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Field exercise

Field exercise.

The two articles will help you answer the field exercise. use Walmart as a company – a lot of article are available onlineAlso, this exercise needs to be submitted via TURNITIN so it needs to be original.At Northeastern University we focus on applied learning. In that spirit, each Week of MGSC 6204 affords you with a hands-on learning experience where you have an opportunity to apply your work on that Week’s reading and case study to your own organization. Attached you will find a learning guide and the template for the Week 1 Field Exercise.Use the template to complete your exercise.
Field exercise

2 question. I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Read all four of the articles in Module 2 (well, 3 articles and Influencer doc) and write ~250 words analyzing whichever one interested you the most.

1) “Dopamine Fasting” (Links to an external site.)
2) Gen Z & Tik-Tok (Links to an external site.)
3) Tik-Tok Confessions

part 2:
Ok, we’re going to do a modified version of that no cell phone assignment you read about. I don’t want to take your phones like that professor did (that seems creepy and weird) so I’ll just have to trust you.
Go 4 straight hours without any media-phone, TV, laptop, etc. Leave your house/dorm by yourself. Either go somewhere you’ve never been or pay attention to a place (the squirrels on campus, the font and colors in the Hub) that you are always in but never give regard to. Give me 500 words on your experiences.
Again, I’m trusting you. There’s no way for me to know if you don’t do this and just bullshit 500 words. However, you should think about your relationship with your phone if you’re so addicted you have to lie to a nice person like me:)
2 question

write a research paper: how does age affects international students career outcomes.

EDUC 1150Research Paper Outline (WORTH 20%)Academic research and writing are amongst the most challenging and important tasks faced by post-secondary students. The ability to locate quality research and discern and clearly communicate the value of that research to others is a distinguishing feature of the truly educated, critical thinker. While many students think their research and writing abilities are strong, the standards in post-secondary are often very different than those required in high school or the workplace. Moreover, no matter who you are (elementary school student to university professor) and no matter what your current abilities, your writing and analytical skills can always be improved.The purpose of this assignment is to:1) explore an issue of relevance to contemporary higher education in depth,2) learn how to analyze and assess the merits of ideas in scholarly papers and other forms of research (e.g., government or business reports; scholarly books),3) learn to cite and acknowledge the scholarly sources on which your analyses are grounded appropriately using APA format and,4) introduce you to standards of post-secondary scholarly work by presenting logical, well-structured analyses in a concise research paper outline format.Requirements:This assignment is independent. However, it will be done in conjunction with your group project.1. Find at least 2 peer-reviewed academic sources that pertain to your specific “group research question”.2. Prepare a research paper outline and reference list in APA style. Length: 1 -1.5 page double-spaced (12 font, Times, Times New Roman, or Arial) plus 1-page reference list.How to Develop A Research Paper OutlineFor this assignment your task is to find a topic that is:“debatable” (i.e., has at least 2 different views on it); AND“researchable” (i.e., you will be able to find articles on it in one or more academic disciplines).THUS: A paper outline that discussed the physical, emotional, and mental effects of marijuana would not meet the first criteria as it would be descriptive only, with little to debate. A paper outline that discussed whether hockey players who are found to have used steroid should be removed from the NHL Hall of Fame would not meet the second criteria, as there is no academic literature on this topic.IN ADDITION: Ensure you avoid ethical (“should”) questions such as “should abortion be legal/illegal? Should stem cell research be legal?, etc” for three reasons:To be effective in an academic sense, such arguments require the use of sophisticated philosophical concepts and arguments.There tends to be little scholarly peer-reviewed academic literature on these kinds of topics.People tend to pick these topics because they hold strong views on them and as a consequence resort to making arguments based on emotion rather than logic. Such arguments are not appropriate in academic contexts.Outline:Using the following format, provide a hard copy of your thesis statement, outline, and reference list. The outline should be in point form OR short sentences EXCEPT your Introduction and thesis statement (which must be written out in proper sentence format).Title Page (on a separate page)Introduction:Research Statement: (2-3 paragraphs)Provide a thesis statement, which is one sentence that summarizes the argument of your paper. This statement must include both the PRO (thesis statement) and CON (counter point) sides of your research question.An example: For the research question How does social media impact student learning? could write the following research statement:“Some educational experts claim that social media use can improve university students’ grades (your thesis statement-how you plan to argue the question) while others claim that it is related to lower grades” (con-counter-point-a relevant point that does not support your thesis statement, but one that needs to be addressed for a well-rounded argument).Summary of Argument (point form)Supporting source for “pro” side of topic (point-form)Include brief summary of the sourceInclude analysis of the source. Is it sufficient, relevant, representative? Do the conclusions add up? Note: If the source doesn’t answer your research question directly, explain what information it does provide that is relevant to your question.Opposing source for “con” side of topic”. (point-form)Include brief summary of the sourceInclude analysis of the source. Is it sufficient, relevant, representative? Do the conclusions add up? Note: If the source doesn’t answer your research question directly, explain what information it does provide that is relevant to your question.References: (On a separate page)Reference List in proper APA format (a minimum of 2 scholarly sources*)Conclusion. (point form)Briefly sum up your sources and how each contributes to your research question.Draw a conclusion based on your evaluation of the sources and their answers to your research question (i.e., take a stance).Present a thesis statement based on your conclusion (see Resource Links below).Submission: Hand in a hard copy of your assignment (see Requirements above) at the start of class on the due date and submit electronic links of your articles to moodle titled “Contemporary Views: Scholarly Sources”.Resource Links:KPU Library link for general help in academic writing (thesis statements, citations, writing papers, avoiding plagiarism etc.): on how to write a thesis statement and research paper components: *** 1150: Research Paper Outline Feedback SheetName__________________ Mark________/15CriteriaNeeds WorkSatisfactoryExceptionalIntro & ThesisThe thesis is not clear and the reader has to read several points/statements into the outline to determine the main point.The thesis is present in the introduction but the writer’s position is only partially described.The writer provides a clearly articulated position in the introduction.Supporting sectionsThere is often more than one theme per section and a connection to the thesis is missing.There is generally one theme per section but some of the supporting claims seem to wander from the thesis.There is one theme per section and the writer offers a clear and convincing connection between all claims and the thesis.Counter-ArgumentThere is no evidence that the writer is aware of a counter-argument OR counter-argument is brought up but not addressed.The writer addresses counter-argument, but does not address it fully.Counter argument is not only well-articulated, but thoroughly addressed (i.e., explained & rebutted)ConclusionConclusion may not be clear and connections to the thesis and research are incorrect or unclear, or just a repetition of the findings without explanation.Conclusion is clearly stated and connections to the thesis and research are mostly clear: some aspects may not be logically connected.Conclusion is clearly stated and connections to the thesis and research are clear, relevant, and convincing.Organization/Logic/ClarityOutline is poorly organized and difficult to read – does not flow logically from one part to the next. Technical terms may not be defined or are poorly defined.Outline is generally well organized and sections are easy to follow.Outline is coherently organized and the logic is easy to follow. Terms are clearly defined.Use of scholary sourcesThe writer doesn’t use scholarly source material well or the material used does not match the argument.The writer uses varied source material that supports the argument; some sources are more effective than others.The writer uses several different sources effectively; most or all sources are scholarly.APA in-text citationsThere is little evidence that the student is aware of APA style for in-text citations.In-text citations generally follow APA, but there are a few errors in citations.The in-text citations are accurate.APA ReferencesReferences page does not include scholarly sources and/or does not follow APA style.References page has scholarly sources but it is not in APA style.The references page is in APA style and the source list is scholarly and credible.
write a research paper: how does age affects international students career outcomes

