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FIN 501 Trident Module 1 Present Value and Risk and Return Trade Off Discussion

FIN 501 Trident Module 1 Present Value and Risk and Return Trade Off Discussion.

Module 1 – CasePRESENT VALUE AND THE RISK/RETURN TRADE-OFFAssignment OverviewFor this assignment, make sure to first carefully review all of the required readings about present value, future value, risk and return, and the CAPM. Once you are relatively comfortable with these concepts, try working through some of the examples in the background readings and try computing the answers on your own. Once you are confident you both understand the concepts and the computational steps, complete the assignment below.Case AssignmentPresent your answers to the problem below in a Word document, and also upload an Excel file with your computations. Excel is required for Questions 2 and 3. Excel is optional for Questions 1 and 4, but you are required to show your steps for all quantitative problems. Even if you get the answer wrong, you can still get partial credit if you show your work.Calculate the following:Suppose you wish to raise some money for your favorite local charity. This charity needs $50,000 a year to run its operation and you want to make sure that it is ensured an annual payment of this amount from now on for every year in the foreseeable future. Given an interest rate of 5%, how much would you have to fund this perpetuity to guarantee the charity a payment of $50,000 per year?You decide to put $1,000 in a new bank account and don’t plan to withdraw the money for 10 years. If your bank does continuous compounding and the interest rate is 1%, what will be the value of this bank account in 10 years?Suppose you won the lottery but not all of your winnings will come in one year. Instead, you will get a series of annual payments over the next five years. The table below tells you what your payment will be every year for the next five years. Use the information in the table to make the following computations:The present and future value of your lottery ticket if the interest rate is 8%The present and future value of your lottery ticket if the interest rate is 10%YearPayment1500026000370004800059000The table below gives the probability of different returns for three different assets. Using this table, calculate the following:The expected return of each assetThe standard deviation of returns of each assetThe coefficient of variation of each assetBased on your answers to B) and C) above, which asset has the highest total risk and highest relative risk?Asset AAsset BAsset CProbabilityReturnProbabilityReturnProbabilityReturn0.350.1250.140.480.3200.850.390.5150.160.114Suppose the market return is 8%, the risk-free rate is 1% and the beta for a given stock is 1.2. Answer the following questions based on this information:What is the required return for this stock?If the beta increases by 50% (but risk-free rate remains 1%), what will be the new required return for the stock? What is the percentage-wise change in required return compared to your answer to A) above?If the market return increases by 50% (but beta remains at 1.2), what will be the new required return for the stock? What is the percentage-wise change in required return compared to your answer to A) above?Suppose there are three different companies. The first one, Trendy Tech Inc., has investors who are “fair-weather friends.” When the stock market is going up, everybody wants to invest in Trendy Tech, but as soon as the market goes down everyone jumps ships and sells their shares. The second company is Oily Oil Inc. Oily’s stock price seems to depend only on the price of oil and nothing else. Finally, there is Conglomerated Conglomerate Inc. Conglomerated is a giant company with holdings in almost every industry imaginable—from cell phones to grocery stores and even amusement parks. Based on this information, which company would you think has the highest beta? The lowest beta? Which one do you think has a beta closest to 1?Assignment ExpectationsAnswer the assignment questions directly.Stay focused on the precise assignment questions. Do not go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials.For computational problems, make sure to show your work and explain your steps.Module 1 – BackgroundPRESENT VALUE AND THE RISK/RETURN TRADE-OFFTo begin the module, start off with a video explaining time value of money:Clifford, J. (2014, November 8). Time value of money – macroeconomics [Video file]. Retrieved from you have finished viewing the video, read through these book chapters. In addition to reading about the basic concepts, make sure to work through some of the numerical examples as these will help you with your assignments:Vishwanath, S. (2007). Chapter 2: Time value of money. In Corporate finance: Theory and practice. SAGE Publications India. Available in the Trident Online Library.Vishwanath, S. (2007). Chapter 3: Risk and return. In Corporate finance: Theory and practice. SAGE Publications India. Available in the Trident Online Library.Finally, if you don’t have much experience with Microsoft Excel then please take a look at the following videos:Davis, J. (2013). Present value of a single amount in Excel. Retrieved from:, R. (2014). Present value of multiple cash flows in Excel. Retrieved from: (2012). Future value for a series of annual deposits. Retrieved from:
FIN 501 Trident Module 1 Present Value and Risk and Return Trade Off Discussion

SOC 118 University of California Los Angeles Gender and Power Essay.

