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Agriculture is a most widespread form of human activity and it is more basis than only Industry. Agriculture provides a livelihood for more than three-quarters of the human race. It yields fibres and raw materials for the factories on which a large portion of the remaining people depend. The crops the farmer grows, the farmer gets his food, that ot his tamlly and the society at large. Crops have been raised since the earliest time and they are still being grown.

The soil carefully maintained is a flow resources that Is renewable and can even improved. Crop yields have been increased many times to meet the demands ot the swelling populatiom The major food crops include price, Maize, Cassava, Yam and Banana. The maln cash crops Include cocoa, kolanut, Rubber, Palm 011 and Palm produces Timber as well as Rubber on a large scale. However, almost 20% of xxx State total area is constituted of forest reserve suitable for agricultural products. xxx state is a state in South-west Nigeria.

It borders Lagos state to the south, Oyo and Osun states to the North, Ondo state to the east and the republic of Benin to the west. Abeokuta is the capital and largest city in the state. xxx state covers an area of about 16,000 Sq Kilometres and has fairly large population of about 2. million people indicating a potential market. In the years to come xxx State to a large extent would have been deriving most of her wealth from agricultural production if this paper is being approved. The need for this study arose from observation of the current low agricultural production levels in the state.

Product This feasibility study explores the possibility of achieving large agricultural produce for consumptions and revenue generation by a typical cash crop like cassava as the selected product. Cassava is a very versatile commodity with numerous uses and each component ould be valuable to the society generally i. e. the leaves may be consumed as vegetable or cooked as soup ingredient or even use to feed the livestock as a protein supplement. The stem could be used for plant propagation and grafting. The roots are typically processed for human and industrial consumption.

There are numerous uses of Cassava in human consumption and industrial use. In the south west area of Nigeria, they are usually made into food produce like Gari, Flour (Lafun), Fufu, Chips etc In other to be able to produce Cassava in large quantities, Large areas of farm Land is required. The time horizon from the time of planting cassava to the time of marketing is all round the year i. e. Raining season and Dry season (through irrigation Dam). The typical chain of Cassava products is from planting. Harvesting, processing and Marketing.

Dressing from the From the Silk Road

Dressing from the From the Silk Road.

“Dressing from the From the Silk Road, Sahara or Where on Earth?”: Materials, Markets and Modes” Hand in research paper on your ancient artifact, with cited sources of information, cited quotes from course readings in syllabus, and bibliography of print and online sources. Research, describe garments, important people and places, explain meanings and origins, and give your informed opinions about the topic and why it matters to you.

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