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Expanding into Mexico: Benefits, Risks and Impediments Report (Assessment)

Introduction Globalization and improvement in communication have opened up the international market. Most of the companies venturing into these markets seek to increase their sales volume, diversify their operations, increase the profit margin, avoid excessive competition in the domestic market and also increase their market share. Though the benefits of expanding globally are enormous, there are many risks and impediments that may hamper the expansion process. These risks include price fluctuations, exchange rate volatility, political influences, legal and regulatory rules. The company management must therefore carefully evaluate the target market so as to project the expected profits and understand the challenges in order to develop effective entry strategies. Prior knowledge needed prior to expanding into Mexico Before the company can expand to Mexico, it is necessary for the company to evaluate various factors that are imperative for the overall success of the expansion strategy. First, the target market is very important as it forms the consumer base for the company. Currently, Mexico has about 110 million people. It is the 13th largest economy in the world and the 11th most populous country in the world. The country trades with the USA as the most important import and export partner. The nation has an elaborate transport and communication network which is ideal for doing business. Most of the residents are in the upper middle class level. The country is an emerging power and has become one of the industrialized nations. The country supports several trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) according to which it trades with the USA. Profitability The company hopes that the business will be profitable due to the large population in the country. Since the country is expanding to a market where the competition is not very high, it expects to capture a large portion of the market and hence the business will be profitable. In addition to the large target market, the country labor force is enormous as compared to the USA. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The labor rates are lower in Mexico and hence the company will reduce its operations costs, and this will increase the profit margins. The company expects that Mexico has lower taxes and lower rental rates which increase the profit margins. Potential risks Despite the increase in profits that are expected, the company has several risks that may affect the running of the business. The crime rate is very high causing a lot of uncertainties and instabilities. In Mexico, the market is controlled by cartels which are hard to break up. These cartels pose significant threat to the company as the cartel can cause physical damage to the new company structure and workers. Competition: The other potential risks come from the competitors. These are the local companies that exist around Mexico and they deal with the same commodities as this company. Changes in laws and regulations: changes in the legal system can pose a significant challenge to the company. Laws limiting international investors and promoting domestic companies could affect the company’s operations internationally. International companies may be required to pay extra tax which increases the final product costs in relations to the domestic market prices. Political instability: political instability in the Mexico could result in reductions of the company’s profits. Exchange rate changes: Exchange rates fluctuations affect international prices. If the country’s monetary policy is not effective, inflation would affect the prices of production factors and raw materials and this would affect the company’s profitability Changes in trade agreement: Changes in trade agreement between USA and Mexico can also affect the profits and operations of the company in this area. We will write a custom Assessment on Expanding into Mexico: Benefits, Risks and Impediments specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Common and Civil law systems in Mexico The Mexican legal system originates from the Greek, Roman, and French legal systems. The law is similar to other common laws around the world. The current Constitution that governs Mexico is based on the Constitution of 1917. The country has a well organized and evolved legal system in contrast to the perception that most foreign people have that the country’s legal system is not adequate. The Mexican laws are similar to the most of the laws in the world as opposed to the US legal system. The US common law is derived from the case laws, statutory laws of England and American civilizations while that of Mexico is derived from the Roman laws that were later refined by the French. In the US, case laws are commonly used to solve judicial cases while in Mexico, case laws are rarely used. The Mexican laws require that international companies running businesses in Mexico are affected by the Mexican law either directly or indirectly even if the business is not located there. The country’s administrative laws are formulated by agencies. They include labor, financial, banking, and taxations laws. These rules are gradually overriding the traditional Mexican laws. Dispute resolution One of the main recognized dispute resolution methods is through arbitration. The law applies to all national and international parties to a dispute unless there are international treaties and laws forbidding the use of arbitration. The Mexico commercial arbitration statute was passed in 1993, and it is used in dispute resolutions. The arbitration law requires that both parties agree to arbitrate. The failure in arbitrations results in the court litigation where the contract laws apply (Mueller 2). Contract law The fundamental rules that govern Mexico are found in the civil codes of many states in Mexico. These laws stipulate the basic rules of contractual engagements and rules regarding patenting, trademarks, and the negotiable credit instruments. The contract law identifies 20 types of contracts such as associations, bond, chattel mortgages, agency, lease, purchase and sale, deposits, and commodatums among others. Employee labor violations The Mexican labor laws are drawn from the Constitution. They indicate the minimum wage that employees can earn. The laws also state that those paying on an hourly rate must not go below the minimum wage that is allowed. The method of payment is the subject of employees’ consent. Companies must follow these minimum requirements to avoid violations. Labor contract: the Mexican laws provide the minimum contract period for both executive and non-executive employees. Non-executive employee must be trained for three month while the executive employee must be trained for six months. Not sure if you can write a paper on Expanding into Mexico: Benefits, Risks and Impediments by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Outsourcing: the Mexican laws prohibit certain forms of outsourcing. Any outsourcing works must be of a specialized nature and not similar to the work that employee within the company can do. These laws mean that workers will have to get extra benefits due to any additional work. Most companies do not subcontract ordinary works. Termination: The Mexican law details the causes for termination of employment such as fraud, insubordination, drug, alcoholism, immoral