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Companies come and go. Only the most efficient ones have survived the test of time and emerged as successful. BusinessWeek magazine gives recognition to exemplary companies by producing its yearly list of the 100 Top Brands. It is interesting to note that majority of the companies in the 100 Top Brands are American, which illustrates the American belief that hard work pays off in the end-literally speaking. In addition, the companies included in this list makes billions of dollars annually, are global in scope and have available public data about its financial and marketing practices.There is no doubt that the success of these companies is due to its employees, innovative products that meet the needs of people and their global reach. Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, GE, and Disney are just some of the household names that we are familiar with. All of these companies have two things in common, they are American companies and they are included in the top 10 of the 100 Top Brands compiled by BusinesssWeek magazine. The list contains more American companies. This fact may not be surprising to most people because it seems that almost everyone thinks that Americans are hard-working.Compared to Europeans, Americans work more per week and take less vacation. This is because “…Americans believe in the value of hard work. Work isn’t just a way of making money–it’s a virtue to us…,” and American society clearly demonstrates this notion (Eskin). Likewise, the American Dream-wherein hard work and determination will enable a person to succeed-is an ideal that also reflects the mentality and attitude of most Americans. Therefore, Americans take their work seriously because they know that the fruits of their labor will be worth it.Thus, it is not uncommon for Americans to work overtime. Excessive effort and time that a person puts into his or her work can actually result in workaholism, which 5% of the American population experiences (Seybold and Salomone). Workaholism is actually “‘the addiction [that is] most rewarded in our culture’…” (Seybold and Salomone). Rewards come in financial and material assets, and in a consumer-driven, materialistic society that values hard-work; these things are not hard to acquire.American companies, along with other international companies, are ranked by BusinessWeek magazine on factors such as earning forecasts of more than $1 billion dollars annually, wherein 20% of the sales are generated overseas. Although, a yearly net income of over a $1 billion dollars is difficult to achieve, a strong global market and presence seems more challenging to maintain. Companies that have attained this already possess a strong grasp of various cultures, which they have clearly and greatly transcended.Aside from companies’ global extent, the earning forecast of these companies also takes into account market leadership and stability. Thus, without an excellent leadership a company will eventually fall apart. In addition, the availability of financial and marketing practices enable investors to closely monitor the stocks and performance of these companies. Successful companies hire, train, develop and retain the right people (Bigelow). This is essentially the main component of a successful business. The other key to a profitable and thriving business is innovative products that meet the needs of people.Hence, “unless their research and development efforts are driven by a thorough understanding of what their customers want, their performance may well fall short” (Jaruzelski and Dehoff). Effective businesses know all to well that they should be at the forefront of any changes that will serve and “solve the unarticulated needs of their customers” (Jaruzelski and Dehoff). Thus, successful companies have focused all their time, effort, research and development and resources into customer insight and market needs (Jaruzelski and Dehoff).In addition, companies that are “directly engaged [with] their customer base had twice the return on assets and triple the growth in operating income” (Jaruzelski and Dehoff). Equally important is the global nature of the operations and sales of a company, as was mentioned earlier. A company that goes global actually expands its business and creates “growth and value opportunities” (Delfeld). As writer Thomas Stewart puts it, ““The smaller the world gets, the greater the number of its pearls. ” However, a global company needs to adapt and continually learn everything it can about the foreign countries they conduct business in (Hill).Also, “a common vision or philosophy for [the] organization and how to best adapt that in all the markets of the world… ” should be strictly enforced and followed (Hill). All in all, more than a billion dollars of annual sales is not possible without hard work. However, companies are well-aware that its employees, their innovative products and global scope all contribute to where they are right now. These three factors are what new and small companies should focus on in order to make it big in the rat-race world known as the business world.References: Top 100 Global Brands Scoreboard. BusinessWeek magazine. Retrieved January 11, 2008 from http://bwnt. businessweek. com/brand/2005/ The 100 Top Brands 2006. BusinessWeek magazine. Retrieved January 11, 2008 from http://bwnt. businessweek. com/brand/2006/ Bigelow, P. (2007). Training for success; understanding the specific needs of your company is key to developing an employee development and training… Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture.Retrieved January 11, 2008 from http://www. html Jaruzelski, B. , and Dehoff, K. (2007). The Customer Connection: The Global Innovation 1000. Resilience Report. Retrieved January 11, 2008 from http://www. strategy-business. com/resiliencereport/resilience/rr00053 Delfeld, C. (2007). Ten Steps to Inventing Success. Forbes Magazine. Retrieved January 11, 2008 from http://www. forbes. com/2007/12/07/etf-international-global-pf-etf-in_cd_1207soapbox_inl. html Stewart, T. (1999). A Way to Measure Worldwide Success Going Global, Part II.Fortune Magazine. Retrieved January 11, 2008 from http://money. cnn. com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/1999/03/15/256484/index. htm Hill, W. R. (1998). Not just for the big guys! Chief Executive (U. S. ) Retrieved January 10, 2008 from http://www. allbusiness. com/human-resources/employee-development-leadership/702412-1. html Eskin, L. (1988). Five American Values. Scholastic Update, 120, 64. Seybold, K. C. , and Salomone, P. R. (1994). Understanding Workaholism: A Review of Causes and Counseling Approaches. Journal of Counseling and Development, 73.

