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HIV/AIDS has been a current planetary issue in the intelligence since the find of the disease in the late 1970’s to now in 2013. Over three decennaries of new developments such as medicines. interventions. and diagnosed instances exist. Contending the planetary AIDS epidemic is still every bit much of a challenge today as it was yesterday. In the beginning. HIV/AIDS diagnosing was fundamentally a decease sentence. but since so 1000000s of dollars have been spent on researching the cause and consequence of the disease every bit good as intervention options available ( Investing daily. 2013 ) . I will explicate a macro-level intercession that might turn to the issue of AIDS epidemic. Then I will discourse the benefit of holding a psychologist involved. Last. I will depict a bottom-up. middle-out. and top-down alteration scheme a psychologist might utilize and explicate how he or she might utilize it. There are many who are non cognizant of their HIV/AIDS position and one macro-level intercession that might turn to that issue could be compulsory proving as a portion of annually physical tests.

Of class annually physical tests must foremost be compulsory for everyone if this intercession is to be effectual. In add-on to compulsory testing. informational informations on forestalling the spread and take downing the hazard of HIV/AIDS should be made available to everyone. The benefit of holding a psychologist involved in such an epidemic as HIV/AIDS is rather simple. The psychologist can help in the behavioural alteration that could assist with forestalling the spread of the disease by educating on a planetary graduated table. For illustration. there is a planetary HIV Prevention Working Group ( PWG ) that the psychologist can fall in and offer thoughts as a portion of this coaction among several other professionals. Reports from the PWG focal point specifically on behavioural HIV bar. Wider bringing of effectual behavior alteration schemes is cardinal to change by reversaling the planetary HIV epidemic and forestalling the spread of the disease itself. “Psychologists who seek to accomplish macro-level alteration may utilize a mixture of top– down. bottom– up. and middle–out strategies” ( Stevens & A ; Gielen. 2007 ) . Bottom- up scheme is used to psychologically act upon people by utilizing informed methods while accomplishing desired intercession results.

A bottom-up alteration scheme that a psychologist might utilize in assisting with the HIV/AIDS epidemic could be advancing the usage of compulsory HIV/AIDS testing. This could be done by explicating to the people the importance of cognizing their HIV/AIDS position in order to assist cut down the spread of the virus. “Middle-out schemes attempt to act upon mid-level leaders. who in bend influence both leaders above them and their public constituencies” ( Stevens & A ; Gielen. 2007 ) . A middle-out alteration scheme that a psychologist may utilize to assist in the assistance of HIV/AIDS epidemic is to work together with other professional experts. particularly those who are superior. and assist act upon his/her sentiment upon them. If the psychologist. being a mid-level leader. can somehow act upon his/her professional sentiment upon those who are in superior places ( higher-level leaders ) . a societal alteration in behaviour may take topographic point making a decrease in the rise of HIV/AIDS. Top-down scheme can be used by the psychologist to act upon subnational. national. regional. or international governments. pressing them to implement psychologically informed policies and plans. For illustration. the psychologist can somehow carry the authorities to do a policy with the compulsory testing of HIV/AIDS for everyone by reasoning that it would assist diminish the spread of the disease itself.


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