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Experiences of Japanese Americans and African Americans Essay

Living mainly in California and Hawaii, Japanese Americans traces their origin to the first group of Japanese who moved to the United States of America as contract laborers in the sugar cane plantations. Encouraged by treaty signed by Japan and the United States, the first generation of the present day generation of Japanese Americans arrived in Hawaii in 1869. Their numbers continued to increased until after World War II and at the beginning of 1980s when Japan’s economy began to blossom presenting more employment opportunities and better living standards. Since the first Issei (first generation Japanese) arrived and settled in Hawaii and California in the 19th century, they have contributed immensely to the political, social and economic development of the United States of America. This is still being reflected in all aspects of development of the United States even today. However, their predicament began as immediately they arrived in the United States. Their upsurge was not welcomed by some politicians fearing the occurrence Yellow Peril. This set a stage for a racial discrimination trend against all immigrants from Asia including Japanese that has stood the test of time and civilization. The politicians proposed a variety of measures with the most radical being total blockade on any immigrants from Japan. Others argued that the immigration of the Japanese into the United States should be allowed but in a controlled manner. To curb the Yellow Peril, the politicians passed laws barring the Japanese from marrying from other races while at the same time limiting their access to basic needs such as quality education and housing. To further suppress their dominance, the laws passed mainly in the western states where they first arrived to work in the sugar plantations ensured that the Japanese Americans had as limited employment opportunities as possible. They were also denied access to such public utilities such as bars and public parks and beaches. These Japanese were hardworking farmers thus many farmers in United States felt threatened as their agricultural ventures were growing at a very pace. Towards this front, the farmers pushed for oppressive laws to be passed to ensure that the immigrants do not advance agriculturally. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This reached a crisis level forcing the two countries to sign the 1908 Gentlemen’s Agreement. Together with the 1924 National Origins Act, the discriminatory laws were repealed with the borders of the United States being closed to the Japanese immigrants. However, these immigrants were still discriminated against and forced to embrace English as their language and Christianity as their religion. Discrimination heightened when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor during World War II as many Japanese were tortured as they suspected to be spies of their motherland. They were declared enemies, taken to internment camps which had poor facilities and lacked privacy and denied citizenship1. Their condition only changed after Japanese American returned from the war with honors of valor. Unlike the Japanese Americans, the ancestors of African Americans arrived in the United States as slaves. However, they also comprise of those individuals from Caribbean, Central and South American countries. Their first ancestors arrived in the United States in the 16th century as slaves to work in South Carolina in 1526. What followed was a steady flow of slaves whose numbers surged in the Southern States where oppressive laws were passed. Despite their great contributions to the economic, social and political development in the United States, African Americans were one of the most oppressed minority groups in the United States right from the time their ancestors arrived in as slaves. They were denied access to quality education, social amenities, churches, banks and equal economic opportunities forcing many of them to open their. Moreover, they were not allowed to vote or vie for any elective pubic post. They were segregated as they could not use the same services and amenities used by the whites while many lost their lives and were injured in racial attacks2. Interracial marriages between the African Americans were forbidden as they were only permitted to intermarry within their race and indigenous Americans. Their chances for legal redress were made even harder since even the United States Supreme Court upheld these laws. All these were despite the fact that these African Americans have been on the forefront of every war including the American Revolution War, World War II and Civil War. The Japanese Americans and the African Americans, even though living in different locations and their ancestors coming to the United States under different conditions and reasons, shared similar experiences during the mid-twentieth century. They were oppressed and discriminated with others losing their lives during racial attacks. We will write a custom Essay on Experiences of Japanese Americans and African Americans specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They were denied access to basic essential services and facilities while access to economic and educational opportunities where immensely limited. Despite the continued oppression, the African Americans and Japanese Americans continued to contribute immensely to the development of the various sectors of the American society including sports, music, politics, army and economy among others. These laws, upheld by courts of law, where only repealed through activism activities of such great mean as, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. among others. Bibliography Gruenewald, Mary and Michelson, Maureen. Looking Like the Enemy: My Story of Imprisonment in Japanese-American Internment Camps. Troutdale, OR: NewSage Press, 2011. Moody, Anne. Coming of Age in Mississippi. New York: Dell, 1992 Footnotes 1 Gruenewald, Mary and Michelson, Maureen. Looking Like the Enemy: My Story of Imprisonment in Japanese-American Internment Camps. Troutdale, OR: NewSage Press, 2011. 2 Moody, Anne. Coming of Age in Mississippi. New York: Dell, 1992
