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In this short essay, I chose a country I traveled to that opened my eyes to different cultures. France is a country full of diversity and a place I would feel honored to return to, in hopes of learning more from the culture they have to offer. Traveling to France I expected to be entranced by the grand architecture and art that had contributed to history, I was mistaken. I found the heart and soul of the nation in the people. I realized, after much travel, that it is the people and their culture continually that amaze me.

After exploring France, I discovered the invigoration of hearing a dissimilar language and learning how to adapt to the new environment. While some travelers carried the pride of their nation, I found it invigorating to assimilate into my new surroundings. In order to accomplish this, I decided to learn French in hopes that continual study of common practices would allow me to live the life of a Frenchmen. Upon arrival I found it easy to adopt the concept of public transportation, and each metro ride became more satisfying as I met varying people of varying nations.

I then adjusted my eating schedules and found a taste for French cuisine. With this, I commenced greeting my fellow Frenchmen with, “Bonjour monsieur! ” I was determined to not leave as a stereotypical tourist. I made it my goal to experience the nooks and crannies far from tourist France that is so often portrayed. That is when I found myself sitting in a local brasserie sipping “une lemonade” and thinking this is one adventure of a lifetime. Now being back in Texas, I hope to embark in my next adventure, to be apart of Colgate Univesity, an institution rich with culture and diversity that produces diplomats of the world.

“The Capitals,” from Are We Rome?: The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America.

“The Capitals,” from Are We Rome?: The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America..

 Each essay will consist of: a half-page (single-spaced) critical summary or précis of the reading, of approximately 300 words. Your précis should demonstrate a critical understanding of the reading and its arguments, and offer a personal assessment of its claims / strategies. Clearly separated out, at the bottom of the same page, 2 critical questions arising from your reading. Your questions should touch on some specific idea in the reading, seek clarity on some point, or push its argument in a new direction.

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