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Examined Life in Plato’s and Conners’ Works Essay

Every human being tries to cognize this world and find his/her place in it. These attempts are an integral part of our nature as they make people discover new phenomena, and evolve. Founders of a classical philosophy like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, also revolved around this very issue. For this reason, Socrates even suggested his own term examined life. It could be defined as the consideration of the nature of any action that will be performed by a person. Before making any step, an individual should communicate with others, and understand the nature of this very action, and only under these conditions he/she will live an examined life. Besides, there are vigorous debates related to the question whether examined life is worth living or not, and whether people should adhere to the concept of unexamined life, which is more interesting and promising, or not. Besides, using the idea of the good life as the main criterion for the evaluation of these aspects, we should provide the idea that only actions that result in the improvement of the current state of society and its evolution should be considered appropriate. For this reason, only examined life could be considered the good life as it helps individuals to evolve and contribute to the development of any community. We should say that Platos Allegory of the Cave could be used to prove the importance of an examined life and the role a person living according to this principle might play in the community. This allegory introduces the idea of people living in a great cage with poor light. They see shadows on walls and consider them real objects that should be investigated (“The Allegory of the Cave”). However, one person manages to leave the cave, and he/she sees a real world, with sunlight, and other objects. He/she obviously tries to persuade people that there is another world that should be cognized. We could say that only in terms of examined life this person will return and try to alter society as he/she realizes the importance of this action and the impact it might have on the whole community. Only life in the new world could be considered a good one and community should realize it. We could use The 11th Hour as another example of the unique importance of examined life. In case all people think about the character of their actions, their impact on the planet and environment, the state of the Earth will be much better. This documentary shows us that there are numerous problems at the moment that come from disregarding of the existing societys needs, or unexamined life (Conners). For this reason, it is crucial to analyze basic virtues and act in accordance with the current situation. Only under these conditions, we will be able to create wise and constantly developing society. Besides, here is a certain real-life example that could be used as the evidence to our statement. For instance, a prostitute sleeps with people for money. It could be compared to people who act trying to obtain some benefits. They do not think about virtues or other values; they just perform actions that might bring benefits. There is obviously a counter argument to this idea which states that acting in this way a person stops to be himself/herself which contradicts to his/her nature and it also makes you selfish as you want to become popular within this very society. However, it is not the same. Adhering to the principles of an examined life, a person improves living conditions of other people, and it could be taken as an altruistic step. For this reason, we could conclude that even in case a person acts to promote the rise of a community, he/she still contributes to his/her own evolution, and it is the only mode of life that should be appraised. Works Cited “The Allegory of the Cave.” Washington. Web. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Conners, Nadia, director. The 11th Hour. Warner Independent Pictures, 2007.

Causes and Effects of American Food Waste Causal Analysis

Causes and Effects of American Food Waste Causal Analysis.

develop a casual analysis,answering the two questions below: 1. What are some of the causes leading to the amount of food waste the United States experiences?2. What are socio-economic effects of such waste? sources1. order to answer the question, you will select support from a minimum of three of the sources we have discussed. You may find additional sources, if you would like, but you will need to cite those as well. You will need to choose and develop a minimum of three different cause and/or effects. In each paragraph, you will provide at least two pieces of expert support from your sources and research (if you choose to find more). In your introduction, you will present the issue and discuss what is happening and why we, as a society, should be aware/worried. You can use personal examples here only. Your thesis will state the issue and provide a plan of development (the three causes or effects you plan to discuss). You will need:1) an introduction with a hook, background information about the issue, and thesis with a plan of development; 2) 3 body paragraphs each with a topic sentence in your own words and 1 or 2 examples from the sources and explanations/analysis; please use direct quotes 3) a conclusion that restates the thesis, reviews your body paragraph, and comes to a conclusion; and 4) to use MLA format and cite your illustrations correctly.GuidelinesThis essay should be 5 full pages minimum in length, double-spaced, typed in a 12pt font (Times New Roman). Make sure to introduce all of your sources, use in-text citations and create a Works Cited page. If you need help with those, please review information under MLA Resources on our site.Final TipsTransitions: Between new ideas and paragraphs, you should always use transitional phrases and words. Please proofread for run-ons, fragments, or any other grammatical errors. Make sure you have a Works Cited page (not included in page count)
Causes and Effects of American Food Waste Causal Analysis

Webster University Nosocomial Infections at Good Health Hospital Case Study

cheap assignment writing service Webster University Nosocomial Infections at Good Health Hospital Case Study.

