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Final Data Science Report

Final Data Science Report. Need help with my Computer Science question – I’m studying for my class.

create Final data science report about the storm events from 2005 to 2016 .
I have attached my old work go see it and edited on it make more and more and more better than it is . also make it more details . please follow the requirement or it is going to be sent back to you again .
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Organization & Content
• Paper must include all sections of a good Data Science plan and report.
• Information presented in the paper must be well-organized and clear.
Writing must be concise and comprehensive.
• Paper must be interesting and demonstrate critical thinking.
• Papers uses a logical structure appropriate to paper’s subject, purpose, audience, thesis, and disciplinary field
. • Content indicates synthesis of ideas, in depth analysis and evidences original thought and support for the topic.
• Provides compelling and accurate evidence to support the problem.
• Offers recommendations that demonstrate critical thinking beyond the central focus of the paper.
• Records important ideas and concepts.
• Presents a logical explanation for findings; presents clear recommendations and/or implications for future analyses. Clarity & Style
• The writing engages the reader.
• The writer’s voice is distinctive; word choice is varied and precise throughout.
•Sentences are varied in structure and length; errors are minor and infrequent
• Shows outstanding style; rhetorical devices and tone used effectively; creative use of sentence structure and coordination
• Chooses words for their precise meaning and uses an appropriate level of specificity.
• Sentence style fits paper’s audience and purpose. Sentences are varied, yet clearly structured and carefully focused, not long and rambling.
• No sections of the paper are plagiarized and where appropriate includes references. Mechanics & Grammar
• Sophisticated transitional sentences often develop one idea from the previous one or identify their logical relations. It guides the reader through the chain of reasoning or progression of ideas.
• Meets all formal and assignment requirements and evidences attention to detail; all margins, spacing and indentations are correct; essay is neat and correctly assembled with professional look.
• Essay is free of incorrect spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors; absent of fragments, comma splices, and run-ons
Final Data Science Report

classical conditoning.

Your friend knows that you are a psychology student and asks you to explain to him why he keeps going back to smoking after quitting on several occasions. Describe in detail the classical conditioning components involved in smoking (the CS, UCS, CR, and UCR) and how spontaneous recovery after extinction can cause the reoccurrence of the smoking habit. Due date and time are listed within Assignments on Blackboard. Please bring a hard copy with the rubric to class on the date specified. There will be an automatic 10 point deduction for no hard copy. There will be an automatic 5 point deduction for no rubric. You must use your textbook as a reference with in-text citation. You may use other references as well as long as they are cited in-text and appear on the references page. Generally online references ending in .edu, .org, or .gov are acceptable. Avoid using .com references.
classical conditoning

Cross-Cultural Research on Parenting – Psychology Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Summary of the article Impact of cross-culture in the research in Psychology The direction that the research might take References Introduction There are certain factors that affect the psychological growth and development of children especially during the adolescent stage. The type of parental care given to these individuals will greatly influence the psychological and social development among them. In the article “Introduction to Special Section on Cross-Cultural Research on Parenting and Psychological Adjustment of Children”, Dwairy and Achoui, (2010), attempts to examine how parental factors relate to the psychological disorders in adolescents across different cultures. Dwairy seeks to ascertain the hypothesis that the parental factors and their influence on the health of the adolescents differ across the cultures. Summary of the article The parent plays a key role in the mental health of the children. Providing too much for the needs of the child or extreme negligence of the needs of a child will affect his psychological development. The hostility, authoritarianism, lack of family connectedness, and rejecting parenting are some of the parental factors that have negative impact on the psychological adjustment of the children. The inconsistency and incoherence in parental care is yet another factor that affects psychology of the adolescents. There are different approaches given to the relationship between parenting factors and the psychological adjustment in the children. Baumrind’s parenting style entails warmth and control (Dwairy

short-term money management and long-term financial security

professional essay writers short-term money management and long-term financial security.