The Diffusion of a Cell Essay. Summary The primary goal of this research was to evaluate the effects of cholesterol on diffusion properties. Scholars use multiple methods to show the movement of the cholesterol particle to diffusion point. The use of solvents and fluorescence microscopy aimed to show the biophysical mechanism in the diffusion process. Cholesterol is an important player in the lipid composition comprising the cell membrane. Alteration in cell membrane and cholesterol concentration affect receptor protein as well as the cell. By changing many proteins, cholesterol favors the inactive conformation of the photoreceptor rhodopsin. Cholesterol has a few other purposes such as the functioning of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. The objective of this study was to showcase the importance of diffusion to the cell growth, survival, motility adhesion, and proliferation. Cholesterol plays a key role, and its depletion may lead to a decrease in integrin that affects the functionality of the cell. The research divulged the underlying biophysical system behind cholesterol’s impacts on the diffusion of ever-present group of receptors known as integrins. General Comments The biophysical mechanism process in cholesterol may not have been well known. Nevertheless, by use of live cell imaging and with the help of a combination of solvents one can identify the working behind the process. The goal of this research was to show the effects of cholesterol on living cells. Besides, the study aimed at showing the influence of cholesterol on human body that comprises numerous cells (Geffen 146). The study achieved this goal through the use of Single Particle Tracking that entails observing the diffusion of a particle in the cell. The researchers used photobleaching and enhanced the particles using fluorescence. The research also focused on restoration of cholesterol-depleted cells with exogenous Cholesterol. The study signified the ability of epicholestrol to substitute cholesterol (Finegold 106). The rate of diffusion is measured using Single Particle Tracking (SPT) after photobleaching. The materials and method utilized in the research included a cell culture and bleaching solvents. The method used involved cholesterol depletion, restoration, and substitution. The researchers exposed the cell to the heat as a way to get sufficient results. The cells were first washed in a serum-free medium to remove cyclodextrin (Wilson and Hunt 88). There was also extraction of lipid to measure the quantity of cholesterol. Imaging was done using a PhotonMax camera to assist in the Single Particle Tracking. The images showed total cellular and membrane cholesterol concentration as measured by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. The study signified the importance of imaging process in “generating reliable average diffusion coefficients” (Dudek 67). The study’s findings showed that a complete recovery of membrane cholesterol cannot be achieved despite a high total cellular cholesterol concentration. The Single Particle Tracking approach demonstrated the dynamics of integrin under different conditions. It showed a decrease in the amount of mobile integrin after cholesterol depletion and increase after cholesterol restoration. It may be argued that this experiment showed the effect of the single dot in the diffusion measurements as showed by STP. The integrins bound to ligand-coated quantum dots display the effects of diffusion. The study proved that integrin distribution is confined to cholesterol zones. According to the study, cholesterol depletion influences integrin diffusion coefficient. The instantaneous distribution varies significantly at different times in the confinement regions. The conclusion is that cholesterol regulates integrin diffusion by changing the physical properties of the membrane. Epicholestrol yielded similar integrin diffusion properties as those measured after restoration. The research verified that there is no difference in the average diffusion coefficient of mobile integrins inside or outside the confined zones after restoration. Criticism The rate of diffusion of a cell allows it to grow and multiply where necessary. The research shows the distribution in cells and their membrane. Lipids make up a great part of the cell and cholesterol is a major component of lipids. By measuring the rate of diffusion through the membrane of a cell, one can identify the absorption rate. Such an experiment can shed light on nutrient uptake in living cells that affects cell growth (Barrett and Donowitz 157). The methods used in this research will go a long way towards facilitating the establishment of different diagnostic and treatment procedures. They will enable doctors to establish appropriate diagnosis of patients in troubling cases. In nutrition, the levels of cholesterol in a particular diet are necessary, and the rate of diffusion in cells can determine how much cholesterol a diet requires. The experiment recognized and identified the effects of other biophysical processes that may be attributed to diffusion (Starr et al. 89). In future, the research can be used in understanding cell metabolism and development in cancer research. The research also brought out the aspect of diffusion rate of integrin and cholesterol. Besides, it pointed out other ways in which cell metabolism can be evaluated using Single Particle Tracking method. The research was well carried out, and the cells were treated to prevent contamination. The results were conclusive and supported using scholarly and peer-reviewed articles. The imaging process was clear and precise. The future research should focus on nutrition and cell biology in a deeper sense. Works Cited Barrett, Kim, and M. Donowitz. Gastrointestinal Transport, San Diego: Academic Press, 2010. Print. Dudek, Ronald. High-Yield, CellThe Diffusion of a Cell Essay
AU Corpi Confessions of A Book Burner Symbol of Music & Intuitions Discussion.

