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Family Violence in History and Nowadays Essay

Interests in learning about family violence I am interested in family violence because I want to be a police officer. Daily through the media, we are bombarded with information in relation to family violence in its different forms. I am interested in learning more about family violence due to the desire to understand the factors that contribute to high cases of domestic violence. I think the information in this course will be important in helping me to understand the various issues with regard to domestic violence. Examples of family violence are sexual harassment and rape, psychological assault perpetrated by both men and women. It has been shown that cultures of different communities support many types of violent acts (Majau, 2014). How history has contributed to violence in the family today The patriarchal power system is not embodied in the biological males, but it is a social construction (Gosselin, 2014).Therefore, the long history of male domination is insightful in determining whether this cultural subordination of women to men provides the reason for the existence of the inequalities that exist between the sexes and also establishes the effect of globalization of this topic. The information is necessitated by the fact that this family violence is usually not reported, or even when reported, the perpetrators go scot-free (Majau, 2014). There are fewer legislation and policies to curb family violent acts (Gosselin, 2014). The other inherent aspect of this topic is how this culture has been interred in the women that they are not only the perennial victims, but they are also perpetrators of this vice by silently hiding their sufferings or by psychologically taunting other women. Thus, family violence can largely be attributed to the underrepresentation of women at home and other major decision-making institutions such as religious institutions and learning institutions (Majau, 2014). This becomes a barrier for women to attain power and change the oppressive traditions. In fact, efforts have to be focused on empowering women in different communities. References Gosselin, D. K. (2014). Heavy hands: An introduction to the crimes of family violence, (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Majau, U. (2014). Perspectives to sex discrimination: male and female chauvinism. Web.
ENG 120 GCCCD Integration of Business Practices & Localist Goals Revision Plan Essay.

Revision Plan Prompt:Once you receive your peer critiques for your essay:I. review the commentsII. Re-read your essayIII. Create a revision plan by addressing these questions with specific details:What do you plan on changing? Why? What did the other students feel was the strongest part of your essay?What can you do to clarify the significance of the person to you?What were the best suggestions you received?Which revising and editing strategy did you use to improve Essay 2? Was it helpful? Why or why not?IV. Upload your responses through this submission link by Sunday at 11:59pm.Guidelines:To earn full credit, write a response that addresses the questions and: is at least 200 words, is submitted before the due date and time, and has few or no grammatical errors.You may earn up to 5 points if the assignment is submitted late, but within 24 hours of the due date and time, and is a minimum of 200 words.No Credit: No submission of at least 200 words within 24 hours of due date and time
ENG 120 GCCCD Integration of Business Practices & Localist Goals Revision Plan Essay

