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Why does everyone leave? Seeing your parents apart and not getting along when they’re together is hard for most kids specially when you’re 8 years old and you don’t know what’s coming next. The day my parents got divorced changed my perception of what a normal family was. Having my dad around all the time wasn’t my everyday routine. I’d see him once or twice a week so I wasn’t very much used to see him every day.

One day I came home after school and he and my mom were on the balcony talking, the notice I was staring, they both looked at me and called for a family meeting by the tone of their voices I could tell there was something wrong. The first thing I heard was “We’re getting divorced this means that dad is going to move out of the house” they were saying other things but I wasn’t listening, the only thing that popped into my mind was I’d never get so see my dad again, he was going to leave me and my mom for good, he was never coming back.

I t was hard knowing that I would never wake up to the feeling of surprise of having my dad sleeping next to my mom on a random day. My uncle came in the picture and I found a new friend, father, and accomplice. My mom told me that my uncle was coming to live with us for business matters and he would stay on my bedroom as I slept with her since my dad left. He’s job allowed him to get home just in time for us three to have a meal together, I’d see him every morning before he went to work and he was there when I was back from school.

Cervantes II We spent a lot of time together; he played with me before and after homework time. Weekends were the best, we used to go out to eat and on Sundays around dinner time we would order lemon pie from our favorite restaurant, and we would have our happy family moment just in time before our busy week start all over again. I was such a happy kid when he was around, he made all of my school problems fade away, he was more of a father to me than my biological one.

The day he decided to leave was tougher than when my dad left. According to the doctor the pollution had affected his eyes. He had always lived on the beach and his body never got used to the city. I knew my life was going to change completely, I wouldn’t see him every day. Who would I cry out for help when my mom gets angry? Everything was about to change, we wouldn’t order take-out on Sundays, it was a big deal, I was losing my best friend, the only father figure I have ever had so far.

I watched him taking all of his stuff out of the apartment, I was getting more and more mad. Wasn’t our beautiful relationship enough to make him stay? I even blame myself I thought I had done something wrong, maybe wearing his clothes and leaving them all messy, I apologize and swear not to do it again, but it didn’t matter the decision was already made. I stared at him and yelled “if you don’t love me anymore go ahead leave, I don’t need you” there were tears on our faces, I jumped into my bed and cried myself to sleep.

I realized there was nothing else to be done, he was not my father and I was sure I’d see him someday, he wouldn’t stop loving me, and we would always have the memories of the brief time we shared our lives. He made the best out of my childhood. Cervantes III Growing up with a father that was never around and a father figure that also left was hard, but it taught me that I don’t need a father to rely on. I have myself and my mom, and as long as I don’t forget who I am I don’t need anyone else to feel loved.

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Explain Congressional oversight of the president including impeachment, give examples. Write 5 paragraphs please
Do you think the limits work? Write 5 paragraphs please
What if Congress will not hold the president accountable to the rule of law and the Constitution? (This is the challenge for today’s January 6 Committee.) Write 5 paragraphs please
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