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I wanted to go over some of this as we have come a long way in technology in this area in a short period. I remember with my first computer not having a NIC card and having to install a NIC card manually to be able to even connect to the internet. I also remember years later buying a lap top and assuming it was already inside the Lap top since it said Wireless Technology capable or something of that nature. Only to find out yes the lap top was capable and even had the spot for where it would be attached to the side but you had to buy it separate. Once again had to buy the NIC card separate and install it into the lap top. One thing I had not got with my laptop was the USB 802.11 radio NIC. Is this a portable NIC card that you can use the USB drive if you do not have the capability of installing one into your lap top? Is this what you use to make your laptop a hot spot? I cannot think of the name or see that in this area when you use the USB so your laptop can get internet from anywhere just as in your phone? (Mini PCI, Mini PCI expresses)??

We are now up to having wearable computers which are items like smart watches, wristbands, exercise sensors, and glasses. UK-based Juniper Research projects that the number of wearable devices shipped will rise from about 13 million in 2013 to 130 million in 2018 and that the size of the market will jump from $1.4 billion in 2013 to $19 billion in 2018 (Coleman 2014).

The way you have clearly used your words shows that you understand what Network Interface Card is and how it is important in a computer. A Network Interface Card (NIC) can be described as a circuit card or board which is installed in a computer so that it can be connected to the network. It provides a laptop or a desktop with a full time dedicated connectivity to the available network. Typically, personal computers and workstations in a Local Area Network (LAN) have the network interface card designed for LAN transmission technology. You have demonstrated very well how you bought your first computer and having to install it manually. Later buying a laptop and still the Network Interface Card was lacking. I am glad that you have articulated very well the need to have the NICs installed in the computer from the manufacture. Great post, keep the facts up!

I hope I never see external wireless radios again. Years ago all company laptops (at my old job) where purchased without internal wireless radios. These external wifi card would get lost or broken; a big hassle. Conversely, the wireless diagnostic tool in the Mac OS is very helpful. This chapter also touches on network monitoring via NMS solutions. An example here at my work would be Fortigate appliances. Lastly, often times at work I would hear about a VPN concentrator. The chapter defines this role as such: “Layer 3 and 7 VPN Concentrators Some WLAN controller vendors also offer VPN server capabilities within the controller. The controller can act as a VPN concentrator or endpoint for PPTP, IPsec, or SSL VPN tunnels”.

Your opinions, experiences and ideas on your disappointments with the external wireless radios are expertly written. I like the bit you share a bit of your work experience with the external wireless radios. You have given examples on network monitoring through NMS solution. A VPN is a private data network used to transmit data securely within private owned networking via public telecommunication infrastructure like the internet. It ensures that data privacy is maintained by the use of security procedures and tunneling protocol. VPN configuration which is remotely accessed can be used to authorize its software clients like the mobile users to access centralized network resources securely and which reside behind its server. Your grammar is good and flow of ideas is recommendable. Basically you have done a great job in this one.

PC cards are utilized to give a laptop access to the WLAN. Many individuals now utilize external USB devices to gain access. These cards are used to add proprietary ports on a notebook. This includes SD cards, compact flash card, and micro drive CF. The card bus was invented in 1995 and is present in laptops post 1997. The card bus supports bus mastering and allows the controller to talk to other devices and memory without accessing Computer. You can visual note the difference between card bus cards and older cards because the card bus cards will have a small gold strip present. Card bus Interface speed depends on transfer type. In 32 bit word mode it is 66 in byte mode 33 and 132 in Sword or double word. What does this mean speed is relevant when it comes to accessibility. SD cards are still in high use today when dealing with cellular service and doing well.

