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Federal Government should not legalize the use of marijuana Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction Arguments in support of legalization of marijuana Arguments against the legalization of marijuana Works Cited Introduction Historically marijuana was used by certain populations and cultures as therapy for fever, insomnia, rheumatic pain, headaches and constipation. The drug was listed as an official licit drug in 1857. It was believed it had many medicinal benefits. The recreational use of the drug surged during the Prohibition period. To reduce the widespread use of marijuana the government introduced a taxing mechanism in 1937. In 1970 the drug was listed as an illicit drug and it was declared that drug possession would be a criminal offence. The government felt that the drug had a high potential for abuse. There was also no medically accepted use of the drug. In the recent past more and more people have been advocating for the legalization of the drug citing various reasons. This paper analyses the arguments proposed by the proponents of the drug and concludes that these arguments are inconclusive and unconvincing. Arguments in support of legalization of marijuana There are several arguments that have been proposed in support for the legalization of marijuana. In 1965 scientists were able to separate the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the cannabis plant. After several years scientists were able to separate 400 chemicals and currently 21 of them are being investigated by the US FDA (Mechoulam, Maximilian, Peters and Murillo-Rodriguez, 80). There are natural and synthetic cannabinoids that have been approved for treatment of certain medical conditions. Patients who have lost appetite due to cancer therapy and AIDS have gained as certain cannabinoids are used to stimulate appetite. They are also used to treat nausea, vomiting, neuropathic pain and overactive bladders. There have been suggested uses of smoked marijuana and cannabinoids that have not yet been approved by the FDA. These include spastic syndromes in neurological disorders, pain syndromes and glaucoma. It has been argued that smoking the drug causes relaxation and pleasure. There is a sense of well-being. If someone is stressed, the drug causes relief and the individual is able to deal with hard realities (Stokes, Egerton and Watson, 1522). In the United States there are several States which have chosen to legalise the use for Marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. In a survey conducted by Pew Research Centre 60% of the population in the country believed that it would not be right for the federal government to interfere in areas where marijuana use had been legalized (Connelly par, 6). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Two months ago a bill was introduced in congress that calls for the protection of medical and non-medical marijuana businesses from federal Prosecution in these States. Currently in the country 18 states and the District of Columbia actually allow physicians to prescribe marijuana to their patients. In November 2013 voters in the State of Washington and Colorado started progress towards legalization of marijuana use for adults above the age of 21(Connelly par, 7). It is believed that marijuana prohibition will soon come to its end since most Americans are now against it. It is also argued that the legalization of marijuana should be allowed not just on moral grounds but on practical and financial factors or consideration. A Pew research survey found out that over 65% of Independents, Democrats and Republicans believed that enforcements costs are not worth it as they are quite high (Connelly par, 9). For the first time in four decades since marijuana research studies were conducted the Pew Survey showed that majority of Americans wanted the legalization of marijuana. In 1969 only 12% of the population supported legalization. In 2013 the percentage has increased by over four times (Pew Research Centre par, 2). The findings further showed that the youth between 18-32 years of age were the ones who mostly contributed to this new opinion. There are other arguments advanced by scholars in support of legalization of marijuana in addition to the increase in American population advocating for its legalization. The introduction of tougher drug laws ensured that drug-related arrests increased during the Reagan, elder Bush and Clinton administrations. On the other hand the use of marijuana actually increased in the country. The drug laws did not reduce the consumption at all. When the Prohibition was introduced in 1937 it was estimated that there were only 55,000 users of the drug in the country. However 65 years later the number of users had exploded to 30 million. In 1994, statistics showed that there were 481,098 marijuana-related arrests. By 2000 the number had increased to 734,500. In 1981 statistics showed that 49% of the arrests were of juveniles who were having their first contact with the criminal justice system because of the arrest (Rosenthal and Kubby, 16). It is therefore argued that marijuana contributes to jail overcrowding which has adverse economic consequences. It is further argued that due to the arrests these “criminal innocents” are exposed to personal danger and dangerous criminals in the jails where they learn illegal trades. When they are released, they are not the naïve criminals that were sent to prison (Rosenthal and Kubby, 16). Arguments against the legalization of marijuana The arguments that advocate for the legalization of marijuana are unconvincing. On the medical angle there are safer and alternative prescriptions for the medical conditions. Studies that have investigated the effects of smoked cannabis and prescribed cannabinoids have shown that they have undesired side effects. We will write a custom Research Paper on Federal Government should not legalize the use of marijuana specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These