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Overview of Final Researched Essay The Researched Essay has two primary goals: 1 . ) To test your ability to use the writing and reading processes, and 2. ) To develop your ability to do effective research. Note: “Researched essays” are different from traditional “research papers” in some very important ways. See the chart below.

Research Papers: Researched Essays: Are persuasive: the writer begins with the answer or main point already in mind and does research to support it Are exploratory: the writer begins not with an answer or ain point in mind, but with a question of genuine interest that s/he does research to answer Written in the objective and formal-sounding 3rd person (i. e. se of “l” or “you” is not permitted) Often written in the subjective and somewhat informal-sounding 1st person (i. e. use of “I” is permitted) Written for an audience of other experts on the topic Written for an audience of non-experts on the topic Require certainty and confidence on the part of the author throughout Allows ambiguity and doubt along the way

Thesis appears near the beginning of the essay and is supported by the outside sources discussed in the body of the essay Thesis appears toward the end of the essay and is the result of thinking about the preceding outside sources Only includes points that support the thesis; dead ends and disproved hypotheses are left out May mention dead ends and hypotheses that proved false during the course of exploration But researched essays also share some very important characteristics with traditional research papers .

Research papers and researched essays both … Somehow deal with a debatable, open-ended question or problem Provide background about what has already been said about the question or the problem Require the writer to think critically during the research process Have a clearly stated thesis Use correctly-cited evidence/information to explore or prove the thesis Be 1,000-1,250 words in length Uploaded to Turnltln as part of the single Final Portfolio Word document by Monday, Dec. 0th at 5pm. Correctly and effectively incorporate at least three credible sources (one web page, one article in an online database, and one source of your hoosing [may be anything relevant and appropriate: a print resource, personal interview, podcast, DVD, etc. ]) Correctly and effectively include at least three summaries of sources, two paraphrases of passages from sources, and two direct quotations from sources.

Make sure I don’t miss these by using the reviewing feature of Word to put a comment bubble next to each; in the bubble identify whether the passage contains a summary, paraphrase, or direct quotation. Be in correct MLA format, including a works cited at the end.

Do you think the Federal Government is right to deregulate gene editing in the case of agriculture?

Do you think the Federal Government is right to deregulate gene editing in the case of agriculture?.

Choose two of the following topics and write a 750-word response to each. You are to refer to the set reading in your response. You may research wider if you like, but it is not necessary. The set readings are enough to answer the question. 1. Martin Luther King, in his Letter from Birmingham Prison, provides an argument for when it appropriate to break the law. Do you think the recent acts of civil disobedience by vegan protesters were justified? Refer to King’s letter in your response. 2. Do you think the Federal Government is right to deregulate gene editing in the case of agriculture? Refer to Steven Pinker’s essay in your response. 3. Using the arguments of Thomas Nagel about the responsibilities of those in public positions, evaluate the morality of: Israel Folau (in relation to his ongoing dispute with Rugby Australia over controversial social media posts). 4. Milton Friedman argues that the social responsibility of businesses is to increase their profits. Consider the controversy over Woolworths new store operating model and consider whether or not Friedman’s argument applies. Marking Criteria You will be awarded a qualitative mark out of 15 for each response. That 15 marks is comprised of… 5 marks for clarity of expression 5 marks for the level of familiarity with the resources 5 marks for the depth of critical argument demonstrated. You may also need to connect this response to the theories from week1-5’s slides

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