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Fight Homelessness

(The topic is fighting homelessness)Using APA format, locate 10 sources that you will use to develop and support your persuasive speech. Include your own evaluation of each source and include details for how you will utilize the source in your persuasive speech. Your annotated bibliography should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document via this assignment link.

Numeracy and numeracy learner

Numeracy and numeracy learner.

This report will show how you take into consideration learners’ individual needs when planning a numeracy session. You will use a session plan from your Professional Practice placement or workplace. Include the session plan and resources as an appendix of your report. The elements of the session that you will justify in your report will include:

• How you have used maths/numeracy in context to assist in meeting the needs of your learners ( electrician learners)

• Why putting the maths/numeracy in context is important

• How you have analysed the skills needed for this particular context

• How you have catered for different ability levels in your session plan and preparation of resources

• How you have catered for individual needs and created opportunities for reflecting diversity • How you have liaised with others to inform your planning 

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