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FIN 501 Trident International MOD4 Leverage Capital Structure & Dividend Policy HW

FIN 501 Trident International MOD4 Leverage Capital Structure & Dividend Policy HW.

Module 4 – CaseLEVERAGE, CAPITAL STRUCTURE, AND DIVIDEND POLICYAssignment OverviewBefore starting on this assignment, make sure to carefully review the background readings. Part A requires you to make some computations, and Part B requires you to analyze some scenarios using your knowledge of the concepts. So make sure to go through the computational examples in the required readings and also thoroughly review the key concepts before starting on this assignment.Case AssignmentPart A: Quantitative ProblemsSuppose QuickCharge Corporation manufactures phone chargers. They sell their chargers for $20. Their fixed operating costs are $100,000 and their variable operating costs are $10 per charger. Currently they are selling 30,000 chargers per year.What is QuickCharge’s EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) at current sales of 30,000?What is QuickCharge’s breakeven point?Calculate the EBIT if QuickCharge’s sales increase 50% to 45,000 chargers. What is the percent of change in EBIT under this increase in sales? Also, calculate the EBIT if the company’s sales decrease 50% to 15,000 chargers. What is the percent of change in EBIT under this decrease in sales?What is QuickCharge’s degree of operating leverage? Based on your computation, what does its operating leverage say about QuickCharge’s business risk?The StayDry Umbrella Corporation will have an EBIT of $100,000 if there is a normal amount of rain this year. But if there is a drought, they will have an EBIT of only $50,000. The interest rate on debt is 10%, and the tax rate is 35%. The company does not pay any preferred dividends.If StayDry has zero debt and 50,000 outstanding shares, what will its EPS (earnings per share) be if there is normal rain? What will its EPS be if there is a drought? What is its DFL (degree of financial leverage)?Now suppose StayDry has decided to take on $300,000 in debt and has used these funds to buy back half of the outstanding shares so now there are only 25,000 outstanding shares. What is the new EPS and DFL for both normal rain and drought?Based on your answers to a) and b) above, what are the trade-offs management has to make between zero debt or $300,000 in debt? What are the benefits and disadvantages of taking on this debt?Part B: Conceptual QuestionsFor each of the following scenarios, explain whether the situation describes financial risk or business risk. Explain your answers to each scenario using at least one of the references from the background readings:A pharmaceutical company has developed a new cancer treatment drug that has a much higher success rate than other drugs currently in the market. It has the potential to triple the company’s profits. However, the FDA has expressed concern about some side effects, and it is not clear if the FDA will approve the drug.An airline has an EBIT of $100 million per year. However, it also has a huge amount of debt and pays $97 million per year in interest. Its EBIT is relatively stable but tends to go up or down by $5 million or so each year depending on the economy.A basketball franchise earns an EBIT of $50 million a year when its team has a winning year. However, it earns only $10 million when its team has a losing year.Explain what capital structure theory (or theories) best describes the following situations. Make sure to cite at least one of the required textbook chapters for each answer, and to cite at least two references for this section:A CEO decides to borrow $50,000 in new debt, and the share prices rise dramatically. He then decides to sell half of his own personal shares, and when this is reported in the Wall Street Journal, the share prices drop dramatically in value.The corporate tax rate rises from 35% to 45%, and the XYZ Corporation decides to issue more debt. A year later, bankruptcy laws are changed to become much stricter and costlier. XYZ then decides to pay back half of its debt.A CEO named Joe Bigwig is known for living large with very expensive cars and a huge mansion. Joe is seeking a large loan from a bank to finance some new projects for his corporation. However, the bank becomes concerned when they find out that he recently used company funds to buy a brand-new company jet and also schedules numerous business trips to Hawaii and stays in five-star hotels. The bank tells Joe he will receive the loan only if he agrees to scale back on his personal expenses and not give himself or any other executives a raise until the loan is paid back.Assignment ExpectationsAnswer the assignment questions directly.Stay focused on the precise assignment questions. Do not go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials.For computational problems, make sure to show your work and explain your steps.For short answer/short essay questions, make sure to reference your sources of information with both a bibliography and in-text citations. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper, including pages 11-14 on in-text citations. Another resource is the “Writing Style Guide,” which is found under “My Resources” in the TLC Portal.Required ReadingPlease read through the following book chapters. Pay special attention to the concepts of operating leverage, financial leverage, business vs. financial risks, and the major theories of capital structure choices.Vishwanath, S. (2007). Chapter 19: Optimal capital structure. Corporate finance: Theory and practice. SAGE Publications India. Available in the Trident Online Library.Finally, take a look at the following book chapter on dividend policy. Take a close look at the concepts of regular dividend policy and low-regular-and-extra dividend policy, as well as stock splits and stock repurchases:Clive, M. (2012). Chapter 15: Dividend policy. Financial management for non-financial managers. Kogan Page. Available in the Trident Online Library.
FIN 501 Trident International MOD4 Leverage Capital Structure & Dividend Policy HW