conduct among others. The company venturing abroad must understand these laws. Human rights violation The Mexican laws ban all forms of racial, ethnic, national origin, age, disability, health, religion, sex and marital status discriminations. The company must ensure that this does not occur. In Mexico, the human rights abuse is on the rise. Despite the current laws governing the human rights, there are still much human rights abuse in the country (Amnesty International 4). There are large criminal organizations that control the drug and human trafficking trade which the government has not been able to deal with. Criminal gangs always target human rights activist and journalists who expose their cartels. This makes most residents live in fear due to crimes, lawlessness, torture, murder and other atrocities. Impunity in this country is high; crimes are committed by security and military personnel when fighting the drug cartels. Victims are tortured in remand with some common methods as electrocuting, beatings, chocking someone with a plastic bag, threats, and spraying someone with water (Human Rights Watch 3). Child labor law violations In Mexico, child labor laws are high violated. Currently, one out of five children works. A total of 4 million kids under the age of 17 years work. The country is currently working towards eliminating child labor, and it has already ratified the UN convections on rights of the child of 1989. Perceptions of organization’s that engage in human rights violations and child labor laws Though many see human rights abuse and child rights abuse as being against the law, the government has no machinery and power to control these acts. When establishing the company, it is imperative that human rights are taken into accounts and the company should not engage children in work. European Union The European Union (EU) was formed in 1992, and it is one of the most influential international organizations of the world. The EU was previously known as the European Economic Community. The EU has is based on several policies formed by parliaments, commissions, and ministries. Today, the trade relations between the EU and Mexico are regulated with the help of a free trade agreement which was signed in 2000, providing the country with the additional possibilities in relation to the development of trade relations with foreign countries. The agreement is based on general democratic principles to protect the interests of both parties. The partnership between the EU and Mexico contributes to the economic growth of the country significantly, with references to the stimulation of the investment flows between Mexico and the international organization. It is possible to speak about the EU as a large export market for Mexico, and this fact contributes to the discussion of the trends in Mexico’s foreign trade. Mexico is rich in minerals which are exported to the EU actively. Moreover, Mexico exports transport and electric equipment to the countries of the EU. It is important to note that the country also imports more innovative variants of the transport and electric equipment from the EU (Derham). Advantages Mexico supports the active trade and political relationships with the EU because a lot of advantages provided for the country. The first advantage is that the EU is a single market which enables companies to trade at an international level using one currency. The second advantage is the monetary union. The EU countries trade with one currency and this makes it easy for a company to trade without the impact of exchange rate changes. The prices of different commodities remain constant. The EU also promises environmental protections and war prevention to the member states, and hence, there is political stability which is suitable for good business (Derham 7). Lastly, the removal of the trade barriers allows companies to expand to other regions within the EU. From this point, Mexico received a lot of opportunities to develop industries and markets depending on the improvement of the effective trade and political relations with the EU. Thus, the main purposes of the EU-Mexico cooperation are to guarantee the free and open trade markets for the parties, to avoid the competition while focusing on the productive cooperation, and to establish the norms of the successful cooperation according to the democratic principles and legal standards. These relations are important for Mexico as well as for the EU because they allow concentrating on the investment flows, liberalization of the markets, open and effective relations between governments. Participating in the agreement, Mexico receives more opportunities to develop trade relations with the European countries according to the globally adopted rules. Thus, the agreement guarantees the countries’ following democratic principles and protecting human rights. Furthermore, minerals and transport equipments are exported and imported by the EU and Mexico to contribute to the further development of the fields. Today, it is possible to speak about definite Mexico’s privileges within the global market which are associated with the active relations between the EU and the country because Mexico is one of the largest partners of the EU in Latin America (Denti; Derham). Disadvantages Focusing on the certain disadvantages of the EU as an organization, it is important to pay attention to The main disadvantage of the EU is the loss of national sovereignty of the members of the EU. When nations join the EU, they have to obey the rules and regulations set by this economic block which is rather irrespective of the repercussions. Another disadvantage is the fact that small nations have the limited influence on the economic policies set by the EU (Denti 5). However, these points are urgent for the countries which are the members of the EU. The cooperation with the EU is advantageous in its character for all the countries-partners of the organization. Mexico has the closest trade and political relations with the USA, but the focus on the trade and economic relations with the EU provides the country with the opportunity to expand the spheres of the economic impact and diversify trade relations. As a result, Mexico can compete successfully within the global market while developing the cooperative relations with the EU (Denti). That is why, the agreement between Mexico and the EU adopted in 2000 opened a lot of possibilities for the economic integration and stimulation of the investment flows. Conclusion In conclusion, Mexico is a good country for the company to invest in. There are huge profits expected from the business. Though the legal system is not well established, there are laws in place to protect foreign investors. The main problem with their legal system is the implementation of the laws. The company should go ahead and invest in this country though appropriate risk management strategies must be formulated. Works Cited Amnesty International. Mexico Laws without Justice: Human Rights Violations and Impunity in the Public Security and Criminal Justice System. 2007. PDF file. Web. Denti, David. The Influence of Small States in the European Union. Iceland: University of Iceland, 2007. Print Derham, Mark. European Union: Risk-Benefit Analysis. 2010. Web. Human Rights Watch. World Report 2012: Mexico. 2013. PDF file. Web. Mueller, Christa. Arbitration in Mexico. n.d. Web.
ACCT 424 Saudi Electronic University How Insurance Companies Make Money Discussion.