The essay should use the readings specified to make the following argument (steps a, b, c)  about gender and power:   
a.  Generally, to do hegemonic masculinity is to do domination.  “To be seen as less masculine, is to be seen as less powerful, even feminine” (Wade & Ferree, p. 131).  
b.  Generally, “to do femininity is to do deference, and to do deference is to do femininity” (Wade & Ferree, p. 171).
c.  Further, these gender expectations are generally hegemonic: they are widely taken-for-granted among those who benefit from them and those who do not (Wade & Ferree, p. 137-8).
The essay must indicate that you understand the argument.
SOC 118 University of California Los Angeles Gender and Power Essay

Grossmont College Sociocultural Anthropology Paper

Grossmont College Sociocultural Anthropology Paper.

Please Make sure to do both parts !Please be mindful of the word-number limitations for each question; written material that exceeds those limits will not be considered as part of the grade. Also, there is no need to write up to the maximum word limit; shorter answers are thoroughly acceptable.There is no need to do any independent research; additional research will not result in a higher score/grade.There are two parts to the exam (Part One and Part Two). Be sure to answer both parts. Again, there is no need for any research outside of the course readings, and additional research will not improve the scores/grades awarded.PART ONE: Please answer the following question (3000 word limit).Use either Csordas, Ortner, Abu-Lughod, Brenner, Mahmood, Das, Robbins, or Mattingly, or some combination of them, to analyze one of these two ethnographic films: Divorce Iranian Style () or Me and the Mosque( Feel free to also use the ethnographic material to mount critiques of these authors as well. In presenting an analysis, be sure to match particular claims to evidence taken from the film, showing how the claim is supported by both the evidence and the theoretical model(s) you have chosen, or, alternately, how the critique of the theoretical claims is based on the ethnographic material.PART TWO: Please answer the following question (1,500 word limit).How does your analysis in part one differ from an analysis you might have given using either Levi-Straus/Sahlins, Douglas, Turner, or Geertz? What are the comparable strengths and weaknesses of these two analyses?
Grossmont College Sociocultural Anthropology Paper

Law homework help

help me with my homework Law homework help. Ecological and Evolutionary Analysis of COVID-19. Write a paper, about five pages not including references, applying concepts from our course (Field Biology(book- Introduction to biological diversity, ecology, and evolutionary biology)) to an understanding of COVID-19.,Ecological and Evolutionary Analysis of COVID-19,Write a paper, about five pages not including references, applying concepts from our course (Field Biology(book- Introduction to biological diversity, ecology, and evolutionary biology)) to an understanding of COVID-19. Your goal is to explain in your own words how the methods and concepts we are learning in this course are applicable to an understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic.,Read as much as you can in the news and online about the ongoing COVID-19 ,pandemic,. Review all of our course content (including what we have not yet covered together) and think about how it is relevant. Use the Bb Discussion forum I have established for this project to share and discuss your ideas and get feedback. Outline your ideas as a formal outline so that the final paper will be organized and logical. Write the final paper using the posted APA style guide, with the following exceptions:, Firstly, No Title page.,Secondly, No Abstract.,Thirdly, No quotations. I want your original ideas in your own words.,Requirements;,The paper must be written entirely in your own words without borrowing from any source (even if enclosed in quotation marks) and without input or collaboration of any kind with any other individual (in our class or not) except on the Bb forum as just described. Any violation of these principles will be a violation of the university academic integrity policy subject to serious sanctions. Your paper will be checked for originality with SafeAssign.,Upload your finished paper to the appropriate Bb Assignment as a MS Word document and check the checkbox for “Plagiarism Tools I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database”. I’m expecting five pages but will accept up to six. There is no minimum page number, but I think it will take about five pages to do a good job. Remember that your goal is to, show your understanding of our course content and explain how it applies to an understanding of COVID-19. Don’t fill your paper with background information on COVID-19, using only what serves that goal directly.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Law homework help