Instructions: After your initial review of the operations and safety data sheets (SDS), you have determined the sampling you. Instructions: After your initial review of the operations and safety data sheets (SDS), you have determined the sampling you want to perform at Acme Automotive Parts (AAP). The table below lists hazards you want to sample and the sampling/analytical methods you decide to use. You can access the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) methods at and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) methods at Hazard Possible Method Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) Manganese Fume (Welding) NIOSH 7302 5 mg/m3 (OSHA Ceiling) Copper Fume (Welding) NIOSH 7302 0.1 mg/m3 (OSHA 8-hour TWA) Lead Fume (Welding) NIOSH 7302 0.05 mg/m3 (OSHA 8-hour TWA) 1,2,4 trimethylbenzene (Paint) OSHA 1020 25 ppm (ACGIH 8-hour TWA TLV) Toluene (Paint) OSHA 111 50 ppm (ACGIH 8-hour TWA TLV) Xylene (Paint) OSHA 1002 100 ppm (OSHA 8-hour TWA) Metal Working Fluids NIOSH 5524 0.5 mg/m3 (NIOSH 10-hour TWA REL) Noise (throughout plant) None 90 dBA (OSHA 8-hour TWA) Choose one hazard from the welding area, one hazard from the paint area, and the metal working fluids, and prepare one paragraph for each hazard (three paragraphs in total) answering each of the following questions: 1) Which sampling media will you be using? 2) What flow rate will you use? 3) How will you calibrate the sampling train? 4) Calculate the minimum sampling time you will require to be able to detect concentrations at the OELs listed in the table. Show your work in calculating the sampling times. 5) Will you collect personal or area samples? Explain why. 6) Are there any compounds listed in the method that might interfere with your sample? 7) Are there any special storage or shipment requirements for your samples? Prepare one paragraph that concludes how you would evaluate noise exposures in the facility. Discuss what type of sampling instrument you would use, how you would perform calibration, whether you would use personal or area samples, and which areas at the facility you would include in the evaluation. Include two references.Instructions: After your initial review of the operations and safety data sheets (SDS), you have determined the sampling you
Roe v. Wade.

The question the Court addressed in Roe v. Wade was whether the constitutional rights of women and of developing embryos and fetuses (if they have any) require that abortion be legal during at least some portion of pregnancy. In at least three well-developed paragraphs, please answer the three following sub-questions. (Remember to cite your primary sources in Bluebook format.)Part 1. How does this question differ from the moral question, “Ought abortion to be legal during at least some portion of pregnancy?”Part 2. How do the arguments that are relevant to the first question differ from the arguments that are relevant to the second question?Part 3. Is there anything in Judge Blackmun’s opinion that is relevant to the second question?(NOTE: This question does NOT seek any personal or political information. It asks you to provide a legal analysis. Please read it carefully.)
Roe v. Wade

Performance Management Systems Of Muslim Commercial Banks Commerce Essay

It is one of the fact that organizations with excellence in performance can survive alone in the highly competitive global market conditions. An exceptional system can be maintained by a highly motivated Human Resource with the state of art equipment. A motivational force is enough to drive and inspire the employees to do wonders for the organization. Without active role of HR of the organization, it is impossible to compete in the present fast changing business world. So, human resource only create the distinction when properly trained, developed suitably motivated through intrinsic and extrinsic compensation rewards system. This research study will be derived from performance management system with particular reference to applicability of the system to Pakistan banking industry. Main thing is that it focuses on activities of PMS like manpower planning, rewards

