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Demographic 1.

Age Elders aged 50 and above tend to have more time to travel around with their friends as they had already retired. The time is more flexible comparing with young generation-working groups and students. Working groups and students can only travel during holidays. 2. Education When the people are more educated; they have the ability to get more income. Therefore, they will be more affordable to travel. 3.

Occupation Employees who work in multinational company often travel to other countries for the business purpose could be the important customer in airline industry. 4. PopulationHigh interest rate in a country encourages people to save money in the bank to gain a high interest return. People will travel less when the interest rate is high; inversely, people will travel more when the interest rate is low. 5. Gross Domestic Production (GDP) High GDP indicates high income of a country. People will likely travelling when their country has a higher GDP.

Social cultural 1. Races People will travel back home country to celebrate their own festivals such as Deepavali, Christmas, Chinese New Year and etc.Thus, it increases the sale transactions for airline industry during different festivals. 2. Exchange of sociocultural Nowadays, people tends to exchange sociocultural through networking. Hence, they also invite friends to visit their home countries. For instance, student from China will invite friends in Malaysia travelling in China.

3. Weather/ Season The various weathers/ seasons around the world prompt the visit from other countries. For example, Malaysian attracted by the different season in European as Malaysia is a tropical country. 4. Changes in lifestyleIn pace with the improvement of lifestyle, people incline to travel instead of striving to save money to guarantee their future in the past forty years. Political/Legal 1. Fuel subsidy Fuel subsidies provided by government will affect the price of airline tickets.

Malaysia Government cuts the fuel subsidies will increase the cost of travelling. Hence, it will reduce the demand for airline services. 2. Flight requirement Government participates in regulating airfares range and sets flyable destination for airlines in order to control the competition.For example, in order to operate airline business, AirAsia Airline, MAS Airline and other airlines have to meet certain flight requirement. 3. Government requirement Every country has their own requirement to the immigrants or tourists.

For example, it might be difficult to get a working visa or travelling visa of United States as the government sets policies. This reduced tourists from visiting United States. Technological 1. In-Flight Technology High-tech device provided to passengers is one of the issues that may influence the airline industry.For example, power outlets, in-flight internet, satellite phone services are provided by United Airlines to the passengers, especially business passengers will increase the interest of consumers. 2. Websites Internet is an essential tool of browsing and accessing information.

The services such as online-booking, checking-in online, check flight available time online and etc. are the basic facility that an airline must provide to their passengers. 3. Modern AircraftIn order to provide comfortable seats to passengers, the model of planes should be keep modernized. It may also load more passengers with modern aircraft. Global 1. Health Issue Health issue in a country might affect local airlines businesses.

For example, International Air Transport Association had reported there are 10% reduced in the number of air passengers worldwide due to the influenza A H1N1. 2. International Governmental Issue Diplomatic relations between countries, stability of local government are also the element influencing the airline industry.For example, demonstration in Bangkok, Thailand had harmed the safety of tourist; the tension between South Korea and North Korea become the considerations of visiting. Physical Environment 1. Natural Disaster Natural disaster such as the Japan hit by 8. 9 magnitude earthquakes and the high radiation released become the primary consideration for people who plan to travel to Japan.

It would seriously affect the airline tickets to Japan. 2. Location The airports normally located near metropolitan city, which the strategic location could bring convenience to the customers.

Environmental or organizational pressures that can be disruptive to an organization

Environmental or organizational pressures that can be disruptive to an organization.


In order for managers to respond effectively to environmental or organizational pressures that can be disruptive to an organization, they must implement clear intervention strategies. In a 1,000-1250 word paper, propose a change plan to respond to the most significant pressures affecting the organization represented in your Pressures for Change assignment from Topic 2. Include the following: Review the organizational/environmental pressures you presented in your initial paper: Determine which pressure is most important to address at this time in order to maintain a competitive and viable company. Summarize the pressure and how the organization is currently being affected. Project the outcome for the organization if it fails to address the pressure. Develop a change vision to respond to the organizational or environmental pressure: The vision must define the organizational change and resonate with the decision making and strategies proposed in the paper. Additionally, the vison must include a cognitive and affective component in order to help stakeholders understand how to achieve the goals, and to inspire and motivate them to engage in the change. Develop a change model to implement your change vision. Identify the specific steps needed to implement a change and effectively respond to the pressure. Describe a strategy for implementing each step. Evaluate the potential resistance from stakeholders. Discuss the reasons for the resistance, at what point the resistance will likely occur, and some strategies for overcoming the resistance. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

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