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Mini-stand is a business establishment operated by a person that serves ready to eat food. It is also serving as the meeting place for the people who wanted to eat with ease in just a short while. Background Information Name of the Business The proponent name of the business is “Chocoffle”. Chocoffle comes from the food “Waffle and Chocolate”. Chocoffle provides a unique taste of waffle. Location of the Business The proposed location of the business is in Brgy. Plaza Aldea Tanay, Rizal. The proponent decided to establish the business there because of lack of establishment of a waffle stand in the area.

The proponents needed equipment such as furniture, utensils and food wares are to be purchased. As the law requires, the proponent need to register in the Municipality of Tanay, Rizal for the application of business permit and other legal documents Proponents The proposed business will be managed by myself and I will serve as the manager that is in-charge of the administration and operation of the business. During the Operation Period The business shall be operated and managed by myself. I am responsible for all the activities such as marketing, sales and finance and decision making. Table 1

Proponent of the Chocoffle mini-stand NameCitizenshipResidence John Marvin M. MasayaFilipinoTakungan Pililla, Rizal Table 2 Functions, Duties and Responsibilities PersonnelFunctions, Duties and Responsibilities ManagerResponsible for the overall operation of the Waffle Mini-stand. This table shows the function,duties and responsibilities of the proponent Forms if Business Organization The proponent chose sole or single proprietorship because the business is just beginning.

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A supermarket chain wants to upgrade its self-checkout process across its stores in North America.
Some important customer requirements considerations driving the equipment design selection process are:- Ease of scanning and / or entry of items- Ease of payment- Ease of bagging- AffordabilityDevelop some of the key artifacts describing the concept system:- System Context Diagram- System Interfaces- System Boundaries (Physical, Process, Business)- Product Life Cycle Diagram (customize the basic life cycle diagram)- System Life Cycle Diagram (customize the basic life cycle diagram)Utilize the standard format for the various conceptual design elements discussed in class, such as context diagram, table, life cycle diagram etc.
I’ll provide pictures for the requirements and the steps to follow, please only follow the pictures examples