The instruction and grading rubric file attachedInstructionsStep 1: Complete a Daily Spending DiaryThe use of a Daily Spending Diary will provide information to better understand your spending patterns. Use The Daily Spending Diary sheets to record your spending each day for one month in the categories provided. You can indicate the use of a credit card with (CR). This experience will help you better understand your spending habits and identify desired changes you might want to make in your spending activities. A sincere effort with this activity will result in beneficial information for monitoring and controlling your spending. Using a Daily Spending Diary can help to: Reveal hidden aspects of your spending habits so you can better save for the future Create and achieve financial goals Control credit card purchases Improve recordkeeping for filing your taxes Plan for major expenditures Start an investment program with the money you save through controlled spendingSteps 2: Research Student Loan DebtThe majority of undergraduate students take out student loans to supplement tuition expense. Some student have student loans and do not realize it. The first part of Step 2 requires you to visit or call the EKU Student Accounting Office to find out if you have student loans. If you do have loans, follow the steps to gather the required information to help you plan your debt for the reminder of your time as an undergraduate student. Be sure to ask every Professor you have if they know of any opportunities for scholarships. There are many scholarships at EKU that few students apply for. If you do not have scholarships, work hard to seek out scholarship opportunities!Student Loan Tip 1: If you are taking out more in loans than you need, do not continue to do this in the future. Tip 2: You do not have to wait until you graduate to start paying down your student loan debt. Tip 3: Monitor your student loan debt closely at least once per semester.If you do not have student loans, use the debt form to fill out for your credit card debt or car loan.If you do not have any type of debt, sign the form certifying this and move on to the next step.Step 3: Create your Financial Goals Creating Short-term, Intermediate and Long-Term Goals assists you in achieving lifelong financial security. Think ahead, plan ahead.Create the following S.M.A.R.T financial goals for yourself/your household: 2 Short Term Goals 2 Intermediate Goals 2 Long-Term Goals (should include Time Value of Money Component)(See textbook for definition of a SMART Goal and the time intervals appropriate for each goal type. You will be graded on accuracy.) Each saving goal should include: 1) a dollar amount to save each month; 2) length of time you will need to save/pay that amount, 3) a start and end date; and 4) the amount you should have accumulated by the end-date of the goal. Some goals will not start this year. For example, funding your 401(k) and IRA accounts cannot begin until you start earning taxable income. [Hint: Your first short-term goal should be to create an emergency savings account.]Analyze your Daily Spending Diary and decide if your spending behavior aligns with your personal financial goals. If it does not, make adjustments before you prepare your Personal Budget.Are you spending more than you earn? This means you are taking on more debt each month. This can be normal for a student. Think about why this is happening in your personal situation and how long you can allow it to continue. Step 4: Create a Personal Monthly BudgetMonthly and Annual Budgets are used to help you achieve financial goals by monitoring your progress toward savings and debt reduction each month/year.The goal is to set up a Personal Monthly Budget where you spend less than you earn each month. The surplus, or amount left over goes into your savings accounts each month in sums equivalent to the amounts determined using your SMART goals. The budget you submit with this assignment should include at least one savings amount that corresponds with at least one of your short-term goals.Step 5: Submit the following items as Project 1: Personal Spending Diary (Excel Document or PDF) Personal Monthly Budget (Excel Document or PDF) Student Loan Debt Analysis Form and Personal Financial S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Word Document or PDF)
short-term money management and long-term financial security

Write an essay of at least 800 words arguing which one of the traits shown you believe to be most vital to an individual living in our current society

Write an essay of at least 800 words arguing which one of the traits shown you believe to be most vital to an individual living in our current society.

The essay will focus on the Critical Thinking Character Traits found on page 175-176 in Learning to Think Things Through by Gerald Nosich. In an essay of at least 800 words, you should argue which one of the traits you believe to be most vital to an individual living in our current society. Your support should clearly explain why you believe this to be the most necessary or valuable trait. In your concession/refutation you might concede that another of the traits might seem as important, but you have found it less important than the one you have chosen and can explain why. You may use Harry Beckwith’s points about human behavior to support your ideas. Additionally you will certainly make use of your own life and experiences, positive and negative, to explain why this particular trait is so important to the success of our current way of life. In this essay, demonstrate that you are using your skills as a critical reader, thinker and writer. All source material that you use must be documented using MLA documentation style and be included on a Works Cited page.
Write an essay of at least 800 words arguing which one of the traits shown you believe to be most vital to an individual living in our current society

Wilminton University Return on Investment Discussion

Wilminton University Return on Investment Discussion.

Discussion Based upon the recommendations you plan to make for your week six written assignment, use this spreadsheet to create a financial case for your recommendations. In your posting, describe your recommendations and attach the return on investment spreadsheet with your costs and benefits. The following resources may help you:This video explains calculating return on investment, which is critically important before choosing specific IT initiatives.:Return on investment (Links to an external site.)Article: Return on investment (Links to an external site.) explains return on investment.In your responses to other students, comment on the viability of their financial cases and offer suggestions to revise the financial cases. Students will be updating the financial case for the week seven written strategy.
Wilminton University Return on Investment Discussion