Instructions – PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.Late submission will NOT be accepted.Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions. All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted. Assignment Question(s):(5 Marks) Q1. Insurance companies invest in many areas, but most of all they invest in bonds. This makes sense because bonds are perhaps the safest of all investment categories. Insurance companies – being in the business of risk assessment – would logically find the low risk that bonds represent appealing, but there are other reasons as well. (1.5 Marks) Questions: a. How Insurance Companies Make Money? b. Why Insurance Companies Invest? c. What Insurance Companies Invest In? Answer: Q2. “Reinsurance is considered as a significant process which provides necessary securities to insurer which safeguards them from financial problems that arises from any future unexpected events.” Comment on the statement and explain the meaning and benefits of the term “Reinsurance.” Also read the following statements and identify the relevant reinsurance type/contract for each case. (2 Marks) This type of reinsurance is based on the features such as ceding of percentage of risk to the reinsurer and recover of same ceded percentage from reinsurer related with all losses on those risks. Such kinds of contracts are generally used by new companies.Under this contract, the pro rata basis is being used to share the premium and losses by the reinsurer and insurer. This type of reinsurance is based on the determination of loss ratio as an expression of predetermined limit in which insurer is required to retain all claims during a specified period. This refers to retention of insurer on all losses arising from a single occurrence. Answer: Q3. What is State Guaranty Fund? What kind of support and tasks it implies? How it accumulates fund? (1.5 Marks) Answer:
ACCT 424 Saudi Electronic University How Insurance Companies Make Money Discussion

Modesto Junior College Future of HR and Data Analytics Presentation.