CAROL ELIZABETH A/P A G LEON The Rape of the Lock is a mock epic poem written by Alexander Pope who was one of the most influential writers of the eighteenth century. Alexander Pope was one of the best satirist of the Augustan age who also aims to educate and entertain readers at the same time. The Rape of the Lock was first published in the year 1712 with only two cantos. In the year 1717 however the final form of this poem was published and it had five cantos and in heroic couplet too. The poem is based on a true story about two feuding aristocratic families, the Petres and the Fermors. “The young lord Petre had cut a lock of hair from the head of Arabella Fermor, a fashionable young society lady, and both she and her family had taken offence. Pope had been told of the incident by his catholic friend John Caryll who asked if he could write a poem to make a jest of the division between the two families and laugh them together again” (scribd). The epic poem also known as the heroic poem tells a story of a hero whose actions are of great importance and have a national significance too. It is usually a long narrative poem written in a grand style to suit its important subject matter. Some of the examples of the heroic poems are Homer’s Iliad, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, King Arthur by Richard Blackmore, Joan of Arc by Robert Southey and Hyperion by Keats. Mock epic poem on the other hand is the parody of the serious epic poems. It uses the structure of an epic poem where the language is grand but on miniature scale and the meaning of the subject is trivial. Mock-heroic poetry combines the characteristics of various discourses such as epic, comedy, parody and satire. Alexander pope uses the mock heroic style in The Rape of the Lock is not to ridicule the heroic genre but to mock and satirize the fashionable society of his time. In the beginning of an epic poem, the writer usually invokes and prayers the muse to afford him with divine encouragement to tell the tale of a great hero. Usually the writer calls upon one of the “nine daughters of Zeus[1]” (homepage) to sanctify his poetry. The hero of an epic poem is always a grand figure of national importance or even cosmic significance. “He often has superhuman or divine traits. He has an imposing physical stature and is greater in all ways than the common man” (homepage). However in The Rape of the Lock, Alexander Pope invokes his catholic friend John Caryll instead, as a muse to provide him with blessings to narrate a story of not a great hero but a rich, vain woman called Belinda. Alexander Pope uses Belinda and the Baron as his main characters in his poem to poke fun at the men and women of the aristocratic families. Belinda is not a powerful hero but a beautiful young woman from a fashionable society who has no other responsibilities but looking presentable in front the society every day. For instance Belinda only wakes up around twelve o’clock, has a lapdog and servants to dress her for every occasion. “Sol thro’ white Curtains shot a tim’rous Ray, And op’d those Eyes that must eclipse the Day; Now Lapdogs give themselves the rowzing Shake, And sleepless Lovers, just at Twelve, awake: Thrice rung the Bell, the Slipper knock’d the Ground, And the press’d Watch return’d a silver Sound. Belinda still her downy Pillow prest” (Pope). Hence it is clear that Pope is satirizing the fashionable society for not being responsible and doing things as they please. They waste money for they were rich and even needed maids to look after them as though they were infants. Next, in an epic poem a hero will get well prepared for a great battle by armoring himself with chain mail, shield, sword, axes, daggers, bow and arrows. These weapons and armor will not only protect a hero but also make his enemy fear of him. For example in Iliad the arming of Achilles by Thetis for the battlefields of Troy was described with great grandeur. Belinda on the other hand armors herself with beautiful brocade, make-ups, Arabian perfumes, and glittering Indian jewelries and uses combs and pins made out of elephant tusks and tortoise shell in order to face the upper-class society every day. She goes through the long process of beautifying herself with the help of her maid Betty in order to look presentable and attractive to the young men and make women envious of her beauty. “The Tortoise here and Elephant unite, Transform’d to Combs, the speckled and the white. Here Files of Pins extend their shining Rows, Puffs, Powders, Patches, Bibles, Billet-doux. Now awful Beauty puts on all its Arms; The Fair each moment rises in her Charms, Repairs her Smiles, awakens ev’ry Grace, And calls forth all the Wonders of her Face; Sees by Degrees a purer Blush arise, And keener Lightnings quicken in her Eyes”.(Pope) In these lines of The Rape of the Lock, Pope mocks the vanity of the fashionable society, where they put a lot of importance in physical beauty rather than intellectual. They spend several hours in front of their mirrors preparing themselves as though they were getting ready for a great siege; but in reality they were only going to meet their friends and have fun. Belinda in The Rape of the Lock went through the long arduous dressing up session just to meet up her friends and play a card game of ombre and attract possible suitors. In the poem Pope even states that when a person looks at Belinda’s beautiful face all her faults will melt away further emphasizing that beauty is far more valuable than knowledge for the aristocrats of his time.