include acute psychosis and cognitive dulling in some of the patients. The drug causes the heart rate to increase in patients who have heart-related conditions. There is similarity in the components found in tobacco smoke and marijuana. The marijuana affects breathing and worsens respiratory conditions. It may also lead to abnormal cell growth which increases the growth of cancer (Hashibe, Straif andTashkin, 265). The argument that smoking the drug causes relaxation and relief is also inadequate. Marijuana use reduces the levels of cortical dopamine which is responsible for higher cognitive functions and executive function. As the users search for the relaxation they actually end up experiencing cognitive dulling (Stokes, Egerton and Watson, 1522). Cannabis use also affects the work performance of individuals. The drug affects cognitive involvement and decision-making. There is lower alertness and slower response levels in the workplace. Many employers do not tolerate any drug use in their staff. They carry out urine tests to find out the presence of marijuana in the employees. The tests are effective for a period of at least two weeks. Some of the THC components have an elimination half-life of only 20 hours. There are those components that remain stored in the body fat. They have an elimination half-life of 10-13 days (Buddy, par. 6). If employers know the adverse effects of the drug on the productivity of their staff then the drug should not be legalized. In a separate study, it was noted that the drug had a significant adverse effect on the individual’s safety. There were higher levels of reported self-accidents such as road accidents and minor injuries. The drug also has an adverse effect on the mental health of individuals. A study showed that mental problems were more likely to be exhibited in cannabis users than non-users (Svarikic and Lustman, 95). The fact that the American population supporting legalization of marijuana has increased rapidly should not be a justification to demand for legalization of the drug. The fact that more and more people have become softer towards its use does not mean it is morally right to legalise the drug. As much as certain States have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis it is still a federal-controlled drug and its possession and distribution is illegal. There have been a lot of current efforts to legalise the crude cannabis through State legislative laws. There are efforts to avoid imposition of federal laws or procedures on marijuana. The advocates of the medicinal use of the drug and the legalization or decriminalization of the drug are doing it in such a manner that bypasses the normal testing and regulatory testing processes of the FDA which are carried out for all drugs that are proposed for human consumption in the country. These advocates therefore unfairly put legislatures and voters in the position where they have to decide on proposals that have a great impact on human health yet they are not qualified to understand the scientific evidence that is in the market (Svarikic and Lustman, 90). Not sure if you can write a paper on Federal Government should not legalize the use of marijuana by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The federal government released a statement in 2009 clarifying its position on the legalization of marijuana. Smoked marijuana is not fit for medicinal purposes. The FDA believes that there is no sound scientific evidence that supports the medicinal use of marijuana in the country. In 2001 the view was further supported by the Supreme Court in the case of United States v. Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Cooperative. The court further affirmed the authority of congress to regulate the use of harmful substances across the country whether certain States had legalized the use of “medicinal” marijuana or not. It is not only the DEA or the federal government that is reluctant in the legalization of marijuana. The American Medical Association believes the drug should not be legalized (Meyers par. 6). The American Cancer Association has communicated that the area still needs further research before legalization. The American Academy of Paediatrics fears that legalization will lead to an increase in drug dependency among the young people. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society further states that there is no convincing evidence that clearly shows the benefits of the drugs to its patients. The British Medical Association actually warns that the drug is linked to greater risk of heart disease, lung cancer and bronchitis. It is therefore clear to see that based on the arguments mentioned that marijuana use should not be legalized across the country. It is important that the federal government continues to protect the health of the citizens of the country. Legalizing the drug will affect young people who will engage in other vices due to drug addiction. Works Cited Buddy, Tim. How Long Does Marijuana Stay in the Body? Marijuana Is Rapidly Metabolized. 2012. Web. Connelly, Louise. Marijuana Legalization 2013: Respect State Marijuana Laws Act Would Ban Federal Crackdowns. 2013. Web. Hashibe Mia, Kurt Straif and Donald Tashkin. “Epidemiologic review of marijuana use and cancer risk.” Alcohol 35.3(2005):265–275. Print. Mechoulam Raphael, Maximilian Peters and Eric Murillo-Rodriguez. “Cannabidiol—recentadvances.”Chemistry and Biodiversity 4.8(2007):1678–1692. Print. Meyers, Dev. The DEA Position on Marijuana. 2009. Web. Pew Research Centre. Majority Now Supports Legalizing Marijuana. 2013. Web. Rosenthal Ed and Steve Kubby. Why Marijuana Should Be Legal. New York: Thunder’s Mouth Press. 1996. Print. Stokes, Paul, Alice Egerton and Ben Watson. “Significant decreases in frontal and temporal [11C]-raclopride binding after THC challenge.” NeuroImage 52(2010): 1521–1527. Print. Svarikic, Dragan and Patrick Lustman. “Legalization, Decriminalization
CSUGC Cognitive Processes & Visual Perception Focal Point & Closure Presentation.