discussion postCorpi, L. (2016). Confessions of a Book Burner: Personal Essays and Stories. Arte Público Press.1. Choose a symbol that Corpi presents and discuss how it’s literal, metaphorical, and abstract meaning contribute to her text.2. Describe what she says about destiny. What do you think another author we’ve read would make of that? What do you make of it?3.
How does she draw in the archetypes of Mexican American literature
(Malinche, Llorona, etc) to appear as source material and personal
narrative? What do you make of that?4. Reflect on her discussion
of her name, Lucha. Where does it come from and how does she think about
it? If you have time, and want to, tell me about your name and how you
think about it.
AU Corpi Confessions of A Book Burner Symbol of Music & Intuitions Discussion

SOCW 6070 Walden University Human Services Organizations as Systems Discussion

SOCW 6070 Walden University Human Services Organizations as Systems Discussion.

Assignment: Human Services Organizations as Systems Social workers use the person-in-environment
approach to understand the relationship between individuals and their
physical and social environments. This ecological perspective is a
framework that is based on concepts associated with systems theory.
Systems theory guides social workers when they assess how factors in the
environment such as school, work, culture, and social policy impact the
individual. Although social workers commonly use the systems approach
to focus on the individual, they may apply this approach to human
services organizations as well. Human services organizations exist
within the context of the social, economic, and political environments,
and any type of change in one aspect of the environment will influence
the organization’s internal and external functioning. For
this Assignment, consider how administrators of human services
organizations may apply systems theory in their work. Also, consider
what you have discovered about the roles of leadership and management
and how these contribute to an organization’s overall functioning.Assignment (2–3 pages in APA format):
Explain how systems theory can help administrators understand the
relationships between human services organizations and their
environments. Provide specific examples of ways administrators might
apply systems theory to their work. Finally, explain how leadership and
management roles within human services organizations contribute to their
overall functioning.
SOCW 6070 Walden University Human Services Organizations as Systems Discussion

MGMT 310 American Public Week 4 Principles and Theory of Management Paper

nursing essay writing service MGMT 310 American Public Week 4 Principles and Theory of Management Paper.