It is quite possible to make a computer to work as a WLAN base station, so as the other computers within can utilize it as their access to Wi-Fi point. This can be possible through use of open source software Hostapd and compatible Wi-Fi hardware. A bus is the path used by a device to send its data so as to communicate with the CPU and other devices. You have mentioned how the PC card can be utilized in a laptop to give it an access to the WLAN, how it supports bus mastering and so on. This is very important to note and fully understand how PC cards work. You have put it very well how relevant is speed when accessibility is involved. This is a very informative post, right with facts and fully comprehensive.

Stadium Networks

Technology-savvy fans are driving sport, concert, and event stadiums and arenas to expand the services that they are providing. Fans expect and demand a complete multimedia experience when attending events, including access to replays and real-time statistics. Through apps or websites, in-seat food and beverage ordering and delivery enhances the experience by allowing the fan to enjoy the action instead of standing in line for refreshments. Through texting and social media, fans expect to be able to share their sporting or concert experience with friends or interact with other attendees.

A well-designed stadium network can allow the venue to target sections or groups of people with directed advertisements, special offers, or customized services. Offers or services for fans in the bleacher seats would likely be different than those targeting the fans in the skyboxes. In addition to providing wireless services to the fans, it is important to remember that the stadium is a business and needs to support its own infrastructure and services at an event. A wireless network is needed to provide event operations with services such as reliable high-speed Internet access in the press box, ticketing and point-of-sale transaction processing, and video surveillance.

This section touches on the hospitality portion of larger Wi-Fi networks to provide fast and reliable services to patrons. My current work environment, while not a stadium, offers similar hospitality-based services. In the hotel industry that is Plans and servers dedicated to the mini-bar system and phone systems. Similarly, there is guest wireless available for all patrons (separate from the business network of course). The wife is throttled since they share the same provider WAN. Additionally, Sonos wifi speakers are featured in some of the rooms. This created additionally overhead for our network admin.

The way you have introduced your post is so much captivating as you have managed to capture the reader’s attention by highlighting this subject. Sport arenas and stadiums every place is adding their capacity of the bandwidth and wireless internet in the effort of appeasing the ever growing number of fans and the high technology gadgets which they carry. Fans have become so much conditioned to have the access to a virtually limitless amount of information and which has also changed their expectations. You have shown how modern well designed stadiums can be used for directed advertisements, customized services or special offers to the fans. This means that you have done enough research on the matter and you have supported your ideas very well, keep it up!

5) I was just thinking about my configuration at home as well. I broadcast 2.4 and 5 GHz networks with many devices in the house.


-Google Nexus phone


-Two laptops

-2 chrome casts

Unfortunately, the chrome casts are older models that cannot operate at 5 GHz. I try to free up bandwidth on the 2.4 GHz network my using the 5 GHz network with the laptops and smart phones. I haven’t found much to alter on the modem/router combo device from my provider that would improve my connectivity other than placing it in a central area. My buddy, who has his CCNA and CCNP, urges me to purchase my own equipment. Honestly, I don’t think I care enough at this point to invest in that. It’s good enough for now.

You started your essay by explaining your thoughts over your home network configuration. This is a good way to start off your post as it prepares the reader to understand what home network configuration is all about. Most wireless stacks consider 2.4 GHz and 5GHz not to be different from one another. Keeping the SSIDs different means one has to prioritize 5GHz over 2.4GHz by adding the two to the Wi-Fi connections and claiming one can be better than the other. It should be noted that 5ghz is not apparently fast than the 2.4 GHz as both have similar theoretical maximums, 150mbps (single radio chain) 300 mbps (two radio streams and three radio chains) or 450 mbps (three special streams and three radio chains). The way you have articulated and arranged your post shows that you have your facts right. Keep up!

In chapter it discusses client utility and that there are three types. The three types are integrated operating system client utility, vendor specific, and third party. The integrated client utility I’m familiar with because it is used on every device like windows pc or iphone. The vendor specific utility is decreasing according to the book but there is still market for enterprise grade vendor specific utility which has more configuration options. Third party utilities also allow custom configuration but the book says it also cost more money and are on the decline. Client utilities act as an interface of the NIC and end user.)

Your post is educative and involves detailed analysis and presentation of facts. End users must possess the ability to configure a wireless client Network Interface Card, thus, a software interface is required in form of client utility. Mostly like a driver is the interface between an operating system and radio NIC, with the WI-FI client utility effectively being the software between you and the radio NIC. Software interface normally have the abilities of creating multiple profile connections where a profile may be connecting at work, another one at home and the third one connected to the hotspot. Your discussion over client utilities is very well thought and desired and I am hoping that something good can be extracted from it. Thank you.