Imagine you are working as a cognitive psychologist who specializes in visual perception. In this role, you are assigned to create a short presentation that will help a target audience in a professional setting (for instance, teachers, marketing professionals, driving instructors, pilots, etc.) understand the basic principles of visual perception and why they are important for everyday life and their profession. You should create a five-minute presentation that meets the previously mentioned goals. Be sure to identify at least two different theories from your reading that support your presentation. Discuss the theories in terms of how they can help people understand strengths and weaknesses in visual processing and how the theories might help us overcome weaknesses. Short presentations should be approximately five minutes in length and should be directed towards someone with limited or no background knowledge of
psychological concepts or terminology. Because of this, you will want to explain relevant terms and concepts as you work through your presentation. Be sure to
identify the group your presentation is intended for as well as the group that will most benefit from your proposed strategies. Additionally, be sure to
appropriately use professional terms and theories.-Delivery script must be
included in the notes section.-PowerPoint
CSUGC Cognitive Processes & Visual Perception Focal Point & Closure Presentation

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La familia Rodriguez está preparando el desayuno. Vamos a completar las frases.José: ¿Hay _______________ que puede preparar la sopa?Luisa: Sí, yo puedo prepararla.Question options:alguiennadieninguno
help me with spanish please???????

Wilkes University Taking a Pill to Fall in Or out Of Love Argument Summary.

