. However, student loans comes with greater issues. What are those issues?-Cover Page -Abstract Page -Introduction-Body paragraphs ( minimum of 5 pages) and questions are to be centered and bold-Conclusion-Citation PageFor the body paragraphs answer the 5 chosen main points and then provide a conclusion in the form of a solution. Need it back to me before April 24, 2021 by 11:59
Fresno State University Student Loans Plan for Payback and Associated Issues Essay

New England College Free Speech on College Campuses Analysis Paper.

The First Amendment protects all speech on most campuses (at all public universities, and even at private schools in states like New Jersey). Free speech is not only protected by law; it’s an important academic value: how can we seek the truth when we don’t allow dissenting views?The value of free speech is currently being tested on many campuses. Many students on both sides of the political spectrum struggle to find the appropriate response to speech which they find deeply offensive. Imagine that the Rider community is facing two free speech controversies. The first concerns students displaying the Confederate flag in their dorm rooms, as happened at the University of Alabama. (You can read about that here: (Links to an external site.)). The second concerns students burning the American flag in political protest, as happened at American University. (You can read about that here: (Links to an external site.)).Both of these forms of speech are protected by the First Amendment and by New Jersey state law. But college students have conflicting and sometimes misguided views about free speech on college campuses, which you can read about here: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Write a 2-3 paragraphs discussing the value of free speech on college campuses. It is always easiest to defend free speech when you agree with it, but what about speech you disagree with? Think about these two incidents (hanging the Confederate flag and burning the American flag). What do these incidents have in common? How are they different? Think about your own reaction to these two hypothetical incidents, and whether your defense of free speech is consistent across both situations. Should it be consistent? Why or why not?You will be graded on your understanding of the material and the issue, the quality of your argument, and your fairness to opposing views.
New England College Free Speech on College Campuses Analysis Paper

Business Statistics Kaplan University

Business Statistics Kaplan University.

1. Enrollment in a particular class for the last four semesters has been 122, 128, 100, and 155 (listed from oldest to most recent). The best forecast of enrollment next semester, based on a three-semester moving average, would be (Points : 1)  116.7.  126.3.  127.7.  135.0.Question 2. 2. Which of the following is not classified as a qualitative forecasting model? (Points : 1)  exponential smoothing  Delphi method  jury of executive opinion  sales force compositeQuestion 3. 3. As one increases the number of periods used in the calculation of a moving average, (Points : 1)  greater emphasis is placed on more recent data.  less emphasis is placed on more recent data.  the emphasis placed on more recent data remains the same.  it requires a computer to automate the calculations.Question 4. 4. The condition of an independent variable being correlated to one or more other independent variables is referred to as (Points : 1)  multicollinearity.  statistical significance.  linearity.  nonlinearity.Question 5. 5. Which of the following statements is true about r2? (Points : 1)  It is also called the coefficient of correlation.  It is also called the coefficient of determination.  It represents the percent of variation in X that is explained by Y.  It represents the percent of variation in the error that is explained by Y.Question 6. 6. Which of the following methods gives an indication of the percentage of forecast error? (Points : 1)  MAD  MSE  MAPE  decompositionQuestion 7. 7. A graphical plot with sales on the Y axis and time on the X axis is a (Points : 1)  scatter diagram.  trend projection.  radar chart.  line graph.Question 8. 8. The coefficient of determination resulting from a particular regression analysis was 0.85. What was the correlation coefficient, assuming a positive linear relationship? (Points : 1)  0.5  -0.5  0.922  There is insufficient information to answer the question.Question 9. 9. A judgmental forecasting technique that uses decision makers, staff personnel, and respondent to determine a forecast is called (Points : 1)  exponential smoothing.  the Delphi method.  jury of executive opinion.  sales force composite.Question 10. 10. Enrollment in a particular class for the last four semesters has been 120, 126, 110, and 130. Suppose a one-semester moving average was used to forecast enrollment (this is sometimes referred to as a naïve forecast). Thus, the forecast for the second semester would be 120, for the third semester it would be 126, and for the last semester it would be 110. What would the MSE be for this situation? (Points : 1)  196.00  230.67  100.00  42.00Question 11. 11. Demand for soccer balls at a new sporting goods store is forecasted using the following regression equation: Y = 98 + 2.2X where X is the number of months that the store has been in existence. Let April be represented by X = 4. April is assumed to have a seasonality index of 1.15. What is the forecast for soccer ball demand for the month of April (rounded to the nearest integer)? (Points : 1)  123  107  100  115Question 12. 12. The correlation coefficient resulting from a particular regression analysis was 0.25. What was the coefficient of determination? (Points : 1)  0.5  -0.5  0.0625  There is insufficient information to answer the question.Question 13. 13. Which of the following statements is true regarding a scatter diagram? (Points : 1)  It provides very little information about the relationship between the regression variables.  It is a plot of the independent and dependent variables.  It is a line chart of the independent and dependent variables.  It has a value between -1 and +1.Question 14. 14. Which of the following statements about scatter diagrams is true? (Points : 1)  Time is always plotted on the y-axis.  It can depict the relationship among three variables simultaneously.  It is helpful when forecasting with qualitative data.  The variable to be forecasted is placed on the y-axis.Question 15. 15. Which of the following statements is not true about regression models? (Points : 1)  Estimates of the slope are found from sample data.  The regression line minimizes the sum of the squared errors.  The dependent variable is the explanatory variable.  The intercept coefficient is not typically interpreted.Question 16. 16. A medium-term forecast is considered to cover what length of time? (Points : 1)  2-4 weeks  1 month to 1 year  2-4 years  5-10 yearsQuestion 17. 17. Assume that you have tried three different forecasting models. For the first, the MAD = 2.5, for the second, the MSE = 10.5, and for the third, the MAPE = 2.7. We can then say: (Points : 1)  the third method is the best.  the second method is the best.  methods one and three are preferable to method two.  None of the aboveQuestion 18. 18. Daily demand for newspapers for the last 10 days has been as follows: 12, 13, 16, 15, 12, 18, 14, 12, 13, 15 (listed from oldest to most recent). Forecast sales for the next day using a three-day weighted moving average where the weights are 3, 1, and 1 (the highest weight is for the most recent number). (Points : 1)  12.8  13.0  70.0  14.0Question 19. 19. Which of the following is considered to be one of the components of a time series? (Points : 1)  trend  seasonality  cycles  All of the aboveQuestion 20. 20. When is the exponential smoothing model equivalent to the naïve forecasting model? (Points : 1)  a = 0  a = 0.5  a = 1  never
Business Statistics Kaplan University

