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Extreme Work Pressure Essay

Problem Identification Working for long hours The case illustrates an increment in extreme work pressure amongst high ranking professionals of different demographics working in firms operating in different economic sectors. This is evident in the number of hours that the professionals commit to their work every week. Some individuals work for approximately 70 hours every week. Their motivation arises from a strong desire to move the organization into a new direction. The resultant effect is that work becomes very stressful. As a result of working for long hours, these professionals are ranked amongst the highly earning individuals on a global scale. Despite the fact that working for long hours is self motivated amongst these professionals in an effort to attain personal and corporate objectives, this has come at a cost with regard to diverse areas of their life. Effects on individuals’ well being Extreme jobs have negatively affected individual’s well being and health. For example, as a result of working for long hours, these individuals do not have enough time to rest, sleep or exercise. In order to minimize the resulting effects such as anxiety and insomnia, these professions depend on medications. Alternative habits formed include overeating and consuming a lot of alcohol. Family life and parenting Extreme working also affects individual’s family life and parenting. For example, working for long hours has denied individuals chances of being with their children and partners. This has the effect of straining family relationships (Hewlett
What struck you the most from this talk? 2. Explain how Ms. Pierson shows highly effective educational practices that supports all of her students. 3. How do the practices support positive behavior in the classroom? Step 2: How can you be a champion for your future students?
OL 125 SWot Analysis to Help You Determine More Information About Where Your Additional Strengths and Weaknesses Lie Discussion.

Part 1 : View this interactive discussion scenario and answer the question(s) posed at the end of the presentation.A transcript for the video is available here.To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.Part 2 : For this milestone assignment, you will complete a SWOT analysis to help you determine more information about where your additional strengths and weaknesses lie.Read this brief video transcript of a SWOT analysis to help you get started, and review the Personal SWOT Analysis article to view examples of a personal SWOT.For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document.Prompt: For this milestone assignment, complete the SWOT Analysis Template and write a brief reflection on a component of this analysis that you found most
interesting. The SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis will help you determine more information about where your additional
strengths and weaknesses lie. In addition, the SWOT analysis can help you identify opportunities that you may not have otherwise known about in addition to
helping you understand weaknesses and eliminate threats that could keep you from moving forward.
When completing the SWOT analysis template, create a list of at least four bullet points, in complete sentences, for each component.
Draw from your Milestone One work and feedback you received to help you complete this assignment. Remember that both milestone assignments will be
important components to your final project in Module Seven.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
SWOT Analysis: The SWOT analysis will help you determine more information about where your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats lie and how
these components relate to a role in leadership. Your answers in the SWOT analysis template must address in complete sentences:
I. Strengths: Address how your personality strengths could benefit you in a leadership role.
II. Weaknesses: Address potential weaknesses in your personality as a leader and how your temperament, character, approach to conflict, and/or attitude
about taking on a leadership role may be areas for improvement or change.
III. Opportunities: Address opportunities you could take advantage of, based on your strengths you have provided.
IV. Threats: Address the external or unexpected threats that may impact your leadership, including how you could be using your strengths you have listed
to guard against these threats.
V. Reflect on a section of the SWOT analysis, and include what you found most interesting about it.
OL 125 SWot Analysis to Help You Determine More Information About Where Your Additional Strengths and Weaknesses Lie Discussion

Develop an evidence-based management plan. Include any pertinent diagnostics. Describe the patient e.