5-6 page paper (aim for 6)1. Give a premise-conclusion formulation of a moral argument raised by the paper.2. Identify the moral theory or principle that is employed in the argument.3. Assess the validity and soundness of the argument. This can include evaluating the moral theory or principle it relies on or questioning the empirical premises of the argument.4. Give your verdict. If you’ve defended the argument against obvious objections, address more sophisticated ones in the paper. If you’ve criticized the argument, consider what its defenders might say in response to your criticisms.Topics:[Option 1] Thelma and Louise seems to show us a case of a good friendship that leads two people down to further and further immorality. Cocking and Kennett argues that such relationships do exist. Do you agree? In short, are friendships inherently moral or require that two people are moral? If so, state an argument for it and explain why Thelma and Louise don’t actually have a good friendship. If you disagree, explain why Thelma and Louis are good friends. Then argue against potential objections.[Option 2] Nehamas argues that though we can love someone for their qualities, we can never provide an adequate list of qualities that fully explains why we love them. He thinks that it is essential to our friendships that such lists are incomplete. They must include an “… and so on” clause just as metaphors resist complete analysis. Do you agree? If so, provide an argument. If not, explain why you think that we can provide such a list.[Option 3] Setiya argues that the humanity of a person is sufficient reason to love them. This kind of love can justify all sorts of partiality. For example, the humanity of the barista that you kind of know is a sufficient reason for you to save them rather than five other people when push comes to shove. Can this be right? What is Setiya’s argument for this. Either reject or defend the argument.[Option 4] In Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates tries to prepare his young son for growing up Black in America by sharing his own experiences. He does not hold back on some of the grimmer lessons of his youth. Nor does he try to instill false hope or optimism. Question: Do you think that Ta-Nehisi Coates offered the right level of encouragement and warning to his son? If so, respond to objections that Ta-Nehisi should try to be more optimistic or withhold certain details. If not, explain what Ta-Nehisi Coates should have done.[Option 5] Suppose that you desperately wanted to fall out of love (or fall in love) with someone. Yet, you seemingly can’t. However, there is a pill you can take that will get you that desired result. Should you take it? Why or why not? Provide an argument for your position and respond to potential objections.[Option 6] Defend a certain interpretation of a scene in Fleabag. You could also make a claim about what Fleabag should or should not have done. Make sure the argument is interesting (not just arguing for some obvious conclusion) and allows you to consider serious objections. Address those objections.RubricA4.0 Outstanding (A =94-100, A- =90-93)Writing: (i) Goes in depth to show outstanding insight into the issue at hand. (ii) Offers compelling, thorough, and internally consistent philosophical arguments, with attention to possible objections. (iii) Is well-structured, reads smoothly, and contains almost no grammar / spelling errors.B3.0 Good (B+ =87-89, B =83-86, B- =80-82)Writing: (i) Provides solid standard analysis, hitting all the main points accurately. (ii) Provides solid arguments, with occasional minor lapses in consistency or thoroughness; addresses objections but does not always recognize their full implications. (iii) Despite the occasional lapse in grammar or spelling, reads fairly smoothly on the whole and has a clear, coherent structure.C2.0 Adequate (C+ =77-79, C =73-76, C- =70-72)Writing: (i) Demonstrates mostly accurate application/analysis, but there are a couple of significant errors, or one or two important dimensions of an issue are neglected. (ii) Supports contentious claims with arguments, but some of these have significant weaknesses or inconsistencies. (iii) Commits frequent lapses in grammar or spelling, but paper is still readable and relatively organized.D1.0 Poor (D+ =67-69, D =63-66, D- =60-62Writing: (i) Demonstrates significant lack of comprehension of the problem/theory/text at hand, with cursory application/analysis. (ii) Little attempt to express own ideas; or makes claims unsupported by arguments. (iii) Makes frequent grammar and spelling errors and reads awkwardly.F0.0 Failing (F =59 and under)Writing: (i) Demonstrates little to no comprehension of the theory/text in question, and/or misses the point of the problem; application/analysis is non-existent, irrelevant, or seriously flawed. (ii) Gives little evidence of independent reasoning. (iii) Makes constant grammar and spelling errors, so that it is hard for the reader to understand the author’s point.Advice1. Spend about 1 page on argument summary. The next 1.5-3 pages of the paper should be devoted to argument analysis and stating your position.2. Write succinctly. Don’t include verbose introductions. Introduce the argument. Examine its validity and then find the strongest objections to its premises. Either defend the premises against those objections or develop the objections as forcefully as possible.Additional Philosophical Writing Advice:·
Wilkes University Taking a Pill to Fall in Or out Of Love Argument Summary

Bay State College Boston The Tribes We Lead TED Talk Analysis

Bay State College Boston The Tribes We Lead TED Talk Analysis.

Meet the 500 word count, Makes connections to the course content and/or other experiences. The course is: Strategic Management and Business Policy Toward Global Sustainability, 15th edition, Authors: Thomas L. Wheelen and J. David Hunger. The chapter is chapters 2 and 3; Watch the video. Then use key terms and concepts from the text to discuss how the video relates to the topics in the text. Describe how the video affected you and your view of management and leadership. Seth Godin – The Tribes We lead “Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so.”
Bay State College Boston The Tribes We Lead TED Talk Analysis

ECO 201 Southern New Hampshire University Market Forces of Demand & Supply Responses

term paper help ECO 201 Southern New Hampshire University Market Forces of Demand & Supply Responses.

Inform business decisions using microeconomic models and theories
Determine the impact of economic costs on organizational and individual decision making
Explain how market structure impacts a business’s entry and exit into a market and its ability to generate economic profit

