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List three examples of operating system software. Linux, OS X, and Microsoft Windows List three examples of application software. Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Visual Studio Programs that make a computer useful for everyday tasks are known as application software What is used to translate high level language programs to machine language (or machine code)? Compiler What both translates and executes the instructions in a high level language program? What was the first programming language designed to perform complex math functions? Interpreter.

Fortran Rules that are strictly enforced during compilation are called what? Syntax Rules What are violations of strictly enforced rules during compilation called? Syntax Errors Which will not prevent compilation, syntax or logical errors? Logic Errors Instead of binary numbers, assembly language uses short words for instructions known as what? Mnemonics Name a high level language you use in the course. Visual Basic The words that make up a high level programming language are known as what? Keywords Which runs faster a compiled or an interpreted program? Compiled Which language utilizes binary numbers like 01110000?

Machine Language How many steps are in the Program Development Cycle and what are they? 1 – Design the Program2 – Write the Code3 – Correct Syntax Errors4 – Test the Executable Code 5 – Debug the Code What is an informal language that has no syntax rules and is not meant to be compiled or executed? Pseudo Code What is a diagram that graphically depicts the steps that take place in a program? Flowchart What is a set of statements that execute in the order that they appear? Sequence Structure What is a logical design that controls the order in which a set of statements execute?

Control Structure What graphically displays boxes that represent each module in a program? Hierarchy Chart Which flowchart symbol represents a terminal point like Start or Stop? Oval Which flowchart symbol represents processing and is used with the keywords Set and Declare? Rectangle Which flowchart symbol represents decisions and is used with the keywords If/Then? Diamond Which flowchart symbol represents input and output and is used with the keywords Input and Display? Parallelogram Which flowchart symbol represents calling modules and is used with the keyword Call?

Rectangle with 2 Vertical Lines In programming, a storage location in memory is called what? Variable A variable that is declared inside a module is called what? Local Variable What is the term that describes the part of the program that a variable can be accessed? Scope A variable that can be seen throughout the program is called what? Global Variable True or false: A variable can begin with a number. False True or false: A variable can contain spaces. False True or false: A variable can have a number as the last character of the variable name? True

True or false: A variable can contain an underscore. True True or false: A constant can be changed during execution of a program. False True of false: A variable can be changed during execution of a program. True What are the four main data types discussed in class so far? 1. Integer2. Real3. String4. Boolean What is used to check the relationship between two values? Relational Operator Which relational operator is used to denote greater than or equal to? >= Which relational operator is used to denote not equal to? != Which relational operator is used to denote less than?

< What is the difference between using the relational operator = and the relational operator ==? = is used for assignment and == is used for comparison What is the symbol used to indicate “raised to the x power” in pseudo code? ^ What is the truth table for AND? True AND True = True True AND False = False False AND False = False False AND True = False What is the truth table for OR? True OR True = True True OR False = True False OR False = False False OR True = True What does NOT False evaluate to? True Indicate three benefits of modules?

Faster Development, Simpler Code, Code reuse What is a variable passed to a module called? Argument Define the abbreviation ASCII. American Standard Code for Information Interchange Relational Operators Great Then < Less Then >= Greater Then or Equal 7 is false 5 < 7 Is True (5 > 7) or (10 > 3) is True (5 > 7) and (10 < 3) is False NOT (5 > 7 ) and (10 > 3 )is true because the NOT reverses All programming languages that allow you to create expressions that can be evaluated as either true or false are called ? Boolean expressions. Boolean expressions uses relational operators


Pre labs should consist of purpose of the lab, procedure and data tables.
so it is a pre-lab read it then write the purpose of the lab, procedure and data tables
should be in your own word so do not just copy the procedure