Diabetes Case StudyChief Complaint“My left foot feels weak and numb. I have a hard time pointing my toes up.”History of Present IllnessD.T. is 42-year-old Caucasian woman who has had an elevated blood sugar and cholesterol 2 years ago but did not follow up with a clinical diagnostic work-up. She had participated in the state’s annual health screening program and noticed her fasting blood sugar was 160 and her cholesterol was 250. However, she felt “perfectly fine at the time” and did not want to take any more medications. Except for a number of “female infections,” she has felt fine recently.Today, she presents to the clinic complaining that her left foot has been weak and numb for nearly 3 weeks and that the foot is difficult to flex. She denies any other weakness or numbness at this time. She does report that she has been very thirsty lately and gets up more often at night to urinate. She has attributed these symptoms to the extremely warm weather and drinking more water to keep hydrated. She has gained a total of 50 pounds since her last pregnancy 10 years ago, 20 pounds in the last 6 months alone.Past Medical HistorySeasonal allergic rhinitis (since her early 20s)Breast biopsy positive for fibroadenoma at age 30Gestational diabetes with second child 10 years agoMultiple yeast infections during the past 3 years that she has self-treated with OTC antifungal creams and salt bathHypertension for 10 yearsPast Surgical HistoryC-section 14 years agoOB-GYN HistoryMenarche at age 11Last pap smear 3 years agoFamily HistoryType 2 DM present in older brother and maternal grandfather. Both were diagnosed in their late 40s. Brother takes both pills and shots.Mother alive and wellFather has COPDTwo other siblings alive and wellAll three children are alive and wellSocial HistoryMarried 29 years with 3 children; husband is a school teacherFamily lives in a four bedroom single family homePatient works as a seamstressSmokes 1 pack per day (since age 16) and drinks two alcoholic drinks 4 days per weekDenies illegal drug usesNever exercises and has tried multiple fad diets for weight loss with little success. She now eats a diet rich in fats and refined sugars.AllergiesNKDAMedicationsLisinopril 10 mg dailyLoratadine 10 mg dailyReview of SystemsGeneralAdmits to recent onset of fatigueHEENTHas awakened on several occasions with blurred vision and dizziness or lightheadedness upon standing: Denies vertigo, head trauma, ear pain, difficulty swallowing or speakingCardiacDenies chest pain, palpitations, and difficulty breathing while lying downLungsDenies cough, shortness of breath, and wheezingGIDenies nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating or pain, diarrhea, or food intolerance, but admits occasional episodes of constipationGUHas experienced increased frequency and volumes of urination, but denies pain during urination, blood in the urine, or urinary incontinenceEXTDenies leg cramps or swelling in the ankles and feet; has never experienced weakness, tingling or numbness in arms or legs prior to this episodeNeuroHas never had a seizure and denies recent headachesDermHas a rash under her bilateral breast and in groin areaEndocrineDenies a history of goiter and has not experienced heat or cold intoleranceVital SignsBP 165/100, T 98 F, P 88 regular, HT 5 feet 4 inches, RR 20 non labored, WT 210 lbsWhat you need to do:Develop an evidence-based management plan.Include any pertinent diagnostics.Describe the patient education plan.Include cultural and lifespan considerations.Provide information on health promotion or health care maintenance needs.Describe the follow-up and referral for this patient.Prepare a 3–5-page paper (not including the title page or reference page).FormatThe paper should be no more than 3–5 pages (not including the title page and reference pages.Assignment Requirements:Before finalizing your work, you should:be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary; andutilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.Your writing Assignment should:
Develop an evidence-based management plan. Include any pertinent diagnostics. Describe the patient e

3-4pages with word document

3-4pages with word document.