“Yet graceful ease and sweetness void of pride Might hide her faults, if belles had faults to hide; If to her share come female errors fall” (Pope). In an epic poem the hero always prays at his altar to receive blessings from gods and goddesses such as “Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera, Aries, Athena, Apollo, Aphrodite, Hermes, Artemis and Hephaestus”( GreekMythology) in order to succeed in everything they wished for. For example Odysseus prays to the goddess Athena[2] so that he could finally return to his wife and son again after years of battle. In The Rape of the Lock on the other hand we find that Belinda worships and admires her own heavenly image in front of the mirror every day. Her maid then becomes the priestess who, perform beautifying rites day by day for her. Instead of gods and goddesses, Belinda’s altar is filled with “Files of Pins extend their shining Rows, Puffs, Powders, Patches, Bibles, Billet-doux” (Pope). However Baron keeps garters, gloves, love letters and trophies from his former lovers on his altar. Now he plans to add Belinda’s lock in his collection at the altar as well. In these lines of the poem, Pope seems to say that religion and faith for the women and men from the upper class is insignificant. They treasure their beauty and material stuff way higher than education, religion and morality. For Belinda, the Bible is just an unimportant object placed among on her make ups and love letters. Further more in canto two of The Rape of the Lock, we can see that Belinda wears a cross around her neck as a piece of jewelry and not on act of piousness. “On her white Breast a sparkling Cross she wore, which Jews might kiss, and Infidels adore”(Pope). The divine characters in epic poetry are family of gods living Mount Olympus who intervene often in lives of humans observing and influencing their lives and decisions. They help guide humans who are in trouble both physically and psychologically especially in great battles. The gods sense that it is their obligation to get involved if they feel that man is traveling off course from his destiny. These powerful characters are termed as epic machineries. For example in Homer’s Odysseys Zeus helped Odysseus to escape from the island of Ogygia where Odysseus was a prisoner for seven years. On the contrary, in Pope’s The Rape of the Lock, Belinda was aided by inhabitants of the air such as fairies, gnomes, nymphs, sylphs and salamanders. Belinda receives special attention from the sylphs. These magical creatures in the poem did not aid her in battle but helped Belinda look beautiful and respectable the whole day. Each sylph assigns themselves to protect her hair, dress, makeup, jewelries, her lap dog Shock and most importantly her petticoat for Ariel[3] have “saw, alas, some dread event impend” (Pope). Ariel did warn Belinda beforehand but she forgot all about it the minute she saw her “Billet-doux” (Pope). So now it is up to them to protect her appearance and her honor. “He spoke; the Spirits from the Sails descend; Some, Orb in Orb, around the Nymph extend, Some thrid the mazy Ringlets of her Hair, Some hang upon the Pendants of her Ear; With beating Hearts the dire Event they wait, Anxious, and trembling for the Birth of Fate” (Pope). In epic poems such as The odyssey and The Aeneid, both Odysseus and Aeneas travelled the seas for important missions and encountered many perils on the way. Pope In The Rape of the Lock parodies these epics by Belinda travels up the Thames River in a boat to Hampton Court to play the game of ombre with her friends of same social status. “Where Thames with Pride surveys his rising Tow’rs, There stands a Structure of Majestick Frame, Which from the neighb’ring Hampton takes its Name”(Pope). Next Pope also, parodies the battles portrayed in heroic poetry in his poem The Rape of the Lock. In the epic poem Beowulf, Beowulf had to face three battles with terrifying beasts in order to save innocent lives. In The Rape of the Lock, Belinda’s game of ombre with her friends was portrayed as war by Pope. The cards where depicted as warriors and words such as troops, combat, war, invade and armies where used by Pope to describe and intensify the tension during a game of ombre between Belinda and her aristocratic friends who took the game seriously. Even the magical creatures get themselves involve in the game so that Belinda wins the game. “Thus far both Armies to Belinda yield; Now to the Baron Fate inclines the Field. His warlike Amazon her Host invades, Th’ Imperial Consort of the Crown of Spades. The Club’s black Tyrant first her Victim” (Pope). Later in the poem, when the Baron had cut off one of Belinda’s lock, a large argument ensued which was also portrayed as battle by Alexander Pope. Instead of weapons, scream, frowns, bodkins and dangerous stare where used during the huge argument between Belinda and the Baron. “Then flash’d the living Lightnings from her Eyes, And Screams of Horror rend th’ affrighted Skies. Not louder Shrieks to pitying Heav’n are cast” (Pope). The game of ombre and the fight after Belinda’s lock got cut off were exaggerated in The Rape of the Lock, because Pope wanted to point out that the upper class society regards seriously about them when in reality they are trivial matters. Because insignificant matters are taken too seriously, the Petres and the Fermors split and this poem was to show them how silly they were. In conclusion Alexander Pope most definitely used the epic conventions for satiric purpose in his poem especially to mock the aristocrats, their lifestyles and their perceptions. Since Alexander pope is Augustan man, he wrote this poem using the epic conventions to exaggerate the silliness of the upper class society so that readers will not only laugh at the satires in the poem but will also learn and change for the better. [1] “Zeus, the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea, he was the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and of the Pantheon of gods who resided there”( Leadbetter). [2] “Athena is the Greek virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature” (greekmythology) [3] “Ariel Belinda’s guardian sylph (supernatural creature)” (cummingsstudyguides).