You and your friend from college have just graduated. You majored in business, and your friend majored in a creative field. Your friend is highly inventive and has come up with an excellent idea for a new product. You both believe in this idea so much that you have agreed to become business partners. However, before you embark on your entrepreneurial adventure, you will have to explain some key microeconomics concepts to your partner that are important to make sound business decisions.
Your business partner is less than enthusiastic about this prospect and has never had an interest in what is often described as the dry and boring field of economics. Every time you have tried to engage your partner in practical discussions, they brush you off and decide to go play video games instead.
Aha! This gives you an idea: What if you could convince your friend to learn about economics through games? You have found several simulation games that demonstrate in real and interesting ways the economic principles that you know your partner needs.
Once you have played the games, you will create a memorandum report summarizing for your friend the educational value of your experiment. In your memorandum, you will restate the key principles and takeaways of each simulation, as well as illustrate how these ideas are relevant to your future entrepreneurial success.
First, assemble the materials that you will need to complete this assignment:
1. You will need several simulation report images for your memorandum. All the necessary data visualizations will be generated after you have completed each simulation game. You will be required to save image files of your simulation reports for your simulation discussions. These should also be used to create your memorandum report for the course project. If you have any questions or concerns about the simulation data that should be used for your project, you should promptly reach out to your instructor.
2. Review and use the Project Template located in the What to Submit section.
You are expected to reference any source material used in your memorandum report with appropriate citations. To support you, a References page has been added to the project template with a citation for this course’s reading already provided. Any other references you add should be cited according to APA format.
1-2 Discussion: Economics and Business Decisions
In your responses to your peers, comment on at least two posts; Attached that discuss a different economic principle than the one you chose. Draw connections between the different principles and the role of microeconomics in everyday life.
ECO 201 Southern New Hampshire University Market Forces of Demand & Supply Responses

New Year Resolutions and Objectives Essay

The Most Significant Objectives in New Year This year is going to be very important, and the key goal is to make it better than the previous one. In order to do so, I will concentrate on the three main objectives – I will try to do my best to stay healthy, achieve my goals, and spend more time with my friends and family. To my mind, these three points are the most significant in the life of any individual and everyone should pay special attention to their personal goals and surroundings. First, I would like to accentuate the importance of being healthy. Modern people are so caught up in the routine of everyday life that they usually tend to forget that their physical health impacts their mental health as well. Being healthy is beneficial as it helps me to keep motivated and dedicated. To my mind, exercising every day is crucial if you want to grow yourself into a responsible human being. Our health is one of the assets that cannot be bought, traded, or exchanged. Therefore, we should proceed with caution when living our lives recklessly. By being healthy, I also mean maintaining healthy relations with the people who surround you. As Grillo mentioned in his book (2013), one of the most famous Benjamin Franklin’s quotes says that “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” (p. 89). I think that taking care of our health makes us more disciplined and helps us to find out what we are ultimately capable of. Human health is an unconventional treasure, and we have to do everything we can to guard it. Second, I would stress the importance of achieving our goals. According to Qaiser (2013), Thomas Jefferson once said that “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” (p. 105). I believe that this quotation perfectly describes my attitude towards my education, professional career, and lifestyle. It is safe to say that an individual with no definite goals will get lost. In my humble opinion, there is nothing more important than our achievements. We should set a great objective and strive to achieve it. The process of achieving something is one of the best feelings in the world, and there is no reason to reject it. Personally, I assume that achieving something keeps us inspired and greatly assists in overcoming our deepest fears. Third, one should never underestimate the importance of spending time with friends and family. We should cherish every moment we spend with our close ones. The most important thing that the majority of people usually overlook is the appreciation of friendship and love. As Luebbering states in his book (2014), one of the most renowned La Fontaine’s quotes declares that “Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer” (p. 31). I think that there is no excuse for those who do not appreciate their relations with their family and friends because one day they are here and the next day they are gone. As a Muslim, I expect to see social justice and peace in the whole world. We should review our values and realize the importance of non-material things except promoting monetary other not-so-critical values. I believe that the year 2017 will allow me to prove myself and accomplish everything I am striving for. References Grillo, R. (2013). Famous and infamous quotes. New York, NY: Dorrance. Luebering, J. E. (2014). Authors of the Enlightenment: 1660 to 1800. New York, NY: Britannica Educational Publishing. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Qaiser, A. (2013). How to analyze the works of Thomas Jefferson. Minneapolis, MN: ABDO Publishing Company.

Social Media Marketing Attitude Survey Essay

To carry out the attitude survey, I chose an area of interest that is related to examining attitudes of consumers towards social media marketing through Facebook by different fashion brands. In recent years, many fashion brands started using Facebook as a marketing tool for their products (Indvik, 2011). These fashion brands are investing heavily on social media to create awareness amongst consumers and promote their products/designs. The first step, which was followed for designing the attitude survey, involved setting up research questions. The survey was designed keeping in view two research questions that would help in understanding the attitudes of consumers towards marketing on social networking websites. These research questions were formulated based on the understanding that consumers are influenced by the information they receive and the way this information is presented to them (Bughin, Doogan,