Please follow carefully all the requirements and use the book in the whole essay. Mostly the book..

Henry David Thoreau, “Resistance to Civil Government” FROM THE NORTON ANTHOLOGY AMERICAN LITERATURE textbook.Researched Writing AssignmentYour essay will be based on research and may include an analytical discussion of any combination of the following:and cultural context and how these help us to understand the writer’s work.influences among writers—both in regard to other writers who influenced your writer, and influences your writer had on writers who came after them.analysis of your writer’s style and applying it to a specific work from the syllabus.your writer’s theories about literature and writing and how this can be seen in a specific work from the syllabus.critical reception of the writer’s work.You may choose to cover more than work from your writer, but you must make substantial connections between them for an integrated essay.For sources, you required to use you text book and other sourse from College library, and for any other website you choose to use, you must have at least one database or print source for a one to one ratio. For these, utilize the college library’s resources. You must have a minimum of two sources.4-6 pages, documented and formatted according to MLA standards (this means you give in-text citations which correspond to those listed on a Work Cited page)
Please follow carefully all the requirements and use the book in the whole essay. Mostly the book.

no title Essay

NO OUTSIDE SOURCES YOU NEED TO READ THE FILE THAT I HAVE ATTACHED AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN DISCUSSION FORM NOT ESSAY FORM What does Marx mean when he says that the bourgeoisie “has played a most revolutionary role in history”? Why does Marx call the proletariat a “special and essential product?” (p. 44) YOU MUST ANSWER BOTH QUESTIONS. *****PLEASE HIGHLIGHT THE QUESTIONS. ANY QUESTIONS LET ME KNOW.

Rasmussen College Communication NoJax Company Structure Essay

essay help online free Rasmussen College Communication NoJax Company Structure Essay.