Please create a 7-10 minute powerpoint presentation with talking points and a script on how data analytics will play into HR in the future. Please also go over how data analytics is used in HR now and how it can change in the future. Please include a script for each slide”There are instructions on how to create a good presentation in our course modules (here). I expect very thoughtfully put together slides. When in doubt, put less. If you have 2-4 sentences worth of material, I want to “hear it” and not “see it” meaning, your slides or presentation medium should have very few words. A good rule of thumb is to have an image/graphic and no more than 3-5 bullet points (if a bullet point starts to require a second line, you have too much) on each slide, as well as a clear beginning, middle, and end”
Modesto Junior College Future of HR and Data Analytics Presentation

discussion board, own words , no plagiarism

discussion board, own words , no plagiarism. Chapter 5 What are the pros and cons of DNA sweeps? Have students consider the potential utility of DNA sweeps and determine if they would submit to a DNA swab. Given the limited impact of the exclusionary rule on crime fighting and Miranda on conviction rates, what purposes do they serve? Chapter 6 In order to demonstrate rational choice and the limited effect of deterrence, come up with a list of costs and consequences as to why college students may engage in binge drinking. If formal college policies do not deter, what may serve as a better deterrent? Debate the deterrent effect of death penalty. Students should interview 3-5 people to determine the reasons individuals provide to support or decry the deterrent effect. For those interviewees who support the death penalty, students should point out the proposition that the death penalty has no deterrent effect and note the response and reaction of the individual. Discuss the impact of S.A.D.D. and alcohol-awareness activities on campus. Do the initiatives deter excessive drinking and impaired/drunk driving or promote the use of alcohol? What might help decrease impaired/drunk driving among college students? Chapter 7 If selective incapacitation and gross incapacitation do not reduce serious crimes, what actions can be taken to decrease such crimes? Is it necessarily CJ factors and answers that can help? Are there other social institutions that can impact the crime rate? How so? While the text provides some examples, a fundamental question should surround how incarcerations impact families and communities. Discussion should encompass personal responsibilities and economics. Chapter 8 Determine if there are special courts that handle certain cases (i.e., drug, domestic violence, mental health, etc) locally. Determine if specialty units, even when faced with the evidence in the text, can provide more for the victim and/or offender and provide support for their stance. debate the use of mental institutions or prisons/jails as confinement facilities for those who have mental health issues. Where do students believe those persons should carry out their criminal sentence? Why? As both banning plea bargains and reforming plea negotiations result in speed and efficiency of cases, which option is more fiscally responsible? Support should be provided. Given the finality of the death penalty, should those persons on death row be allowed to exhaust all possible appeals or should they be limited in the number of appeals to file? support your opinion (e.g., economics, time and effort of the courts, attempt to decrease frivolousness, the majority are guilty – factually and legally, etc). If applicable, determine the state’s stance on death row appeals.discussion board, own words , no plagiarism

How Is Political Recruitment Gendered? Essay

essay helper free Table of Contents Introduction Why Involve Women Challenges Conclusion References Introduction According to the National Democratic Institute chairperson Madeleine Albright, each society deserves the best leadership meaning women should be given a chance to participate in decision-making at various levels, both nationally and globally. The chairperson is of the view that each member of society, irrespective of gender, should be allowed to compete in elections. Going contrary to this would be depriving people of their rights and freedoms. Providing an enabling environment for individual fulfillment allows both genders to engage in politics and formulation of policy in government, which result in the development of democracy and its subsequent sustainability. In many parts of the world, women are underrepresented in government whereby they are never registered as voters. During an electioneering process, the society tends to appreciate the views of men while neglecting the ideas of women, yet they play a major role in socio-economic and political development. Feminists underscore the fact that society cannot achieve its desired interests in case half of its population is underrepresented in policy formulation. Women face similar challenges globally ranging from political to socio-economic, but the solution lies with the government, as it is expected to formulate a stronger policy that will see many women participate in political activities. In this regard, women must be well represented in social movements, political parties, and government, as this would facilitate the creation of a stronger and effervescent society. This article looks at how the society discriminates women in political activities. Regarding elected positions, women rarely find chances to participate fully while public appoints are skewed towards one gender. The paper starts by observing the importance of incorporating women in socio-political and economic development before analyzing the challenges facing their participation. Why Involve Women Studies show that many women across the world are interested in helping their societies reduce the conditions that bring about suffering through policy formulation and idea generation. Through this, social problems are likely to be addressed, especially those facing women, children, and the disadvantaged. For instance, many women across the world have special problems that would better be addressed by women leaders, including issues to do with reproductive health and security. The issue of abortion is purely a female problem because it mainly affects them, but it is unfortunate that only men are involved in the debate in various parliaments leading to discrimination. Again, participation of women in government and political activities is likely to promote honesty, as it has already been proved in South America and Europe that a female president does not support any act that would lead to misappropriation of funds. Based on this, the instances of corruption are likely to go down with the involvement of women in leadership. One of the global problems facing the many governments is the issue of security since instances of terrorism and inter-ethnic wars are in the increase. Terrorists and other belligerent actors in the international system believe that women are soft sports and are likely to be targeted with an aim of intimidating the state and world leaders. If women are involved in peace building initiatives, a likelihood that these conflicts will reduce and the society will be a peaceful place for everyone to live is high (Henderson, Jeydel,

