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FAU Prosecuting Pregnant Drug Users HIPAA Violations & Malpractice Discussion

FAU Prosecuting Pregnant Drug Users HIPAA Violations & Malpractice Discussion.

If you have any questions please ask DO NOT ASSUME. Please do not accept this assignment if you’re unable to finish correctly and on time. All information needed to complete assignment.Book:…Read Box 2.3: Should Women Who Use Drugs During Pregnancy Be Arrested and Jailed? on page 50 of your textbook. This box describes the results that occurred when pregnant women with a history of drug abuse faced potential arrest and incarceration. Additionally, read How States Handle Drug Use During Pregnancy. You will notice that only 3 states consider substance abuse during pregnancy to be a crime, and yet 18 states have laws that say drug use during pregnancy is child abuse, and in nearly every state women have been prosecuted for drug use during pregnancy. Answer the following questions in your post:Critics contend that the criminal justice system should not be involved in what is considered a healthcare problem. What do you think?Is the issue of mothers using illicit drugs more of a legal or medical concern? Why do you think that?What if Florida was considering enacting a law that would make substance abuse during pregnancy a crime – what would be the pros and cons? Would you be for or against this law, and why?
FAU Prosecuting Pregnant Drug Users HIPAA Violations & Malpractice Discussion

Biology homework help

Biology homework help. 6-8ÿpages in length excluding the title page and reference pageOutcome Met by Completing This Assignmentidentify ethical issues that arise in domestic and global business environments using an understanding of ethical concepts and of legal and business principlesdevelop and evaluate alternatives to, and recommend solutions for, ethical dilemmas, taking into account ethical and legal requirements and the essential mission of the business enterpriseeffectively communicate to internal and external business stakeholders the complexities of ethical issues, suggesting and analyzing various solutions in order to ensure appropriate business practices and accountabilityStep 1:ÿ Preparation for Writing the AssignmentBefore you begin writing the paper, you will read the following requirements that will help meet the writing and APA requirements.ÿ Not reading this information will lead to a lower grade:Task 1:ÿ Read the grading rubric for the assignment. ÿUse the grading rubric while writing the paper to ensure all requirements are met that will lead to the highest possible points.Task 2:ÿ Third person writing is required.ÿÿThird person means that there are no words such as ?I, me, my, we, or us? (first person writing), nor is there use of ?you or your? (second person writing).ÿÿIf uncertain how to write in the third person, view this link:ÿÿ 3:ÿ Contractions are not used in business writing, so you are expected NOT to use contraction in writing this assignment.ÿTask 4:ÿ You are expected to paraphrase and are NOT to use direct quotes. ÿYou are expected to paraphrase, which can be learned by reviewing this link:ÿÿÿ 5:ÿ You areÿresponsible for APA only, for in-text citations and a reference list.ÿ All source material must be cited and referenced.ÿ Task 6:ÿ You are expected to use the topic you’ve selected, paired with the weekly courses readings to develop the analysis and support the reasoning. ÿÿThe expectation is that you provide a robust use of the course readings as well as external readings. ÿDictionaries and wikipedia are not to be used. ÿIf any material is used from a source document, it must be cited and referenced.ÿ If you cite book-length materials, page numbers are required.ÿ If you have accessed this material on-line, complete citation format requires that you also include the url address and date accessed.ÿ A reference within a reference list cannot exist without an associated in-text citation and vice versa. ÿÿView the sample APA paper under Week 1 content.Step 2:ÿ How to Set Up the PaperTask 1:ÿ Create a Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) document that is double-spaced, 12-point font.ÿÿThe final product will be between 6-8ÿpages in length excluding the title page and reference page. ÿYou may not exceed eightÿ(8) pages so it is important to write clearly and concisely.ÿ Please make sure your name is not only on the title page, but also in the file name of your submitted work.Task 2:ÿ Use the following format with headings:Create a title page with title, your name, the course, the instructor?s name and date;IntroductionEthical Dilemma;Potential Resolution(s);Recommendations/ConclusionStep 3: ÿCreate the introductory paragraphWithin this paragraph, provide a brief overview of the topic and dilemma scenario.ÿ Then, provide a thesis statement and tell the reader the main topics covered in the paper.ÿ The introduction comes at the beginning of the paper and tells a reader the main topics covered in the ÿpaper.ÿ View this website to learn how to write an introductory paragraph:ÿÿ 4:ÿÿResearch the topic from the Unique Ethical Issues from either weeks 3, 5 or 7. ÿTask 1: ÿYour topic must be presented in Phase 1 and submitted to the Assignment FolderTask 2: ÿOnce the topic has been approved by the instructor, students will thoroughly research the topic.Step 5:ÿ The Ethical DilemmaTask 1: ÿIdentify the ethical dilemma(s). ÿExplain why.Task 2: ÿIdentify and useÿtwo of the traditional theories discussed in week 2, suggest potential resolutions to the dilemma(s)Task 3: ÿIn discussing potential resolutions, include a discussion that includes the impact that ethical relativism and globalization may have upon the suggested dilemma resolution. ÿTask 4. ÿSelect the best resolution and explain in detail why.Step 6:ÿ Write the summary paragraphWrite the summary paragraph. A summary paragraph restates the main topics of the paper.ÿÿMake sure to leave a reader with a sense that the paperÿis complete.ÿÿThe summary paragraph is the last paragraph of a paper and does not need a heading.Biology homework help