CompetencyThis competency will allow you to dissect examples of workplace communication and construct solutions using communication methodology.InstructionsIn your role as NoJax’s organizational behavior consultant, you continue to focus on the area of communication. Before this company can expand into other markets, there are barriers within their communication processes that need to be addressed. To help NoJax build better-working relationships with their employees, some areas of communication will need to be changed.Use what you learned about workplace communication in this module to write a report that assesses the following areas of NoJax based on the company background document.Identify perceived barriers within the management structure that may hinder the process of communication.What are potential problems that management may have when communicating with employees?Based on the culture of the company and management backgrounds, what do you think may be obstructing communication? Support your thoughts with relevant evidence from the company background.Grading RubricFFCBA01234No PassNo PassCompetenceProficiencyMasteryNot SubmittedNo identification of barriers within structure and nothing about the process of communication.Identified barriers within structure and lack of communication process but no supporting evidence.Identified barriers and lack of process of communication but explanation is underdeveloped.Identified barriers and lack of process of communication and fully explains basic features.Not SubmittedNo identification of potential communication problems between management and employees.Identified potential communication problems between management and employees, but didn’t explain them.Identified potential communication problems between management and employees, but only partially explained them.Identified potential communication problems between management and employees, and fully explained them.Not SubmittedNo obstructions identified in communication from the culture.Identified obstructions in communication from the culture but didn’t provide supporting evidence.Identified obstructions in communication from the culture and provided some supporting evidence.Identified obstructions in communication from the culture and provided relevant supporting evidence.Not SubmittedNo obstructions identified in communication from management backgrounds.Identified some obstructions in communication from management backgrounds, but did not provide supporting evidence.Identified perceived obstructions in communication from management backgrounds, and provided some supporting evidence.Identified perceived obstructions in communication from management backgrounds, and provided relevant supporting evidence.
Rasmussen College Communication NoJax Company Structure Essay

Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem, biology homework help

Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem, biology homework help.

Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem – Newsletter with a brief presentation to the class highlighting the main issues (Due Week 5)
Review the attached Student Resource for specific details on the assignment along with the grading rubric. Brief guidance is given below but you need to review the student guide as well.
A few potentially helpful websites that have information on topics related to this presentation (economic cost of disease, cost for implementing environmental control measures, societal impact from lack of disease control, etc):
•Environmental Protection Agency:
•National Science Foundation:
•World Health Organization:
•Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
•National Institutes of Health:
•The Encyclopedia of Earth:
•The Nature Conservancy:
•UOPx Library à Library Resources à Multimedia àScience Online à Environmental Science
Prepare a Newsletter using available templates for Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Be sure to integrate information from the readings from workshops 1-5 into your presentation. Using information/sources BEYOND the reading is mandatory (including examples not found in the book). You may include recent information from newspapers, or other non-peer reviewed sources, as long as they are appropriately cited, but they should not be considered the primary source of scientific information. Topics will be assigned during class to avoid duplication with the members of the class.
Select one of the following Environmental Problems and the Ecological Impact – Individual topics will be assigned during workshop one based on this list.
1) Global Climate Change and the Impact of Rising Sea Levels
2) Global Climate Change and the Impact on Infectious Disease Distribution
3) Invasive species – you should select a specific species (animal, plant, insect, bacteria, etc.). Begin your research at:
4) Aircraft emissions (associated with jet fuels) – climate change and health effects associated with airline travel
5) Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment
6) Personal Care Products (PCPs) in Drinking Water
7) Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater (Central Valley)
8) Bisphenyl A (BPA) in Plastics
9) Hexavalent Chromium in Groundwater
10) Great Pacific Garbage Patch – or plastic garbage patches in other oceans
11) Electronic Hazardous Waste
12) Pharmaceutical pollution
13) Hazardous Waste/Superfund Site – ( has a listing of all superfund sites)
14) Coconut Plantations for Coconut Oil Production
15) International trade on endangered species
16) Deforestation – select a specific region of the world (such as Madagascar or South America)
17) Illegal dumping (specify type of dumping)
18) Other (requires instructor approval)
Address all of the following areas:
1) Introduction to the topic (what is the topic about, why is it important?). Relationship to readings from any/all workshops to your topic. Integrate course materials into your discussion.
2) Relationship to the reading, Workshops 1-5, with particular emphasis on the topics relevant to Workshops 4 and/or 5.
3) Your presentation should include a discussion of the impact on the ecosystem and a discussion of those populations most and least vulnerable to the environmental issue, as well as long-term consequences on the impacted populations (Workshop 5 reading).
4) Discuss how the environmental issue affects specific organ systems within affected animals/humans and how that disrupts normal anatomy and physiology or homeostasis of the organism (Workshop 4 reading), if relevant.
5) How or what is being done at the local/national/world level that may directly affect the topic under discussion? (This may include legislation to control some aspect of the topic or possibly, resulting international conflicts from the issue.)
6) What are the potential controversies associated with the topic?
7) Discuss societal, public health and/or economic issues that may play a role in regulating this area of biology.
8) Conclusion, including your opinion on any relevant controversies related to the topic (good or bad for society) and why.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines and the information provided in the attached student resource.

Environmental Issues and Their Impacts on the Ecosystem, biology homework help


Presentation-2. I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.

Need to prepare a Powerpoint presentation on the topic
Topic: Thoroughly discuss the pro’s and Con’s of internal and external recruiting.
Requirement: Minimum 50slides excluding cover slide and reference slide. Every slide needs to include 100 words in the Notes section. Must need at least 9 references. Need to use in-text citations. In-text citation and the references (on the reference slide) must be in APA format.

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