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Explain the problem of evil. How do philosophers like David Hume understand the problem of evil and the challenges

Explain the problem of evil. How do philosophers like David Hume understand the problem of evil and the challenges that it poses to a theistic worldview? How do philosophers interested in defending theism and the existence of a higher power respond? Which view, if either, do you find more compelling? Please elevate the writing with higher English language. Thank you.

Discussion 2, Week 3

Answer the following questions using the texts provided:
1. Please explain — According to Freire:
What is the Banking method of teaching? What is the impact of this pedagogical approach?
What is the Problem Posing method of teaching? How is it linked to liberation according to Freire?
2. In reading the Malcolm X excerpt, please explain:
In what ways can education become a tool of liberation? How does it transform X’s life?

food and culture homework

Explain the problem of evil. How do philosophers like David Hume understand the problem of evil and the challenges can I get a help with this assignment? You must provide an answer to a question in each of the five question sets (for a total of five questions answered). Each question is graded out of six points for a total of 30 points. Each of your answers should be between about 50 and 100 words and should be written in full sentences. Responses should be primarily written in your own words. Direct quotations should be used very sparingly and if used, should make up less than 20% of your response. You should list which course resource(s) you used to answer the question within the response box. Any citation format is acceptable and you do not need to provide a full references list as it is expected you are only using course sources

Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 (DSM-5): Introduction and Psychiatric Diagnosis

Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 (DSM-5): Introduction and Psychiatric Diagnosis.

Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 (DSM-5): Introduction and Psychiatric Diagnosis In this lesson, you will focus on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and examine the major types of psychiatric disorders frequently seen in forensic settings. *This week’s assignment is a mid-term essay.* You are responsible for the required reading and for viewing the multimedia resources within the lesson. At the end of this lesson, you will demonstrate your understanding of the lesson objectives from lessons 1-4 by completing a 3-4 page, 600-800-word critical thinking essay that references at least four authoritative sources such as the lesson materials or Rio Salado library guide. readings “DSM-5” PDF – “Index of Psychiatric Disorders” – “Symptoms and Treatments of Mental Disorders” Other readings “Bipolar Disorder “PTSD “Schizophrenia “Antisocial Personality Disorder **************************************************************************************************** instructions from proffesor *Submit to turnitin has to be 10% or less *When using APA Writing Style format, you must use paragraph topic titles and sub-topic titles (bolded) as required *****use topic titles, a paragraph entitled “Conclusion******** *Remember to center your bolded paragraph titles. Only sub-paragraphs of main paragraphs are seated at the left margin * CRAAP Test Evaluation Currency-Relevance-Authority-Accuracy-Purpose ****************************************************************************************************************** Lesson Objectives Describe the structure of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Describe basic characteristics of the major types of psychiatric disorders frequently seen in forensic settings. AJS255-lesson 4 ESSAY Midterm Critical Thinking Essay – 600-800 words using a minimum of 4 references Your midterm essay involves writing a 3-4-page essay on the topic of forensic psychology in the news. In your paper, you will present, summarize, and explain a media piece (such as an article, news clip, or blog post) that demonstrates some aspect of forensic psychology. You must explicitly tie your selected media piece to forensic psychology and explain its importance and relevance to the field. Incorporate key terms and concepts discussed in Lessons 1 through 4. Review your work to make sure that you completely answer all questions before submitting. **********************************************

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Attribution Theory Paper

Attribution Theory Paper.

Attribution Theory Paper 

APA Guidelines. Times new roman 12 font double spaced. The paper should have an introduction, conclusion and be able to connect all sections together. Paper should also include a reference page and title page that includes page numbers on the top right corner, your last name in the top right corner, a running head and in the center of the page your name, title of your paper and the class. The total page count does not include your title page or reference page. Intro: You must provide an introduction, it MUST preview all sections of the paper and should discuss which theory you picked and what the theory states. Section 1: Pick one of the theories listed in the theory list. You must locate a scholarly article that discusses your selected theory. You need to go to the library database and locate an article. You can do this by entering the theory in the search box. You need to select the scholarly article box on the left side and limit your search to the last 10 years. You need to review your article and specifically pay attention to the four sections. Your review should include a summary of the literature review, methods, results and discussion. This is one section where students lose significant points, so please let me know if you need help. This section should be at 1 ½ -2 pages Section 2: Apply the theory to 2 media examples. You need to use the same theory you chose. This is identical to your media reviews that you have been doing all semester. You need to be able to articulate what your media examples are about and how, specifically, your theory is present in both of them. You must provide enough context for me to understand your media example. Your media example could be a print ad, internet ad, television show or movie. This section should be 1 ½-2 pages Section 3: Apply your theory to 2 personal examples. This is identical to the personal examples you have been doing all semester. Explain your personal situation in sufficient details so I understand the relationship and then explain how the theory is applied to your examples. You must do this for both your examples, the examples must be between different individuals. This section should be 1 ½-2 pages Conclusion: You must provide a conclusion that gives a final recap of all sections that were discussed in this paper. This should be at least a paragraph Reference Page: This needs to include both of your media examples, your scholarly article and any other resources you used in your paper. You many NOT use the breakfast club