Substance abuse

Substance abuse. I don’t understand this Nursing question and need help to study.

Substance abuse as a community health problem.
Violence and nursing response.
Read chapters 26 and 27 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentations. Once done answer the following questions.

Discuss the historical trends and current conceptions of the cause and treatment of substance abuse.
Identify and discuss the issues related to substance abuse in various populations encountered in the community health nursing practice.
Describe and discuss the concepts of interpersonal and community violence.
Describe and discuss the role of the nurse in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of violence. APA format word document, Arial 12 font attached. A minimum of 2 evidence-based references besides the class textbook no older than 5 years must be used.

Substance abuse

Problem Solving Application – Where in the World is Disney? Report

custom essay Introduction Disney Corporation is planning to move its operations to other parts of the world. For the company to compete favourably in these markets it has to come up with workable strategies. The targeted market is in the far- east and Australia specifically Shanghai and Sydney. Disney has a burning desire to serve as many cultures as possible all over the world. The Company’s unique sense of creativity and imagination can be well utilized to conform to the culture of both Sydney and Shanghai communities. In every place all over the world, there is always a desire to create some sense of learning within the young generation. This can be achieved through improvement of the facilities that are used to foster the love for learning. This idea gives the young people the confidence to tackle new discoveries identified throughout the world (Fogler and LeBlanc, 2008). Brainstorm and Mind-map The following mind-map helps in generating ideas on how to approach the operations within the targeted areas. It gives valid information concerning various segments that are of great interest. In the case of Shanghai, there are some elements that must be considered to generate an idea on how to plan and approach the market. The population of Shanghai should be considered in order to determine the amount of space required to establish the operations. The average income per person should also be considered, the likes and dislikes of the community and the tourists. Majority of the young population within this area like products with cartoon pictures on them, this provides a good market base. The urban population is considered the wealthiest; however they should be grouped according to their financial ability. The criterion to be used to estimate the economic status of the market should be addressed. The city is reach in domestic tourism; this provides Disney Corporation with a sure and available market. Disney Corporation can do well in the entertainment sector in Sydney, majority of the children in Sydney enjoy watching Disney’s animated films. However, the older generation must be convinced that the films are free from staff that may endanger their children’s social lives. Problem Statement In both markets majority of the rural population live in poverty, this is a limitation on Disneyland. This is a problem since Disney Corporation will not be able to profit from this market. The city lacks middle income earners, this shows that there is a very big disparity between the rich and the poor. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The area is dominated by communist and this puts a lot of risk to Disney Corporation unless they give the government a big share to control. There is also the risk of terrorist attack and wars which is a big threat to tourism within the region, and also the risk to natural disasters since China is a country prone to Natural calamities. In the entertainment sector, Disney Corporation is considered to present their films in a discriminating manner encouraging anti-socialization between cultural groups; they present their films in an acceptable manner. The films are considered to abuse cultural integrity. There is the challenge of using meaningful scribbles to suit every local culture served, this might seem a challenge especially when it comes to Chinese way of writing. The use of magic does not at interest at all majority of the cultures in the far-east (Brand Channel, 2009). K-T Problem Analysis SITUATION APPRAISAL: The market demand for Disney Corporation is growing weaker due to the nature of services it offers to consumers. A lot of questions have been raised on the cultural integrity of Disney productions and the impact it has on the younger generation. PROBLEM ANALYSIS: The situation within the cities provides some risks that have to be faced by Disney Corporation before penetrating the market. In Shanghai there is the problem of natural disasters and also the risk of facing it off with a communist society where there is a big disparity between the rich and the poor. Then there is the sharp criticism from the Sydney community which believes that though Disney’s animated films attract millions supplies, they are more stereotypical. This is believed to promote social division amongst individual races and communities. DECISION ANALYSIS: One of the best actions to be taken by Disney is to first of all monitor the economic and general performance of some related companies involved in the same targeted opportunity, and then evaluate on what steps they need to take in order to deal with the shortcomings. This presents a good channel on which point they should start exploring the market. POTENTIAL PROBLEM ANALYSIS: The question lies on how to convince the general community that the services provided are culturally friendly and means no harm to children. The other issue how much finances will be required to cater for the risks involved which includes terrorism, wars, community risk and natural disasters (Sawyer, 2008). We will write a custom Report on Problem Solving Application – Where in the World is Disney? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More K-T Situation and Decision Analysis Decision Analysis Decision statement: It is a good move for Disney Corporation to explore Shanghai and Sydney Markets. This would make sure that there is an increase in income and revenue collection, it will also ensure that Disney has a wider market to satisfy presenting it with opportunity to build its brand name (Fogler and LeBlanc, 2008). Objectives to be achieved by the decision Must To develop a strong image amongst the consumers To develop a strong economic and social status amongst different communities having diverse cultural set-up. Wants To ensure that every consumer all over the world is reached by the services offered. To attract and serve foreign, urban and rural markets To nurture close ties with the governments within the countries they serve. List of alternative or options (Fogler and LeBlanc, 2008). Alternative solutions A B C Parks Hotels and resorts Animated films ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION A B C Musts 1. Develop strong image brand. 2. Strong economical and social status Go Go Go Not Go Go Not go Wants weight Rating score Rating Score Rating score 1.Services to all – 9 consumers GO NOT GO NOT GO 2.serve foreign, – 7 urban and rural markets GO NOT GO NOT GO 3.Nurture close ties 5 with Govt GO NOT GO NOT GO Concise Decision Statement The company must incorporate social responsibility to its audience so as to gain the ability to penetrate market as fast as possible. However, there are several benefits involved that outweigh the disadvantages, this makes it very ideal for Disney Corporation to stage its foot in these regions, focus on the rate of return and face the challenges which will ultimately lead to more gain. Recommendation of Disney’s location Disney Corporation should first of all monitor at a close range the performance of other companies offering the same services in these areas. This is of advantage since it could give Disney the chance to evaluate and set its investment priorities right. It should first of all start by building a theme park to assess the market potential then include other projects like hotels later. The shanghai government also regulates the number of films to be released in the market annually; this might pose a big challenge to Disney’s animated films (Brand Channel, 2009). Disney Corporation should first of all test the market’s worth through the building of parks. This may help in determining the actual size and status of the market since it serves both local population and foreigners. Not sure if you can write a paper on Problem Solving Application – Where in the World is Disney? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is easier to influence local community and foreigners to visit parks than hotels or buy animated films. In addition Disney should put strategies on how to attract through their services, the large number of tourists that visit these areas. The amount of money it will cost to put up these projects must be calculated based on the level of risks involved. Conclusion The success of Disney Corporation has long been linked with the generation it served at an early age. This means that taking Disneyland to Shanghai will not attract much attention since their children are nurtured on a totally different culture. This may lead to poor sales because the services might not seem to be of much interest, hence better they focus on Sydney as opposed to Shanghai. Reference Brand Channel, 2009. Is Disney’s Shanghai Dream a World of Make Believe?. Web. Fogler, H. S.

