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What is the arc measure of the price elasticity of demand on this route? 4. The Haas Corporation’s executive vice president circulates a memo to the firm’s top management in which he argues for a reduction in the price of the firm’s product. He says such a price cut will increase the firm’s sales and profits.

a. The firm’s marketing manager responds with a memo pointing out that the price elasticity of demand for the firm’s product is about -0. . Why is this fact relevant? b. The firm’s president concurs with the opinion of the executive vice president. Is she correct? 5. The Johnson Robot Company’s marketing managers estimate that the demand curve for the company’s robots in 2008 is P = 3,000 – 40Q where P is the price of a robot and Q is the number sold per month.

a. Derive the marginal revenue curve for the firm. b. At what prices is the demand for the firm’s product price elastic? c. If the firm wants to maximize its dollar sales volume, what price should it charge? 6.A minor league baseball team is trying to predict ticket sales for the upcoming season and is considering changing ticket prices. a.

The elasticity of ticket sales with respect to the size of local population is estimated to be about 0. 7. Briefly explain what this number means. If the local population increases from 60,000 to 61,500, what is the predicted change in ticket sales? b. Currently, a typical fan pays an average ticket price of $10. The price elasticity of demand for tickets is -0. 6.

Management is thinking of raising the average ticket price to $11.Compute the predicted percentage change in tickets sold. Would you expect ticket revenue to rise or fall? c. The typical fan also consumes $8 worth of refreshments at the game. Thus, at the original $10 average price, each admission generates $18 in total revenue for team management. Would raising ticket prices to $11 increase or reduce total revenue? Provide a careful explaination of your finding. (Hint: if you wish, you may assume a certain number of tickets sold per game, say 5,000.

However, to answer the question the precise number of tickets need not be specified. )

Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues of Psychologists

Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues of Psychologists.

Youwill find and critique an article from a professional research journal publication related to the course Individual Testing pertaining to a topic covered in one of the textbook chapters and deals with assessment. submit the following; * Title page * The article must be written up in APA style. * Reference page * 2 pages typed/double-spaced write-up pertaining to what the article was about, the counseling aspects displayed in the article, and any thoughts or opinions that you had about the article.

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