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This paper analyzes the term Federalism in a United States context.

This paper takes a look at the United States Constitution and the concept of Federalism. It examines the pros and cons of providing power to the State and a brief history of this concept and how it has been instituted.
From the paper:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,? the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution promises us, and in these words ? as elsewhere throughout the United States ? we see the outlines of the system of governance that is called federalism. Federalism is simply a type of political structure or organization that unites separate states under the governance of a single political system to ensure both that the individual states are allowed to maintain much of their autonomy while also allowing them to share in the greater power of a larger country.”

RIGHTS ISSUE IMPACT ON HEALTH 2 Rights Issue Impact on Health Name


Rights Issue Impact on Health


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Rights issue Impact on Health

Health has always been a priority globally and equally ensuring that the highest attainable standard is entirely achievable. Rights issues advocate for allowing the right to health to be considered as a human right standard internationally. The WHO is majoring in countries providing the best health to its citizens. Human rights have core principles that actualize the theme for better health services to individuals (“Human rights and health,” 2017). Accountability, equality and non-discrimination, and participation, as the core principles of human rights, position a country central to its citizens and health care in ensuring that everyone receives better health care.

Human rights issues cushion the core components of the right to health: availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality health care to all. The human rights issue promotes a concise and unifying link creating more appropriate solutions to health care. A rights-based approach to health ensures that policies and programs prioritize the less advantaged population, including undocumented migrant women, first to create balance(Vida, 2019). This principle is selling in the recent agenda on Sustainable Development and Universal Health Coverage.

The human rights issue acts as a voice to the less advantaged in the society, making them heard and their need for proper health care heeded.


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