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Facility Question

Issue: Review the Case Study regarding the April 15, 1989 Hillsborough disaster, one of

the worst sport stadium incidents in history. The Case Study can be found on pages 98-99

of the textbook. Additionally, view the BBC Documentary on the course site. After

reviewing the scenario and video, answer the following questions:

1) The Case Study includes four lessons learned (police control, stadium design, alcohol

consumption, and ticketing). In your opinion, what are two other lessons learned from

this tragedy? Be descriptive and provide rationale to support your statements.

2) What three specific suggestions would you offer to enhance security management

systems for major sporting events/venues?

3) Based on what you have read about the disaster, if you were the lead investigator what

would you deem as the single most important factor that caused this incident? Elaborate

on your reasoning.

Format and Directions

• Submit using Word, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double space.

• Use bulleting, italics, bold, etc. for an organized, clean response to the scenario

• Use and underline three terms/concepts, that we have reviewed in Chapter 5

and/or 6, in your response
Hillsborough Disaster BBC Documentary: Hillsborough BBC Panorama Documentary – video Dailymotion