Counter Arguement

Counter Arguement. Help me study for my Writing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Post a COUNTER ARGUMENT to the following: When you post your response be sure to utilize facts to support your side.

Do you think it’s ‘too late’ for Venice to correct their mass tourism? Why/why not?

No, I don’t think it’s too late. I say this because their government could fix the mass tourism epidemic by imposing sanctions and refusing to take on more than what’s feasible for their city and their residents.

Discuss one new solution (i.e. not mentioned in one of the videos) you feel could be helpful for Venice officials to help mitigate some of the issues they are having with mass tourism.

Venice officials should put a cap on the amount of housing that’s allowed to be purchased for the sole purpose of renting them out to tourist. This cap should also limit the amount of real estate sold to large corporations that come in and build hotels. There isn’t much regulation regarding this, and I think that if sanctions are in place, it could prevent the overcrowding of the city.

Do you think mass tourism is sustainable in the long-term? Why/why not?

It’s not sustainable long-term because it’s harming the citizen’s livelihood. Not only is it extremely hard for them to find housing due to the housing market being taken over by private renters who only rent to tourists. But they also must deal with inflation and over-priced housing to occupy what’s left of the living spaces that are offered to them. They also must deal with the pollution coming from the giant cruise ships sailing around numerous times a day. This could lead to declining air quality as well as health issues. This is not going to get better for them. As the world population grows, so does the amount of tourist visiting these over-crowded cities.

Should local governments be available to keep tourists out? For example, if your dream was to visit the redwood forests in California and you were told you could not visit, how would you feel about that? To whom do natural resource mass tourism sites actually belong?

I believe that the government should definitely do more to keep tourists out. It is detrimental to their city and the residents if they don’t. The issue is that people are selfish. They’re not thinking about the negative impact mass tourism is having on the citizens of the places their visiting. In the video regarding whether mass tourism is harming Venice, there was a woman who pointed out that a hotel came and bought up real estate that included a local post office. The post office had to be moved further away, and the residents are having to move because of how difficult it is to get to it. Travel is already difficult since you must go by boat, and this amplifies it.These are the types of things people are not considering. Natural resources belong to everyone, but at what point do we say enough is enough?
Counter Arguement

ACCT 621 University Canada West Financial Analysis of Two Companies Comparative Essay

ACCT 621 University Canada West Financial Analysis of Two Companies Comparative Essay.

PurposeThis assignment is designed to help students obtain the ability to collect financial information and interpreting financial statements. Also, students are required to perform financial analysis and benchmarking, evaluate financial performance, and provide recommendations to help the company to improve.Requirements:Identify two public listed companies in North America i.e. RBC vs TD. Or CIBC vs BMORetrieve their financial statements(from last 2 years-for both companies)(company investor relation website or financial analysis including vertical, horizontal and ratio analysisEvaluate financial performance Provide recommendationFormatThe maximum 10 pages of the body content and unlimited pages of the appendixSingle Space Citation Style, APA Individual Case OutlineTitle PageExecutive SummaryTable of ContentIntroductionCompany BackgroundMain Competitor Background and Comparability RationalFinancial AssessmentVertical AnalysisHorizontal AnalysisFinancial Ratio AnalysisRecommendationConclusion  ReferenceAppendix 
ACCT 621 University Canada West Financial Analysis of Two Companies Comparative Essay