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Literacy Action Plan

Literacy Action Plan.

or this benchmark, you will be creating a Literacy Action Plan for the grade level identified in your Field Experience “Presenting the Grade Level Analysis Digital Graphic Design”. In your Literacy Action Plan, identify three literacy priorities, based on your grade level analysis, that are in specific need of improvement. The Literacy Action Plan should be comprehensive and cover the current school year as well as address each of the following: Action steps for achieving the goals Responsibilities (for each stakeholder) Action steps timeline Resources Potential barriers Communication plan (between instructor and parents, to include initial, follow-up, and progress reporting) Progress monitoring /Evidence of success Evaluation tools Evaluation timeline Utilize a district plan template or utilize the Massachusetts District Literacy Action Plan template to complete your Literacy Action Plan. In addition research 3-5 scholarly articles to support your plan. In addition, submit a 750-1,000-word rationale in support of your Literacy Action Plan. Within your rationale, demonstrate your ability to analyze the following: Appropriate assessments Interpret assessment data Use the assessment data to evaluate curriculum and instruction specific to your chosen grade level

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Intellectual Property Law: law of patent claim construction

Intellectual Property Law: law of patent claim construction.

“The Protocol [on the interpretation of Article 69] is not concerned with the rules of construction of claims. It is concerned with determining the scope of protection.” (SIR HUGH LADDIE, 2009)

Critically evaluate the law of patent claim construction in light of this statement.

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In-Betweenness” and “Third Space”

In-Betweenness” and “Third Space”.

The order is a synthesis paper to answer the following questions: – How are the notions of “in-betweenness” and “third space” similar or different? – How can these metaphors be enacted in transnationals’ or socio-politically marginalized individuals’ literacy experiences? – How do these notions provide pedagogical possibilities for literacy teaching and learning? To write this synthesis paper, you need to refer FIRST to the “attached articles” and then you can refer to any other resource when needed. *The required pages long are 3 double-spaced pages excluding the title page at the beginning and references page at the end.

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integrating the information systems knowledge

integrating the information systems knowledge.

The final project will be a paper integrating the information systems knowledge that has been developed throughout the semester with your knowledge of healthcare delivery systems. The final paper should discuss the impact and influences that information systems technology has had on healthcare and healthcare delivery. Please select the healthcare delivery system of a primary care office. and thoroughly discuss how information systems technology has affected healthcare and the delivery of healthcare in that system. The paper should reflect your knowledge of the subject matter and your ability to apply that knowledge to practical situations that may be encountered as a healthcare administrator. Remember that this is a healthcare IT course. Do not get too lost in other healthcare related discussions that are not IT related. The final paper is expected to be appropriately researched, written at a graduate level and properly cited utilizing APA format. The final paper should be roughly ten (10) pages in length or 2,500 words, double spaced, written in Times New Roman, 12 point font, with pages configured with 1” margins on each side. There should be a title page, a body of the paper containing an introduction, body and conclusion, and a reference page. The reference page may be counted toward the total number of pages for the project (but only one).

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Intelligence Gathering Using a TIME Analysis

Intelligence Gathering Using a TIME Analysis.

Intelligence gathering and understanding an organization’s current situation and potential for innovation as dependent on external forces are important. Conduct a TIME (technology, industry, market, and events) analysis of a local organization. Identify a local organization that you know well or would like to know well. (Genetec)( Review and list the products and/or services currently offered by the organization. Provide an overview of the technology that the organization uses to compete. Is the technology a product or is the technology an external variable? What information about technology would a project manager need to develop or improve a current product? Provide an overview of the industry in which the organization competes. Who are the competitors? Select one of Porter’s five forces to illustrate how you would gather industry information. Provide an overview of the market served by the organization. Select one factor to show the specific data you would gather about market segmentation. For more, see the link at the bottom of the page, Table, for a table from your textbook. Provide an overview of events facing the company. What event or trend might impact this product? How might the event or trend impact the success of the product? Determine if the organization uses a market needs or a technology-driven approach. Support your answer. Summarize the TIME analysis in table form.

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HRM Issues in the Tourism Industry

HRM Issues in the Tourism Industry.

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Essay Guidelines

These attachments provide you with an overview of what is required for this case study essay for this course.

1. Choose ONE of the case studies that have been uploaded on your [email protected] website. You can find these by clicking the �assessment� tab and then click on essay.

2. You need to structure your essay using the following headings:

� Introduction (100 words)

� Identification of the TWO key HRM issues with the case study (150 words).

� A mini discussion of the academic literature about these issues (500 words). At least 5 peer reviewed academic articles need to be cited.

� Case study discussion (500 words)

� Recommendations (100 words)

3. The essay needs to written double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font.

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