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Exhibition Review

It is important that you are able to engage with the content of the exhibition in order to analyse its content, themes, argument and modes of display – which is why you are asked to review something that is currently on display (either physically on display in a museum/gallery, or a virtual online exhibition). •    National Gallery,  Poussin and the Dance (9 October 2021 – 2 January 2022) What is an exhibition review?An exhibition review is more than a narrative description of the contents or theme of an exhibition. Instead, it offers a critical analysis of the subject matter and theme the curator or curators have selected. You should consider the following questions: •    What sorts of objects are included (as well as excluded)? •    How are artworks being displayed?•    What kinds of issues and debates or what kinds of messages are being put forward by the objects and the manner of their display, by the title of the exhibition, by the number of works included?•    What kind of knowledge is being produced?