Applications of Epidemiology—A Case StudyScenarioThe situation at the regional Good Health Hospital has become overwhelming since the outbreak of Escherichia coli (E. coli) in Ward 10 on the second floor. It appears that there are six cases of the disease. To better understand the situation, communication with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that this particular bacterium can be found in many everyday items. The CDC recommends that investigation begin in the hospital kitchens because E. coli can be transmitted via contaminated vegetables, as well as delicatessen meats such as salami and other cold cuts. The following table shows the number of cases identified so far:CaseAgeGender123M221F315M442FAfter a meeting yesterday with the chief administrator, Joe Wellborn, it has been decided that the litigation issues with one of the patients may need further information to determine whether the patient was already symptomatic with the bacteria before admission. Research has indicated that hospitals operating in the Tampa Bay area have been known to have cases of E. coli contamination. This substantiates the need for further investigations by the county health department. Due to the severity of the cases and the potential for further spread, it is recommended that the hospital seek alternative vending services because the present suppliers cannot verify sanitation protocols for their products. In conclusion, the study done at Good Health Hospital has indicated that the E. coli outbreak was in fact caused by spoiled food from the cafeteria.As a social science researcher working for the regional hospital, you are placed in charge of contacting the department of health (DOH) from your home state, as well as the CDC for statistical data on nosocomial diseases (diseases starting in a hospital) that frequently cause illness at your health care facility. Using information from both agencies, evaluate the data on common nosocomial diseases and compile a treatment contingency plan for dealing with the hospital infections.Assignment InstructionsWrite a 5–6 page evaluation report in which you do the following:Analyze Good Health Hospital’s records and itemize recent nosocomial infections that occurred within the past year. In your report, categorize the different parameters (that is, person, time, place, ethnicity, and gender) used in the compilation of data into the information summative.Propose at least six questions for the health care administrator at Good Health Hospital regarding potential litigation issues with infections from the nosocomial diseases. In the report, rationalize the logic behind the six questions.Identify a targeted audience within Good Health Hospital and prepare an implementation plan based on a hypothetical meeting with the hospital health care administrator. Propose four steps that will be useful in the final implementation plan.Suggest at least five recommendations to the department head based on the steps taken in the implementation plan. Provide a rationale for suggestions.Design a safety protocol itinerary that must be placed in public access areas of the hospital, using these approved recommendations.Use at least four peer-reviewed academic resources in this assignment. These must come from journal sources. Note: Fact Sheets, Wikipedia, and nonacademic websites do not qualify as academic resources.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your faculty for any additional instructions.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment:Design a safety protocol itinerary based on an implementation plan for addressing nosocomial infections in a hospital.
Webster University Nosocomial Infections at Good Health Hospital Case Study

How did the decolonization of Jamaica from Britain affect Jamaica’s economy in terms of migration, trade, and status?

How did the decolonization of Jamaica from Britain affect Jamaica’s economy in terms of migration, trade, and status?. I don’t understand this Sociology question and need help to study.

This paper has to be between 10-12 pages about my research topic. I added my professors response to my proposal, literature review, and outline of the paper, so that you could see what he wants specifically. I need 8 citations and also need internal citations in the paper. The literature review is a part of the 10-12 pages and the lit review has to be 3 pages, so the paper is basically 7-9 pages in length. It has to be chicago style. My thesis is:

Within the economy there are a few, but not limited to, subgroups that were directly affected because of the decolonization in Jamaica, which are status[CMK1] , migration, and trade (imports and exports). This topic is important because it gives a glimpse of how a majority of islands, specifically Jamaica was left off once they decolonized from one of the more successful countries at the time (Britain).
Jamaica’s economy became worse off after their decolonization from Britain, which in turn affected their migration, trade, and status.[CMK2]

[CMK1]Status is a very broad concept. What kind of status was affected?

[CMK2]You have an overall argument, which is great. But this thesis needs to be made more specific. What concrete changes occurred in migration, trade, and status. Tell the reader up front more specifically what you will be showing in detail below.
This is just an example of some of the comments my professors writes on my assignments. I really need major help on this paper, and the vocabulary does not have to be too proper because I do not use that high of a vocabulary. College Junior/Senior is the vocabulary I use. I have added
How did the decolonization of Jamaica from Britain affect Jamaica’s economy in terms of migration, trade, and status?

WU Wk 2 Evaluation of the Mission Vision & Values of Facebook Discussion

WU Wk 2 Evaluation of the Mission Vision & Values of Facebook Discussion.

