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Management Policy and Strategy unit 3 Case Study 3 Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet (venturebeatprofiles. com). That is what it is now. The original thought was that Facebook was Just to be for college students and recent graduates. It was suppose to be a way for them to be social and to network.

In my opinion, Facebook has some strengths. It is a quick easy way for a person to connect with another person. They can use the computer or they now can download an application to their phone and message or chat that way. That is the convenient part that everyone likes about it. Another strength that I see is that almost everyone these days has a Facebook account so you can use it to find almost anyone. That may be helpful when trying to find a old college buddy or someone that you went to high school with any, many years ago.

The last major strength that I have noticed is that there are many companies that are advertising on it now that weren’t when it first came out. That way you can find some new products that might be useful to you that you didn’t know was out. Those are the strengths that I see. Now on to the weaknesses. I see more weaknesses these days then I see strengths. The main weakness that I see is that anyone and everyone can get an account with Facebook. I think that is ridiculous.

I don’t think that anyone that is in high school should need a Facebook account being that they can go to school and see their friends on a daily basis, they don’t need to post a million pictures, and so on. They are not using Facebook for what it was meant for. I also think having all the games on Facebook is a waste of time. I know from my own experience, they are addictive and take away from what one should actually be doing, like homework. Now on to the opportunities that I see.

They can take Facebook ack, change it back to what it was meant for: college age and recent graduates or even use it for eighteen and above. I don’t think that they need to have some many minors on it Just to play games and post pictures. Use it specifically what it was made for. The threats that I for see is that the “Facebookers” are going to get tired of the games and frequent shut downs and will find other networks that are similar to Facebook. There are many other websites that are actually made Just for networking such as collegeORT. com.

I feel that they should get back to the old Facebook. They need to get rid of all the game-like applications and use it specifically for social networking. They need to make it an eighteen and above network. How would I do this? Easy, put out a mass email saying that Facebook will be closing down for repairs and anyone that isn’t eighteen will not be allowed back in. They can go and make a Facebook for eighteen and under so that they don’t lose anyone and when they hit the age of eighteen they can Join the regular Facebook. This way, the adults don’t

Writing Assignment #3. Watch the short film ‘Vincent’ (Tim Burton, 1982)

Writing Assignment #3. Watch the short film ‘Vincent’ (Tim Burton, 1982).

Writing Assignment #3. Watch the short film ‘Vincent’ (Tim Burton, 1982) on your own and write a short (1000 word essay) that responds to the following prompt.


What kind of genre conventions and elements does Burton use to tell this story? What is the significance of using and combining these? Cite specific examples of the film’s style, mise-en-scene, lighting, cinematography, etc. The paper should be 1000 words long

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