examples of instances where the Court has used the clause that you feel has been most useful to strike down State laws that impact individual rights.

In a statement of no more than 500 words, provide a statement that addresses which of the following Constitutional clauses has been most useful to the Court in their quest to protect individual rights.

Commerce Clause

Due Process Clause

Equal Protection Clause[supanova_question]

Magic tale analysis

Magic tale analysis.

The Slavs have a long tradition of documenting their folk traditions and rich material is available for study. The course will use verbal lore: folktales, legends, and songs, as an entry into Slavic belief. After reading or viewing selected stories, students will explore the connections between them and ritual practices, such as the celebration of wedding rites. Similarly, stories will lead to examination of material culture such as housing, clothing, and traditional food and food behavior. Because your instructor specializes in Ukrainian folklore, emphasis will be on the folklore of the East Slavs, meaning the Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians, but students are more than welcome to look at the West Slavs (Poles, Czechs, Slovaks) and their lore or the lore of the Southern Slavs (Bulgarians, Croats, Serbs, Macedonians, Slovenes).

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“When the company’s directors are distinct from its shareholders, the long term interests of the company are endangered.” Critically assess the above statement

examples of instances where the Court has used the clause that you feel has been most useful to strike down State laws that impact individual rights. “When the company’s directors are distinct from its shareholders, the long term interests of the company are endangered.” Critically assess the above statement.


“When the company’s directors are distinct from its shareholders, the long term interests of the company are endangered.” Critically assess the above statement, reflecting on the balance of power between directors and shareholders by making appropriate reference to legal material. Students will be assessed on the following criteria:


• Presentation and understanding of the law within its wider context; (LO2)1 • Evidence of critical and creative reflection on the material used and conclusions reached (LO3) • Critical analysis of the relevant issues, and arguments, both legal and non legal, in the area, identifying and evaluating competing perspectives whilst showing an awareness of present day topical issues and new concepts; (LO3) • Depth and breadth of research, with the ability to judge the significance of the evidence used to support conclusions and recommendations. (LO4) • The structure of the work so that statements, arguments and conclusions flow coherently and logically; (LO5) • Communication in good English; (LO5) Recommended style: • Font: Arial • Font size: 12 • Spacing: 1.5 • Sections/Headings: Permitted • Referencing: Numeric, i.e., citation by footnote; OSCOLA style recommended • Bibliography: Compulsory • Word limit: 3000 words (+/- 10%), excluding footnotes and bibliography use reputable u.k legal sources such as law journals and cite cases. Make reference to the companies act 2006. paper must be referenced in the OSCOLA format. 

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1979 Iranian revolution

1979 Iranian revolution.

Description MENA 277BEssay You are to write an essay on the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The essay must answer the following questions: 1- What was the main cause of the Iranian revolution? 2- The Shah of Iran had a huge celebration just before he was deposed. What was this huge event? How did the People of Iran receive this event? 3- One of the Iranian leaders was Ayatollah Khomeini. Who was this important figure and what was his role in the Iranian revolution. Sources: • Use your textbook as a source particularly chapter 8 titled, “The Iranian Revolution and the Revival of Islam.” You can also use this documentary titled, “Shah of Iran amazing party, decadence and the downfall.” It is listed on D2L under content area. • You may use other sources as long as they are reliable sources. • Internet sources are not allowed: example, Wikipedia, Islam web, Jewish Virtual Library, Britannica.com Textbook 1- A History of the Modern Middle East. Westview Press, 2009. By William L. Cleveland and Martin Bunton.

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Calculate the taxpayers income tax

Calculate the taxpayers income tax.

Calculate the taxpayers income tax balance due (or refund) according to the attached set of facts. The solution should be in the same format as problem #68 (sample solution). Please show and label all calculations.

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Paper ARTH 100-H5: Repatriation Hopi Kachina figures

Paper ARTH 100-H5: Repatriation Hopi Kachina figures.

Repatriation Hopi Kachina figures


Requirements – Use this as a checklist when handing in your paper – Did you include everything?

                      3-4 pages, double spaced, NOT including images, cover page or bibliography

                      Use Times New Roman or Palatino font

                      Include a cover page with your name, course number and section and your paper title

                      Include in-text citations in MLA 8 format – See MLA Handbook on Blackboard

                      Include a work cited page in MLA 8 format- See MLA Handbook on Blackboard

                      Use at least 5 sources – at least 2 must be journal articles, periodicals or books (i.e. not websites)

                      Paper Organization: Introduction with a thesis statement, evidence to back up thesis and a conclusion 

                      Use art history vocabulary in your paper and visual analysis of the artwork(s)

                      On the last page include 2 images of artworks discussed in the paper with the following information     

as a caption below: Artist (if known), Title, Date, Country/Culture, Medium and Dimensions



1.      What is repatriation and what is NAGPRA? Why should museums return cultural objects to Native American tribes and nations? What are some of the complications related to the process of repatriation? Please address at least one specific cultural object or group of cultural objects in your paper and explain the process by which they were taken from their original location and owners/caretakers and then how/if they were returned.


Repatriation: Hopi Kachina figures



Here are some additional questions you may want to address in the body of your paper:

Why was the artwork or cultural object created?

What was the purpose of the artwork or cultural object?

Who is the intended audience for the artwork or cultural object? How was it produced?

What is the political, economic, religious and/or social context?  i.e what was happening in society at the time when it was made?

Where was it located after it was completed and who had access to it? What is the response to the artwork?

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Identifying a Problem or Issue and an Intervention

Identifying a Problem or Issue and an Intervention.

 For this assignment, identify a health care or public health problem, issue, or gap in practice and propose an intervention that may improve or solve this problem. The problem, issue, or gap in practice could be derived from your own experience or not. The intervention you choose must take into consideration what is already considered best practice in your state or nationally, knowledge gained through experience and other experts, and local patient or organization preferences. You will address this problem, issue, or gap in all the assignments in this course, so take a look at those assignments now. Make sure the problem and intervention you select in this assignment will also work for the other assignments. Submit a 3–4 page paper, using APA format, in which you: Identify a health care or public health problem or issue (organizational process or clinical practice) that needs to be improved. Describe why this problem or issue is of significant concern to certain stakeholders, patients, or community members. Describe your evidence-based practice or quality improvement (EBP/QI) intervention. Briefly describe your ideal inter-professional team for this EBP/QI project and why this team would be best suited to address this issue. Using the Researching Theory in the Library library guide from the Studies in this unit and/or literature search engines, identify and describe a single theory that can provide some big-picture insight into predicting or rationally explaining why a relationship might exist between your improvement intervention approach and the issue itself. Justify your selection of this theory by finding and describing similar studies where this theory has been used. Design a diagram or concept map (along with an explanatory two-paragraph narrative) that visually represents how you expect the big-picture theoretical concept(s) will relate to key parts of your study.

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