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There are thousands of vacation spots in the world I could choose to go to, but one spot in particular is a place I’ve already been to. It’s a place not many people would expect to go to on a vacation. This place is Andover, Kansas. It’s definitely different from the typical vacation spots such as Hawaii or Cancun. There are three reasons why I would go to Andover, Kansas than any other place in the world. The atmosphere and climate, friends and people, and the attraction sites.

When most people think about Kansas or the mid-west; they think about how hot and dry is it there all the time. It’s understandable to think that but Kansas is just like every other state in the country when it comes to the atmosphere and climate. Summertime in Andover, Kansas is usually somewhat hot between the temperatures of eighty-five to one-hundred degrees. From time to time there will be a day that is very hot and dry but is later cooled down with a nice breeze or rain. What I also really like about the climate in Kansas is that the winters are shorter because of the heat.

The great thing about having nice weather almost all year round is there’s always something to do outside to enjoy it. During the spring and summertime; fishing, swimming and going to the Andover City Park is mostly what my friends and I did. When it came to wintertime; my friends and I would slide across frozen ponds and lakes. A little risky but it was really fun. We also would go “drifting” in our cars through our neighborhood streets for fun. I’ve lived in twelve different states and a foreign country because my dad was in the Air Force.

Which means I’ve had a lot of friends come and go. When I moved to Andover, Kansas, I had met and made some of the closest friends I’ve ever had and still talk to them everyday. Every time I go on vacation to Andover, it’s always nice to have friends and people you know when I get there. Since I moved to Andover, I have never seen or met one rude person. Everyone just seemed really happy and friendly. I’ll walk around the town or go into any store and every person will greet me with a smile. At first it seemed weird but then I started to do the same thing.

Another thing I like about the people of Andover is that everyone seems very vibrant and alive. Everyone is out of the house walking around or doing some sort of activity. I didn’t see any of that when I moved to Watertown, New York. To me what makes a great vacation spot is not just the attraction sites, but the people of the place you are visiting. In Andover, Kansas there are a few attraction sites such as Andover City Park, and all the city and lakes around. I know this doesn’t sound like much but whats great about Andover is that it’s in the middle of other major cities such as Wichita.

In Wichita, there are tons of places and attractions to go see. They have places for entertainment such as All Star Sports, All Start Adventures, The Intrust Bank Arena and the Sedgewick County Zoo. They also have places for learning and appreciation such as Botanica, City Arts, The Exploration Place, The Great Plains Transportation Museum, The Museum of World Treasures and etc. Whats great about all of these places is that you can get in for free if your military or an out of state visitor.

Wichita doesn’t just have places to see; there are also events that take places year round. Such as car shows, parades, huge fundraisers and concerts. These are all the reasons why I love coming back to Andover, Kansas every year. The weather is always perfect, to see my friends, the people are wonderful, and the endless amount of attractions to see. I would recommend anyone to go to Andover, Kansas at least once in there life to have the same enjoyment and excitement I had the first time I went.

Double Irish and a Dutch Sandwich

Double Irish and a Dutch Sandwich.

Read the case, Double Irish and a Dutch Sandwich (P. 530).

Prepare your composition to cover the following topics or questions with in the Body section of the paper described for this assignment.

Why do tax rates and tax treatment of corporate income vary so dramatically among countries?

Explain the use of the Double Irish and the Dutch Sandwich by Google. How important is the advance pricing agreement that Google negotiated with the Internal Revenue Service to the success of its tax-minimization strategy? Explain how Microsoft uses its Irish subsidiary to cut its U.S. taxes. How does it get around U.S. regulations regarding passive income? What is the impact of Microsoft’s Irish subsidiary on the Irish economy?

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