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Falling Leaves
Sitting in the woods all by myself was pretty wonderful. The morning was almost perfect. The sun was slowly rising to my left, peeking through the trees and lighting up the whole woods. To my right there was the lake. It was bright blue and had small ripples moving across the top. A cool breeze from the lake made my cheeks and nose cold. It was whistling through the woods, causing water drip from the trees which was making my paper wet. It also made leaves slowly drift down from the trees, almost if they were dancing in the air.
One of my favorite things to see are the vibrant orange, yellow, red, brown and green leaves. They are so bright up in the sky. Anywhere I looked it was a new painting waiting to be made. The rising sun made the wet leaves shimmer brightly. Below my feet there were dead, brown leaves all around. It made me realize that even though these trees are very pretty and probably the best looking that they will ever be, they will still fall.
Not everything can stay at its best for ever.
Every year tree leaves fall. The trees become ugly and look depressing. This can happen in life, too. Maybe it’s a bad test score or an event didn’t go like you wanted it to or something tragic occurs. Life become sad and unhappy. It seems like nothing is good about it. The thing about trees though is that the leaves always grow back. Thick and green and almost better than before. By just giving it time, life can completely come around, just how the leaves come back. There always will be a time when the leaves become dull. There will always be a time when life becomes dull. It just happens. And just like the leaves, all it needs is a little time, patience, and some determination.
It’s just how life is.
This happens to everyone. No matter what people say or what they seem like, we all have our lows. I have had those lows. When no matter what I did it seemed like it was wrong. It can be hard because you think you’re doing something good, but then it just doesn’t turn out. Things like grades, sports, almost everything. It’s sad and I just really don’t like it. I haven’t had many lows in my life, but when I have my life has always come around. After a little while, things seem to click back into place and start to work out. It’s just one of those things that happens to everyone no matter who you are. We just need to remember that things will turn around, it just might take some time.
While I was sitting in the woods, looking up at the colorful trees, I looked at the ground covered with dead leaves. It to me was a reminder of the downs in life. When we are having ups in our life, we have to remember about our downs. If we remember them, it gives us something to think about so we try to stay away from the downs. Lows in our lives can be impossible to avoid. If we have reminders about the lows though, then we can really cherish the ups.
The more you sit and the more you let yourself completely be just with the woods the more you will be able to learn from it. All the sounds, animals, trees and plants you can notice. It’s so quiet and calm but yet so lively.
Now that I have sat here for awhile, the sun has gotten higher up in the sky and is no longer peeping through the trees. I can feel the air slowly getting warmer. The dew has dried on the ground and on the leaves. The wind still blows a cold breeze through the woods, rustling the leaves. The changing leaves fall lightly. A red one. A green one. A yellow one. All falling to be at their lowest. But then I remember that soon everything will be back, all green and pretty. I can’t forget that it will always get better.

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