Need help with a case study No plagerism!!!

online homework help Need help with a case study No plagerism!!!. I’m trying to learn for my Management class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

The following is adapted from your textbook, Supplemental Case 1, Chapter 3: Keep on Truckin’?
Download and read the case about Tim’s Trucking and answer the questions, keeping in mind that Tim needs your expert advice to minimize any impact the cases will have on his company. Be creative but realistic in your responses, as though you really were Tim’s friend and advisor.
Expect to take approximately 2-3 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font) to complete this assignment. Your work will be graded on content, critical thinking, clarity, creativity, and correctness (see Response Essay 2 rubric in the Start Here menu for more information).

Case: Keep on Truckin’? Tim Rowe owns a small trucking firm that specializes in local and metro-area delivery in large city in the United States. All employment activities are handled by Tim who has always hired employees on the basis of three qualifications: 1. They must have a high school diploma; 2. They must pass a short paper-and-pencil test which is given to all applicants; and 3. They must have a valid driver’s license if applying for the position of driver. The short test is interesting, as it was devised by Tim from sample questions found on a GED (General Education Degree) Equivalency Test. The test consists of 33 vocabulary and mathematical questions, each worth 3 points. Anyone scoring below 70 is automatically rejected. Last month two drivers quit, so Tim advertised in the local paper for two new drivers. Ten people applied for the openings, but Tim rejected four applicants because they were not high school graduates. Three others were rejected because of test scores below 70. The two white males hired scored the highest on the test, had high school degrees, and also had valid driver’s licenses. This week Tim was notified that two equal employment complaints had been filed against him and his firm. One complaint, a woman, alleges that the test does not measure a person’s ability to drive and is not a valid predictor of job success. The other complaint, a minority man, alleges that the high school diploma requirement is not related to ability to do the job and unfairly discriminates against minorities. Tim is trying to decide how to respond to these complaints.
Need help with a case study No plagerism!!!

FIN 330 Southern New Hampshire University Financial Analyst Email

FIN 330 Southern New Hampshire University Financial Analyst Email.

In this scenario, imagine that you are a financial analyst at the selected corporation for your final project, and one of your peers from a non-financial department is confused about why capital structure is important. You have been asked to explain the topic in terms that are not too technical. In an email to your peer, address the following points:Explain the meaning of capital structure, cost of capital, and weighted average cost of capital (WACC).Describe how capital structure and cost of capital affect the way that a company is valued by investors.
FIN 330 Southern New Hampshire University Financial Analyst Email

Park University Facebook Social Marketing Evaluation Essay

Park University Facebook Social Marketing Evaluation Essay.

Students will have the opportunity to evaluate and give feedback of a social media site. 
You are required to submit a 6-8 page paper describing your evaluation of the value and effectiveness of a social media site. For this paper you should:

describe the site, explain how it is used, and describe its profit strategy
discuss its target market and the value it provides to users
describe the value it provides to firms
illustrate this value by providing some examples of campaigns carried out on the site
discuss some risks or disadvantages associated with the use of the site and give some examples of ‘epic fails’
conclude and provide an overall evaluation of the site’s value

Park University Facebook Social Marketing Evaluation Essay