Innovation in Unichem Pharmacy

My report is based on innovation aspects. Firstly, I had mentioned the concept of innovations. I had worked upon the forms and types of innovations. The External and Internal factors which are helpful in foster innovations. I had also done a development of the future innovation strategy using those factors. And I used all these factors in Unichem pharmacy. Unichem Pharmacy is a major player Pharmaceutical industry in New Zealand. It has more than 250 pharmacies in the various areas of the New Zealand. Unichem Pharmacy is running under Green Cross Health Limited. The Green Cross symbol is our trust mark for the society to find better health and care. THE MARKET Unichem is under pharmaceutical industry develops, produces and markets drugs for the use medications. The Pharmaceuticals industry in New Zealand is having a great share in the world as they are Exporting to over 35 countries, for over 40 years, they pride on supplying high quality products and service that are right first time to the market. COMPETITION: We will find competitors in every type of business. So there are also competitors of the pharmacy like Life pharmacy and other local pharmacies. But Life pharmacy is the main competitor which giving most of the facilities in there pharmacy. Life Pharmacy Auckland City Pharmacy Unichem Pharmacy Products Medicines ,Beauty Products, Skin Care Medicines, Beauty products Medicines , Beauty Products, Skin Care, Baby Products Price Premium Premium Premium Distribution Stores

International Assignees to High Risk Places Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Should Firms Venture into Risky Areas What Employers Should Do if Employees Are Kidnapped Protection to International Assignees Workplace Support for Employees Introduction Multinational companies especially those dealing with natural resources are often compelled to operate in several places of the world. It is vital to note that the inputs needed by firms can sometimes be found in very interior places and in countries far from the host country. Unfortunately, in places where the minerals and other vital resources are found abundantly criminal groups have sprung up. In some places, these groups are well organized and have taken control of the resources as their main income earning activity. Consequently, these areas become highly risky to operate in especially for big companies which are known to be financially stable. Should Firms Venture into Risky Areas Usually, multinational firms find themselves in situations where they have to choose whether to invest in some areas or not. Terramundo Drilling incorporation chose to involve itself in drilling of diamond in Columbia an area known to be under the control of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC). It should be noted that it is upon any firm to ensure that enough care is taken regarding the security of a place to invest. Investing in a place where kidnapping is the order of the day is not such a good idea. To begin with, the amount of money that can be requested by the kidnappers may sometimes be too high for the firm thus leading to increase min operational costs. Terramundo did not make a wise decision to invest in a place where they knew exactly what to expect. Additionally, it is quite impossible to determine what the kidnappers may demand when they hold somebody hostage. Therefore, Terramundo would not purport to have done research and thus new with certainty the turn of events. On the same note, there is a possibility of people being killed when the deal with kidnapers goes wrong. Consequently, investing in a place with a lot of kidnapping and guerilla activities is certainly not a good decision. What Employers Should Do if Employees Are Kidnapped Kidnappers are in their business solely for money. They therefore will not hesitate to hold hostage anybody from whom they will be assured of high sum of money. Consequently, when an employee has been kidnapped management should ensure that they seek for services of experts. Similarly, high ranking managers are highly discouraged from involving themselves directly in negotiations with the kidnappers. In this regard, Reinhart did not act wisely by personally taking the ransom to the kidnappers. It is understandable that any employer should be concerned with the welfare of his or her employees. However, Reinhart presenting himself to the kidnappers was wrong because kidnappers are always concerned with how they can increase their bargaining power. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reinhart would have chosen to involve the services of a professional who has information on how to deal with kidnappers. Similarly, he would have used different modes of communication to negotiate with the kidnappers and then send a different person to deliver the ransom. He would have also involved the police who would have known what to do. However, it has been rumored that involving the police reduces the chances of the captive making it alive. Protection to International Assignees It is upon international firms especially those operating in risky areas to protect their employee against any perceived danger. It is quite difficult for any firm to accurately guess the amount of money that will be enough to cover for ransoms and keep it a side. Fortunately, insurance firms have come up with a kidnap and ransom insurance coverage. These type of insurance covers the employee incase the kidnappers ask for any amount of ransom. On the same note, the insurance firm has expatriates in negotiations who handle the issue. On the other hand, firms operating in risky areas need to train their employees on how to handle themselves in those areas. Human resource management should put in place programs designed to educate their international assignees on how to adjust to the cultural and political climate of their host countries. Additionally, the employees should be informed on the expected behavior incase they are kidnapped. On the same note, the employees need to be aware of the duration it can take to secure their freedom and the measure the company will take in the event when there is a kidnap. Workplace Support for Employees Gone are the days when only foreigners used to be victims of kidnaps. Nowadays, even the locals are targeted by kidnappers provided they work for a reputable firm. Therefore both home-country and host-country employees should be accorded the same kind of support regarding their safety. It is important to note that life is life and whether it is a foreigner or a local kidnapped they both face the same risk. Though many people will argue that foreigners are highly susceptible because they are thought to be rich, it is also quite easy to know a local who is earning more. As shown from the Reinhart case, the majority of people kidnapped were mainly locals.