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EXP 3523 – Memory and Memory Improvement Poster on Alzheimer’s Disease (must deal with memory loss issues)

You are expected to prepare a poster on Alzheimer’s Disease (must deal with memory loss)
You can turn it in as a .ppt or as a .pdf file. Either way, the project should look like a poster.
The display should be “attractive” and informative without requiring too much time or concentration to understand what is being presented.
Students are encouraged to be creative, using imagination and good humor as well as factual information to present their material. Each project will be evaluated on its originality, depth of thought, appropriate use of source materials, overall correctness of style, accuracy, completeness, and attractiveness (of the display).
There MUST be extended research beyond the information available in the text or lecture materials. Include this research in a reference section.
There must be a discussion of original research discussed must concern the psychological and neural underpinnings of the disorder. That is, not about the treatment of the amnesia, but the psychological or neural that cause it.
Required: Clear communication of information and ideas.
Be aware that the text of your poster may be submitted to Turnitin. Do not plagiarize.
The poster must be written in APA format and be approximately 500 words in length. If you have questions about APA formatting please see (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
I have attached two examples of the poster format.