Breast Cancer Treatment Essay

online dissertation writing “Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body” (Carlson et al., 2009). Cancerous cells are also referred to as malignant cells. “Cells act as the building blocks of organisms” (Carlson et al., 2009). Under normal circumstances, cells will undergo cell division depending on the body’s needs, and then die once their function ends. In addition, malignant cells divide very fast and sometimes fail to die. Cancer develops in different tissues and organs of the body. Cancerous cells have the characteristic of spreading from their source to other parts of the body (invasive). Cancerous cells that remain at their source are said to be noninvasive. The breast is one common organ that cancer affects. Breast cancer occurs in two main categories (Carlson, et al., 2009). Ductal malignancy: this is the most common type of cancer. This type of breast cancer manifests itself in the tubes/ducts which form the channel for transporting milk from the breast to the nipple. “Lobular carcinoma: this type of cancer usually begins in the milk producing regions of the breast (lobules)” (Breast cancer, 2011). Rarely does cancer develop from other parts of the breast. “Breast cancer is known to occur in invasive or noninvasive form” (Breast cancer 2011). Thus, cancerous cells in the breast may metastasize to other parts of the breast from their source. The prevalence and causes of cancer vary. “Cancer biologists have discovered that most breast carcinomas are sensitive to the hormone estrogen” (Breast cancer, 2011). The hormone causes the cancerous cells to grow. The breast cancer cells that respond to estrogen have estrogen receptors on their surfaces (Breast cancer, 2011). Cancer biologists refer to these estrogen receptor possessing breast cancer cells as receptor-positive/EP-positive cancer cells. Scientists have discovered a certain gene called HER2 that helps breast cancer cells to multiply and repair themselves. It has also been noted that women with this type of gene have a severe breast cancer than their female counterparts who lack it. In addition, HER2 bearers have a higher risk of breast cancer reoccurrence. Generally, chances of developing cancer increase with age. The older one becomes, the higher the risk. Women above 50 years have advanced breast cancer cases. Women are twice more likely to develop breast cancer than men. Family history plays a central role in dictating the chances of someone developing breast cancer. Persons whose close relatives had ovarian, uterine, breast or colon cancer are at a high-risk of developing breast cancer. Scientists have also discovered that women who experience very early periods (before the age of 12), and those who continue to experience periods through menopause (after age 55) have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Moreover, excessive alcohol (for adults) and radiation therapy around the chest area in children present a risk of developing breast cancer. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Women who have received hormone replacement therapy with estrogen and those that used diethylstilbestrol (DES) are at a higher risk. Child birth has also been found to have an effect on breast cancer. Bearing several children and at an early age, reduces the risk. On the other hand, women who bear children after the age of 30 or those who do not bear children at all poses a great risk of developing breast cancer (Giuliano et al. 2011). Breast cancer at an early stage does not present any symptoms (Hayes, 2007). That is why experts encourage women to go for regular checkups. However, after it has progressed it may present the following symptoms. A hard lump in the breast or armpit that does not induce pain is an indicator of breast cancer. The lump has uneven edges. Change in the appearance (size and shape) of the nipple may be another indicator. The nipple may show some reddening, dimpling or puckering. The nipple may also produce a discharge. The fluid could be bloody, clear, and yellow or appear like pus. “Symptoms of advanced breast cancer are bone pain, breast pain and discomfort, skin ulcers, weight loss and swelling of one arm next to the breast with cancer” (Breast cancer, 2011). The treatment of cancer depends on the type, stage, sensitivity to certain hormones or whether the cancer over expresses HER2/neu gene (Carlson et al., 2009). Doctors usually conduct certain tests before deciding the type of treatment to give. Such tests include breast MRI, biopsy, ultrasound, mammography, sentinel lymph node biopsy or CT/PET scans. Three options may be employed. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy (to kill cancer cells) and surgery to remove the cancerous tissue (could be lumpectomy or mastectomy). Hormone therapy may be prescribed to women with ER positive breast cancer to inhibit certain hormones that cause uncontrolled cell division. Newer strategies include biologic/targeted therapy and immunotherapy (Carlson et al., 2009). “In targeted therapy, anticancer drugs are used to recognize and inhibit certain changes in cells that may lead to cancer” (Breast cancer, 2009). Immunotherapy utilizes activated immune system cells to treat cancer cells. More research is being carried out to shade more light on the use of immunotherapy. References Breast Cancer (2009). Breast Cancer. Web. Breast Cancer (2011). Breast Cancer. Web. We will write a custom Essay on Breast Cancer Treatment specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Carlson, R. et al. (2009). Breast Cancer: Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology. Journal of Comprehensive Cancer Network, 7(2), 122-92. Giuliano, A. et al. (2011). Axillary Dissection vs no Axillary Dissection in Women with Invasive Breast Cancer and Sentinel Node Metastasis: A Randomized Controll Trial. Journal of the American Association (JAMA), 305(6), 569-75. Hayes, D. (2007). Clinical Practice: Folow-up of Patients with Early Breast Cancer. The New England Journal of Medicine, 356(24), 2505-13.

Purdue University Introduction to Logistics Senco Electronics Company Case Study

Purdue University Introduction to Logistics Senco Electronics Company Case Study.

This first case study is Case 3.1 Senco Electronics Company (p. 80). This case study explains the supply chain distribution channels and provides one option to transport goods by ocean and another one by air. You are to read this case study and answer all four questions. It is expected that you use the calculations and strategies located within your textbook when answering these questions. It is also expected that you properly conduct research to add an additional dimension on top of your textbook readings to properly answer each of these questions.This is a Principles of Logistics course. Information needs to reveolve around the subject of logistiocs. Need to complete the above case study and answer the four questions in APA style format. Will provide access to the online book. The Case study information is covered in chapter 1 and chapter 3. Need to be complete by 11/01/2020 11:59PM.
Purdue University Introduction to Logistics Senco Electronics Company Case Study

GCU ELM 360 Field Experience B: Science Lesson – Technology

GCU ELM 360 Field Experience B: Science Lesson – Technology. I don’t know how to handle this Science question and need guidance.

Part 1
Spend 5 hours to complete this field experience.
Observe and assist with teaching a minimum of four lessons, two science and two health/PE/nutrition (an integrated health and science lesson may count for either requirement), led by certified 1-8 grade teachers. If possible, observe more than one classroom/teacher. Observe additional science and health lessons as needed, to reach the 5 hours. Take note of the technology used by the teacher to enhance instruction, as well as the technology used by students to enhance learning.
Part 2
Write a 250-500 word reflection of one of the lessons you observed and assisted with, describing the following:

The use of technology by the teacher to enhance instruction of science/health content.
The use of technology by the students to enhance learning of science/health content.
How you assisted with the lesson, and a reflection on your performance.
How you might revise the delivery of the lesson in relation to integrating technology.

GCU ELM 360 Field Experience B: Science Lesson – Technology

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