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This will cause a lot of pressure on children, so they refuse to fail and will do everything as possible for approve, no matter if this implicates cheating. Other times students don’t have the right knowledge, so they paraphrase in the wrong way. These behaviors are reflected along the academic preparation from elementary grades through college and subsequently in life; as stated by Harvard University in the article published by Time, “Students have cheated for as long as there have been schools” (Time, 201 2, Web).Nevertheless, what is the real definition of cheating? It is official to give a specific meaning for cheating; however, studies found that the two most common factors for academic dishonesty are peer pressure and high parental expectations. There are no doubts that the effects of academic dishonesty are very harmful. The most common example is that punishment, failure to learn and habit form.

Students are cheating on their assignment and in their test to achieve higher grades, but punishment is always waiting for them if they are discovered; the reality is that they will failure to learn as what they did for their self- studying but when they find out the problem and egging to concerned about the serve points, the bad habits of academic dishonesty have already formed, then they restart again, which is so- call ‘vicious circle’. As a result, the academic dishonesty even affects the academic, such as collages and university.A survey online by the Center of Academic Integrity shows that there are about 70 percents of recent graduates at participating colleges admitted to some form of academic cheating (McCabe,2005). The first cause for academic dishonesty is peer pressure; this is the influence of a peer group to an individual. Peer pressure is cause by the need to belong and the feel the same as your peers. It is human nature to want to group together for safety and security, part of that is having things in common to make you a part of the group. The cheating in academic student at VILE.

J Academic preparation, program can cause from peer pressure.For example, Students who are cheating, either they see their friends cheating or there is pressure to be a part of a group, to be socializing. Those who study and try to do well, end up struggling to make it on the social side. Another important finding is that many students are cheating and this is against the rules, but most still looking for their peers for cues as to what behaviors and attitudes are acceptable. Several study suggested that seeing others cheat increase one’s tendency to cheat. A second cause for students to cheat during their tests or exam is due to their high parent’s expectations.Most students are growing up in small families, so parents have a high requirement for their children because parents want their children to be better than them, they forced their children to work hard and make them to do excellent job during school.

If their children can do it better, they will feel proud of them. In addition, in China a large number of parents are very pay attention to their children marks. They usually like to compare their children to their friends or colleagues kids. If their sons do not do well at school, they will usually think that their children disappointed the prestige and the image of the family.For Chinese parents, they think their image is most important than everything, so if their children can’t get a high mark in school, they will feel displeasure and get angry with them. Then they will use some bad ways to punishment their children to make them get high marks. For example, they would not allow their children to play computers or watch TV, until their children can show them good results.

On the other hand, there are more strict parents that will even give their children corporal punishment. In addition, some parents think their children marks are connect with their future.

Listen to all 3 podcast and write a short summary essay on it.

Listen to all 3 podcast and write a short summary essay on it..

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