have to write answer after reading the passage from book

have to write answer after reading the passage from book. I’m working on a Management question and need guidance to help me study.

Assignment 4
Having read the assigned chapters, complete the following:
Complete the assignment in a Word Document, and then submit the file to the Drop Box provided, according to the due date on the Calendar.
There are three topics due:
1) Give an example of a situation that you and someone else experienced together but perceived differently. Which of the biases in perception might explain the difference in perception?
2) Describe how your needs at each of Maslow’s levels are addressed by an organization you work for now or were addressed by one you have worked for previously.
3) Recall a past or present boss and of the leadership styles presented in the chapter. Which style of leadership do you best function under?
have to write answer after reading the passage from book

Rasmussen College Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Questions

Rasmussen College Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Questions.

I’m working on a accounting exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.

1. Identify and describe the 8 major steps in planning an audit. Be sure to give examples of what each step would normally require the auditor to do in regards to the specific steps.2. What is the purpose of a client representation letter? What are the key elements normally included in the letter?3. Why is identifying a potential loss contingency so important to the auditor? How can an auditor determine if one exists beyond what is reported in the financial statements or note disclosures?.4 Due in large part to corporate fraud in financial reporting, the government enacted a number of reforms to the accounting profession during early 2000. Congress had strong doubts that the accounting profession had the ability to self regulate itself as it had done in the past. A number of reforms were made to the accounting profession’s system of self-regulation due in large part to the scandals. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 created the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. Explain the major responsibilities of this board.a. Give an overview of the legislation that altered the self-regulation process for accounting. What are the major responsibilities of this board? Hint: it was 2002!b. Explain the regulation process (regulatory authority) for accounting firms that audit public companies.c. Explain the regulation process (regulatory authority) for accounting firms that do not audit public companies. 5 Explain why public companies are required to have to have an integrated audit? Give an example of a company’s actions that provoked the need for the creation of the PCAOB and regulation requirement for an integrated audit of a financial audit of a public company. 6. Describe the differences between the 3 engagements: 1. an audit (examination) 2. a review 3. a compilation. What is the level of assurance being offered for each engagement? Give an example of when a business would request each engagement.
Rasmussen College Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Questions