****************Facebook is the chosen organization**********************This week, you begin to build your Strategy Playbook for your chosen Capstone organization. You will begin this process by evaluating what Wolfe calls the “Context Field,” or level of analysis, of the organization. As Wolfe explains (2011, pp. 81–84):Within organizations, the Context field is often incorrectly referred to as the culture of the organization. It is this but is also much more. Culture is part of Context but not all of it.Context is certainly much more than the “do’s and don’ts” we associate with the word culture in our society. It’s even more than the mores and shared values we spend so much time dissecting and diagramming. It’s the sum total of all our shared stories, the mythology we make up to explain our world to ourselves and to others.As such, it is not something that we can easily observe or measure but it literally defines “how we do things around here.” An organization and the individuals within it cannot behave or operate in ways that are contrary to the Context framework defining the organization. . .The Context Field contains energy associated with meaning and purpose. It is the energy that drives what is known in today’s business environment as engagement.In traditional strategy terms, evaluating the “Context Field” of an organization is related to the evaluation of the organization’s stated, and lived, mission, vision, and values (if they have them stated). The analysis of the Context Field derives from developing answers to a probing set of questions that are intended to help you better understand the goals, ambitions, values, and long-term soulful purpose of the organization. Understanding these issues sets the context and lens from which to better understand how to shape your Strategy Playbook when you complete later analyses in the course. It also affords you the opportunity to recommend ways in which these important context elements (mission, vision and values) could be improved. This week’s focus question for your Strategy Playbook is, what is your winning aspiration? (What do you stand for and believe deeply in?)To prepare for this Discussion:Review all required readings, including the Weekly Briefing, which provides additional guidance on how to complete the Assignment.Review this week’s case study and peer discussion.Identify and review all relevant readings from the Capstone Program Bibliography.Locate and maintain access to publicly available information about the organization’s mission, vision, and values. This information should be available in:Annual reportsThe organization’s official websiteSynthesize your answers to the following analytic questions as part of your formal assignment response. That means you should answer each question, then you should take your overall conclusions about your responses to write your response to the formal assignment below:What is the fundamental purpose of the organization (beyond “making money”)? Why does it exist and what problems does it solve in the world? (See Wolfe, 2009, pp. 121–128)Would the world be a better place if this organization no longer existed? Why or why not? (See Wolfe, 2009, pp. 121–128)Has the company been consistent and true toward achieving its purpose and vision over the years? Is it still consistent now? How? What could it do better?Are organization-wide goals stated merely in terms of market growth or financial outcomes for a year or two? Are there any more broad, stakeholder-related goals or “balanced scorecard” goals? How should they improve in this area (what goals should they have and why)?Do the stated mission and/or vision statements address all of the fundamental stakeholders explicitly (at an absolute minimum this should include employees, customers, shareholders)?Are the organization’s fundamental (soulful) purpose, mission, vision, and values aligned explicitly with one another, and with the actions of the organization?Consider what you learned from the James Houghton and Signature Theatre case study that you can apply to your chosen organization.By Day 5Post a polished and synthesized evaluation of your chosen organization’s stated mission, vision, and values statements. At a minimum you should address:Do the stated mission, vision, and values provide a strong foundation from which to clearly understand the organization’s Soulful Purpose? How and Why?What are the strengths and weaknesses of the stated mission, vision and values? Why?What revisions would you make to strengthen them (if necessary), and why? If you do not have recommendations, explain why you think the current stated mission, vision, and values are appropriate without revision and what criteria you suggest that organization use to evaluate those periodically so it can ensure that they remain relevant.Be sure to back your evaluation with evidence and with reference to best practices from the case study, required readings, and relevant readings from the Capstone Program Bibliography.If the organization you are studying does not have formal mission, vision or value statements, create a draft of each, based on the application of your research and analysis of your company. Then explain why your version makes sense.General Guidance: Your original Discussion post for the Capstone Forum will typically be 1 to 1 ½ single-spaced pages, excluding references. Refer to the Week 2 Discussion 2 rubric for grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use the rubric to assess your work.Note: After you receive input from your colleagues, in the next few days you should revise your original post to reflect input that you think is helpful and strengthens your position. This final revised version from this week’s Capstone Forum will become the first formal entry into your Strategy Playbook appendix. Title this section “Mission, Vision, and Values Analysis for XYZ [Insert Organization Name],” and be sure to keep a version of your response in your Strategy Playbook template. As a best practice you should plan to review your playbook throughout the next 6 weeks as you continue to build your components. You may find that you have new ideas and items that further improve your work.
WU Wk 2 Evaluation of the Mission Vision & Values of Facebook Discussion

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