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Mister Boss with his midlife spread and family photo on his desk and his dreams about early retirement and winters spent at a trailer-park hookup in some Arizona desert” (96). The narrator, as he is moving along on McNally 3 his journey in the storybook, realizes that dreams like his boss’s do not fulfill him and they are not necessarily the same dreams and aspirations he now seeks. Just like when the narrator blows up his apartment to separate himself from the Ikea lifestyle that he loathes, Tthe narrator rejects his boss as a father figure when he starts to continually find the copies of the Fight Club documents in the copier.

The reason the narrator might have kept leaving the papers in the copying machine was that Tyler was in control of the narrator and purposely left them there, hoping that his boss would find them. and thatThis would was intended to anger the narrator to the point where he would reject his boss as a father figure and embrace Tyler as his new role model, and . j ust like when the Tyler side of the narrator blows up the narrator’s apartment to separate him from the Ikea lifestyle that he loathes, Tyler acting through the narrator blows up his boss, destroying his latest father figure, and causing him to turn to Tyler for fatherly guidance.

The next father figure the narrator looks up to is a stark contrast to his boss and quite possibly could be representative of what he feels a father should be like. In Tyler, the narrator finds someone he can look up to, someone who he sees as everything a man his age should be. He begins to obsess over Tyler, wanting to impress him, wanting to look worthy in his eyes. hHe even carries around the evidence of his human sacrifices, in hoping Tyler will be impressed when he sees them, “In case I find him, the driver’s licenses of my twelve human sacrifices are in my pocket” (156).

Tyler to him is the alpha male, the perfect embodiment of what a man should be, and through this the narrator sees that Tyler is what he thinks a father should be. The narrator also becomes attached to Tyler as a father because it seems to him for the first time in his life someone accepts him for who he is. and thatThis gives him strength because all his life he has been rejected or felt unwanted by the father figures in his life. The novel also makes us consider the fact that McNally 4 the reason Tyler may be considered a great father figure is that he is not a real person, but in fact a creation of the narrator.

Therefore, it is entirely possible to believe that Tyler is who he is because the narrator took the traits he felt necessary to create the perfect have for a good role model and instilled them in his creation of Tyler. While Tyler may have been what he felt was the ultimate model for what he felt would be a great father,. Hhe was a strong person, who taught the narrator things, and was an authority figure to him, but also a friend. Despite all of that, Tyler still did the one thing that caused the narrator to hate his true father, and that was the fact that he abandoned him in his time of need.

Even though tThe reason why Tyler left was that the narrator was finally able to sleep and not have the insomnia that caused Tyler to appear in the first place;. Still, Tyler’s leaving still caused the narrator to lose faith in his newest father figure, and since he like other men in America thought of his father figures as models for God, he begins to slowly lose faith in God as well. The abandonment by their fathers has led other men like the narrator to seek out alternativeother father figures, however when these figures also abandoned them they alsotoo feelt as if God hads abandoned and forgotten about them.

In society today, many people feel a sort of disassociation with church and religion itself. Palahniuk seems to believe that one of the causes of this disassociation is the fact that many people in today’s society were raised by single parents and were probably abandoned by the other parent at some point in their childhood. This fact is seen by Palahniuk to be very prevalent in males whose fathers left their mothers while they were young. In the novel, Palahniuk expresses this belief through the mechanic that picks up the narrator one day at his office.

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