Week 4 Paper: Why Do You Do What You Do? Turnitin® This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions Week 4 Paper: Why Do You Do What You Do? Identify an organization and develop an organizational chart listing all the key leaders. 1. List their roles as well as discuss how their responsibilities tie to the organization’s mission, vision, and values. 2. You need to be able to validate your discussion with research. If the company you are discussing does not have readily available information for research, then you will need to choose another organization. 3. Choosing your own organization is fine, but you must show research to validate your discussion. In other words, using personal experience is not advised if it cannot be verified. This is a research assignment. Contact your instructor if you have any questions about how to proceed. Directions: The assignment should be between 3-5 pages, plus a cover page and reference page.Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion that summarize the contents of the entire paper.Your paper should be written in proper APA format. This link will take you to the section of the APUS library that can assist you with formatting: Do not use first personAbstract is not neededReferences: A minimum of two references are required for this assignment. You may use your textbook as a reference in addition to the two references. Need at minimum 2 academic sources, then use online sources to help support your discussion if need be. Your company information should be supported with research! ***Must be submitted as a .doc or .docx file. All other submissions will receive a zero. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure proper submission of their assignment*** Hello class – To assist you in avoiding common errors, I created a running list as each error came up. Make sure you implement the feedback given in your assignments to your upcoming assignments and use this list as a sort of checklist to avoid errors with APA and writing styles. See below for mistakes to avoid in the future. (This message is not singling any one person out, it is merely a guide. This list is not all-encompassing). Common Mistakes to Avoid Implement feedback from previous assignments!!!!! No research in your introduction Separate the introduction from the background paragraph No gaps between paragraphs Do not use First Person (or “you”) Avoid contractions – spell out the words “do not” “cannot” “it is” etc No research in your conclusion In-text citations go after research for both direct quote and paraphrasing In-text citations should have a publication date Punctuation goes after the in-text citation If you use headers, keep them the same format throughout your paper Do not direct copy – at the very least use direct quotation marks Only one direct quote per page – at maximum! Use Times New Roman 12-point font or Arial 11-point font Double-space your writing Indent new paragraphs Use a Reference page not Works Cited Follow APA formatting – if that means you need to explore the APA website, the Online Library’s Writing center, or other APA sources then you are expected to do so. If instructions say 5-7 pages, then 4.5 and is not 5 pages…I want full discussions with examples and correlation to classroom content Personal experience is wonderful, but not if it is a research-based assignment – use research Use academic sources! Stop searching the web and use the online library. If you do not know what an academic source is, then visit the online library resource center. No on bullet points! Using the bullet point method detracts from your ability to create transition sentences and key statements within paragraphs. Save your assignment with your name in the title Implement feedback from previous assignments – if not, you will lose additional points on your final paper. **** Hello class – Continuing on with our quick overviews of APA formatting, please see the following on citations and references. I do FULLY expect you all to read over this information and your grade will be reflective of this expectation. In-text Citations APA writing style requires in-text citation as the method for attributing credit to the original source. The in-text citation should include the following information: Author or authors’ last name Year of publication Page number (or location where the information can be found if no page number is available) For a book source, the in-text citation may look something like this: (Guerin, 2012, p. 217). A journal article source would easily follow the same format as the example above. Because webpages don’t often allow for pagination, we must use some other location identifier in the in-text citation to tell the reader where to find the information that we are using in our writing. A website source’s in-text citation may look something like this: (Lutz, n.d., para. 3). The above examples represent the basic structure and format for in-text citations in APA style. Continue to explore the Purdue OWL site to discover more information and learn more. When do I need to cite? Whenever you borrow words or ideas you need to acknowledge their source. The following situations always require citation: Whenever you use quotes Whenever you paraphrase Whenever you use an idea that someone else has already expressed Whenever you make specific reference to the work of another Whenever someone else’s work has been critical in the development of your own ideas When can I skip the citation? There will be times when we may discuss a point without actually citing or providing a reference to it. Following are some cases in which we can skip the citation. When the information is common knowledge like, “There are 7 days in a week.” When the information is quite general. For instance, “Some girls are tall.” When the statement is subjective in nature. For example, “The play was a great success.” When we are mentioning or discussing data or information already cited in our paper. Rubric Name: MGMT Assignment Writing Rubric Integration of Knowledge The paper demonstrates that the student fully understands and has applied concepts learned in the course. Concepts are integrated into the student’s own insights. The student provides concluding remarks that show analysis and synthesis of ideas. Reflections Reflects/critiques identify and describe growth from experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Purpose/Audience The writing engages the reader with an original approach to the subject and exceeds the assignment requirements. It may include conflicting ideas and inspires the reader to contemplate the relationship of complex ideas. Organization The writing flows smoothly and logically from a well-defined thesis. It contains an appropriate introduction, conclusion, smooth transitions and page count and assignment requirements. Grammar and Mechanics The writing is free of grammatical, proofreading, and stylistic errors. All quoted material is properly documented and cited.
MGMT 310 American Public Week 4 Principles and Theory of Management Paper

BUSI 2073 Yorkville University Management of Technology and Innovation Paper

BUSI 2073 Yorkville University Management of Technology and Innovation Paper.

Using feedback from your professor, update your submission from Part 1 and then add Part 2 below.Perform a literature search and locate a minimum of five peer reviewed articles related to planning, purchasing, and implementing an information system for your chosen industry.Write a literature review of these articles. The review should include the following:A summary of the articles.The challenges and opportunities in terms of the planning, purchase, and implementation of an information technology system that you have chosen.Reference page in APA style.Organize your information logically in a Word documentTHANK YOU
BUSI 2073 Yorkville University Management of Technology and Innovation Paper

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