This assignment goals are:Claim Azure VM and connect to Cloudera Express virtual machinePerform step by step instruction following the Getting Started with Hadoop user guideDocument all steps above using screen shots and explanation in your own for each of the steps and screen shots.Instructions:Part 1: (40 points) – work with class TA to complete this part.Register with Microsoft Azure environment for ALY6110.90463 Microsoft Azure environment for ALY6110.90463 – Alternative Formats using your NEU credentials.Follow ALL steps to claim you Virtual Machine in Azure Labs.Connect to one of the available Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted by Azure using Microsoft Remote Desktop.You will find the Hyper-V Manager Application on your Desktop, which has already installed Cloudera VM. You just need to open Hyper-V Manager application and click on ‘Start’ Cloudera VM from that application and once its started, click on ‘Connect’ in order to access that virtual machine.Start Cloudera VM in your Virtual EnvironmentUse Cloudera Express to startup Cloudera Manager. Be patent – it takes some time.Provide detailed step by step instructions on how you did tasks above and explain each and every screen shot that you provided! Part 2: (40 points)Use the Setup section only of the following page as a guide: Getting Started with Hadoop Tutorial Getting Started with Hadoop Tutorial – Alternative Formats to make sure all required services are running.Complete the “The Getting Started with Hadoop” tutorial at http://quickstart.cloudera/#/tutorial/home and record and explain each step of this tutorial using screen shots, text, comments, etc. Make sure that you are using your Cloudera VM environment. The link will only work when running from your Cloudera VM.Provide detailed step by step instructions on how you did EACH STEP of the “Getting Started with Hadoop” tutorial mentioned above. Add screen shot for EACH STEP and explain each and every screen shot that you provided!Part 3: (20 points)Answer these questions:What is the 3rd most popular product category? How much revenue does the Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ running shoe earns?Modify the query script and provide the product name with the least revenue and how much the revenue amount is.Provide detailed step by step instructions on how you did EACH task above and explain each and every screen shot that you provided!Provide complete script/code and results in the submission file.Attach EACH script/code in text format to the submission. EACH line of the script must be commented or explained.Submit WORD document containing the following sections:Title Page: Title page must have the following information:Your name (as registered for this class)Class Number and NameCRN NumberAssignment name: (Week 2 Assignment 1)Your contact information (email)Summary: provide a short summary of the assignment. The summary is a short statement of the most relevant steps of the assignment.Part 1 materials: all materials, findings and your comments during the execution of Part 1 steps.Part 2 materials: all materials, findings and your comments during the execution of Part 2 steps.Part 3 materials: all materials, findings and your comments during the execution of Part 3 steps.Analysis: describe the cons and pros of the performed tasks, difficulties, issues, how easy (or not) was it to resolve them.Conclusions summary (1/2 – 1 page): Summarize your experience, findings, thoughts, comments, ideas for the future, etc.Save your WORD file using the following name: Week2-Assignment1-[your name].docx. Replace [your name] with your name as it is registered with this class.Submit your WORD document before the due date.
3-4pages with word document

Birth Skin To Skin Contact Health And Social Care Essay

essay help online Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp The first hour after birth is a time of particular sensitivity for the mother. Close contact with her baby during this time facilitates the attachment process. Mother-baby bonding is enhanced when the naked newborn is placed on the mother’s bare chest. The mother begins her examination of her baby by exploring the extremities and head with her fingertips. Thereafter, she caresses her baby’s body with her entire hand before gathering her baby in her arms often in the en face position where eye-to-eye contact can be established. She talks to her baby with great emotion, looking for positive reinforcement from her partner and other birth attendants. This sensitive period of interaction between the mother and baby should promote ideal later development of the baby. Therefore, it is important after a pregnancy period of nine months, not to separate the baby from his mother immediately after birth unless otherwise contraindicated due to health reasons A growing volume of research supports skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the newborn in the immediate post-delivery period. Skin to skin contact is defined as placing the naked newborn baby, prone covered across the back with a warm blanket, on the mother’s bare chest instantaneously following birth. A substantial number of studies showed that early skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the newborn is beneficial to the newborn. Some of the benefits of skin-to-skin contact include stabilization of the newborn’s body temperature through thermoregulation, regulation of heart rate and regulation of respiratory rate (Wallace

Federal Reserve Bank of Atalanta 2020 GDP Declination Discussion

Federal Reserve Bank of Atalanta 2020 GDP Declination Discussion.

1. Find, summarize and send a link to an article or study where a public entity made a serious short-term or long-term financial forecasting decision which caused an agency or program to fail or to require substantial increases in taxation or appropriations. Identify the errors that were made in the forecasting process. Discuss your findings and recommendations with your peers.2. Cost-benefit analysis is certainly effective in the private, for profit sector. What problems could over-reliance on cost-benefit analysis cause in the public sector if it was the sole decision paradigm applied to all public sector decisions? Give an example or two to demonstrate your points and discuss this issue with your peers.
Federal Reserve Bank of Atalanta 2020 GDP Declination Discussion

Marriott cross cultures class PowerPoint

Marriott cross cultures class PowerPoint.

Topic company Marriott hotels USA in Russia how would Russia corporate culture be in relation to USADuty: Corporate Culture Evaluation(HBR MODELING) HAVARD BUSINESS check it out online if need I can provide the documentationhave it in slide form and animation also don’t forget to draw a graph let me know if you need an exampleIt’s suppose to be on the MarriottAnd there need to be graph included as shown in the docs providedAnd follow the instructions of Hbr modeling I don’t need definition I need research and examples I also asked for animation and photos plus the graph and I provided the documents please read them as it’s a big part
Marriott cross cultures class PowerPoint

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