Amberton University Apostle of the Heart Set Free Discussion

essay help online Amberton University Apostle of the Heart Set Free Discussion.

Read Acts 21-28.Read Bruce, pages 339-378.Answer the following questions (five pages). double spaced. Please do copy paste the question and start writing answers under it. Arial font, font size 12.When Paul arrived in Jerusalem, the church leaders asked him to do something to help keep the peace. What do you think about the idea? Did it work? How does this compare with the nature of Paul as revealed in the first two chapters of Galatians?Discuss Paul’s defense speech in Acts 22. What statement brought it to a close and what was the reaction?When the officials were about to have him scourged, what appeal did he make?Summarize the rather long account of Paul’s hearings before Felix, Festus and Agrippa.Summarize the exciting events on Paul’s voyage to Rome.TEXTBOOK(S) AND REQUIRED MATERIALS:Title: Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set FreeAuthor: F.F. BrucePublisher: EerdmansYear Published: 2000Edition: PaperbackISBN: 13: 9780802847782
Amberton University Apostle of the Heart Set Free Discussion

The “YouTube Effect”

The “YouTube Effect”. Paper details For this assignment, please read Chapter One of our text, pages 13-27. This chapter stresses the importance of good reading habits for writers. Pay particular attention to the essay “The YouTube Effect” by Moises Naim. Discussion question: What is the YouTube Effect and do you think this medium has made it easier or more difficult for people to know what is true in the world around them? Defend your answer with a specific example.The “YouTube Effect”

operating system hw1

operating system hw1.

Outcome: The student will describe the requirements for an ideal system based on specifications given. Tool for measurement:
At minimum, the student will write a two-page paper discussing the OS File System design requirements based on the
strategies provided from our discussions and the book. The student should provide reasoning behind their design choices
as well as the costs and benefits of using that design. Paper Formatting Guidelines: • 11 pt font
• 1” margins • Acceptable Fonts: Helvetica, Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, or Cambria
• Single spacing System’s usage for choosing your design: The company will be using your OS for many different business operations; running as their main data hosting system that
all documents/databases/user-data will be housed on. Users will have CRUD access to this file system (Create-ReadUpdate-Delete).
Much of the data stored will be small files of text/spreadsheets/smaller-databases. Users will collaborate
often with each other and will consistently be referencing a single document for contributing to the project. Sometimes
special access will need to be given (and restricted) to files so only certain users gain access. Some users will should be
allowed to use any amount of space to store information, while others will be limited to 100MB or less space. Data for this
company CANNOT be lost. The file system should be able to handle something happening on accident that could shut
the system off but recover where it left off. They will also need to ability to go back in time to find data that might have
been accidentally deleted in the past.
operating system hw1

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