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Felsic Volcanic Rocks Research Paper

Felsic Volcanic Rocks Research Paper.

I’m working on a Geology project and need a reference to help me understand better.

List of 5 different annotated references The annotations are to be one paragraph
summaries of each of the articles.Individually
Assemble a list of references that you intend to use in a standard bibliographic form. These cannot just be
websites. The list must include at least five articles from the regular scientific literature—books (no more than
one other than the course text), government publications, or journal articles. These articles can be located
physically or on-line. For example, if one of your references is a U.S. Geological Survey Water Supply Paper,
you could find it in the basement of the library and check it out or, in this case, access it on-line.
Felsic Volcanic Rocks Research Paper

University of Nairobi Northwind Data Warehouse and Customer Dimension Table Project.

This Critical Thinking Assignment has two parts: creating the Northwind data warehouse and creating the Customer dimension table.Part I: Create the Northwind Data WarehouseRefer to the instructions from Module 1 for creating a database. Modify those instructions to create a database which you will name “Northwind_DW”. Once the database is created, capture a screenshot of the tree-type structure on the left side of PostgreSQL window to confirm that the database was created correctly. Submit the screenshot as part of the assignment deliverables.Part II: Create the Customer Dimension Table Using the Entity-Relationship Diagram below, construct and execute the SQL commands to create the Customer dimension table you will name “NW_Customer_DIM”. Review the SQL commands CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE. If necessary, refer to the SQL commands in the northwind.postgre.sql file, used in Module 1, for creating tables and altering tables to apply constraints.NOTE: For this assignment, assume that all of the variables and their attributes from the source OLTP Customers table will be used in the NW_Customer_DIM table. Normally, only a subset of the variables from the OLTP source are loaded into a data warehouse. Which variables from the source that should be loaded into the data warehouse are driven by business questions and business needs? Capture a screenshot of the created table and a listing of your SQL commands.
University of Nairobi Northwind Data Warehouse and Customer Dimension Table Project

Writer’s choice Essay. Paper Details:Q1) Explain and critically assess Weber’s conception of rationalization as well as its importance for understanding modern states and societies – kindly go through the attachments on how to write a strong political theory essay. – in the first paragraph, there should be an outline of the paper explain such as “in this paper I argue … ” – for sources; you can use: Max Weber, “The Rationalism of Western Culture” Max Weber, From Max Weber: Section III Sec. IV: “Politics as a Vocation.” Sec. V: “Science as a Vocation.”Sec. VII: “Class, Status, Party.” Max Weber, From Max Weber: Sec. XI: “The Social Psychology of World Religions.”Sec. VIII: “Bureaucracy.” Sec. X: “Discipline.” or any weber related scholarly source.Writer’s choice Essay

CJUS 424 CTU Constitutional Law the Exclusionary Rule in The US Discussion

CJUS 424 CTU Constitutional Law the Exclusionary Rule in The US Discussion.

Group ProjectFor this nation to be truly successful in the ongoing fight against crime, many argue that the exclusionary rule needs to be abolished. Others argue that the U.S. Supreme Court has already eroded the Fourth Amendment and the exclusionary rule significantly, and nothing more needs to be done. The task for your group is to recommend, as a group, a policy position on the subject of the exclusionary rule. Should the exclusionary rule be expanded, contracted, or should it remain in its current state?Your instructor will divide you into small groups of 4–5 people. You are to use the Small Group Discussion Board to discuss and debate the issues in this task. On the Small Group Discussion Board, using the Library, Internet, or any other available materials, complete the following: Make a post of 5–7 paragraphs discussing the exclusionary rule. What is the purpose of the exclusionary rule? Explain. Explain the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine. Why is it considered important? Currently, do you feel the exclusionary rule limits law enforcement in their ability to fight crime? If so, do you believe the current limitations to be too much? Explain. With regard to the U.S. Constitution and civil liberties, what are the arguments for and against the exclusionary rule? Explain. Do you believe the exclusionary rule should be kept as it is, kept and modifies, or gotten rid of? Explain your position.For this assignment, you need to do more than just comment on the other group members’ posts. Each group member needs to engage in a conversation with each of the other group members.A conversation in this context means that you engage back and forth for at least 3 posts each. All posts must be substantive, meaning they must initiate or continue a dialogue.Individual PortionFind a recent case (2011 to the present) dealing with the exclusionary rule. Address the following in 300–500 words: The basic facts of the case including the state, city, and whether the original trial court was a state or federal court The legal issue(s) the court dealt with in the case The court’s ultimate legal ruling in the caseo Do you agree with the court’s ruling? Why or why not?All sources must be referenced using APA style. You should post your individual portion to the Small Group Area, not to the general submitted files area.Group DeliverableAfter the group has debated the issue in accordance with the minimum requirements and to the group’s satisfaction, the group must reach a consensus or compromise position. You are to deliver the group’s recommendation as to whether to keep as is, keep and modify, or get rid of the exclusionary rule. The recommendation of 600–800 words should consist of a report detailing the group discussion, including the following: Explanations of initial positions taken by group members and highlights of the ensuing debate Any pertinent information obtained by group members during the Individual Portion of the assignment The ultimate compromise reached by the groupBe sure to reference all sources using APA style.
CJUS 424 CTU Constitutional Law the Exclusionary Rule in The US Discussion


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Company Expansion – International Locate the financial information for a company that has only domestic manufacturing operations. Assume management desires to expand into the global market with its current products. The company is currently operating at capacity so additional equipment will be required to complete the expansion. Utilize discounted cash flow techniques in your capital budget proposal. Using the current company financial information as a base for your forecast, create a proposal for the firm to expand its operations. This proposal should incorporate a CVP analysis, balanced scorecard, complete budgeted financial statements (i.e., income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows) with supporting schedules, as well as a discussion of constraint theory and its importance in this decision-making process. The Final Paper should be eight to ten pages in length (not including the title page, reference page, and any supporting financial statements). Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.Must use at least two scholarly sources Must document all sources in APA style.Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA styleDO NOT PLAGIARIZE. DO NOT USE THE COMPANY “DRAX GROUP” AS THE COMPANY. DO NOT ACCEPT IF YOU CANNOT DELIVER ON TIME.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports Report

Table of Contents Introduction Disney Company Criticism Response to Criticism Conclusion Introduction Every corporation has a code of conduct that outlines its treatment of workers, among other activities in the company. These codes are usually aimed at ensuring that, among other things, rights of workers are protected. It is common knowledge that globalization led to expansion of markets and factories. In fact, most multinational businesses have increasingly shifted their production units to developing countries. These include Disney Company, and mobile as well as computer companies, among others. The countries involved usually comprise of India, China, Indonesia, and Singapore, among others. This is mainly attributed to cheap labor that is highly exploited in those regions. Of great concern is the fact that despite cheap labor, which is achievable in those regions to reduce cost of production, these goods are sold for high prices in developed countries with deplorable conditions facing workers back in China. This paper will explore Disney Company, its worker’s conditions in China as well as criticism it faces over the same. Disney Company This is the largest of media conglomerates in the globe when it comes to revenue generation. The company was founded in early 1920s and continued to expand throughout the decades. In the process, it has acquired other corporations like, Marvel and Capital, among others. In addition, it has gone into radio, and television broadcasting as well as expansions in movie production. The company has also developed a code of conduct amid criticism over its treatment of workers, especially in China, where its garment merchandise are manufactured. Criticism The company has received varied criticism especially those related to working conditions in its China factories. According to Anne Stewart of China Post, the company has neglected its responsibilities regarding protection of worker rights and conditions of work as well as wages. This has led to attacks from rights groups all over the globe, especially those from Southern China and the United States. Moreover, religious groups have also expressed their concerns over the same and planned to change policies relating to rights of workers and their remuneration in annual general meeting, which was scheduled in Seattle. They also allege that the company offers about 600 Yuan, which translates to just over $588 per month. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is amid appalling working conditions that expose them to toxic wastes as well as working for over 16hrs a day. It is also said that the workers go without pay for over seven months and may at times be fined for taking leave as well as be forced to pay for employment. These conditions are quite appalling, given the revenue this company earns. Response to Criticism In responding to such criticism, the company has set up codes of conduct to be followed in every production area. In addition, they have passed policies that are friendly to international workers. However, this has not been successful because information is still received of workers’ mistreatment in China. Moreover, other problems that face the company relates to environmental degradation, which causes great concern. It is also quite important to note that workers are not allowed to talk freely on issues relating to working conditions. This further jeopardizes their steps towards achieving good working conditions. Conclusion Disney is a multinational Company that is ranked among the best in revenue generation as well as service delivery. However, it is quite ironical that their workers are mistreated and forced to work under deplorable conditions. Since the company is a frontrunner in technology and media network, it needs to be aware of environmental effects of these activities. It is therefore quite humiliating for a company of Disney’s caliber to find itself entangled in issues relating to basic human rights, globalization, and remuneration.

NUR 1211L CUNY Brooklyn College Health Promotion Respiratory Disorders Paper

NUR 1211L CUNY Brooklyn College Health Promotion Respiratory Disorders Paper.

Health promotion is the act of empowering clients to take control over and achieve their optimal level of health. Utilizing the topics listed below and evidence-based practice, you will write a scholarly paper on health promotion including the following:Respiratory Disorders (Asthma, COPD) a. Strategies to reduce acute Asthma and COPD Exacerbations, Immunizations (Influenza and Pneumococcal), Medication administration (proper use of inhalers), Education of medications Introduction to the topic (respiratory disorders)Description of the disease process (respiratory disorders) selectedImplement 4 health promotion measures involved in the prevention and care ofclient with the disease process (topic) selected from the textbook, nursing journalarticles, and evidence-based practice, including complementary therapies.Analyze how health promotion can improve the client’s overall health and avoidcomplications (include modifiable and non-modifiable factors such as age,gender, ethnicity, and lifestyle). Be sure to compare/contrast what happens topatients if they implement health promotion strategies and what could happen ifthese activities are not implemented.Reflection on what you learned from the assignment and how it will impact yourpractice in the future
NUR 1211L CUNY Brooklyn College Health Promotion Respiratory Disorders Paper