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Evolution Role in the Humanity and Planet Development Essay

Evolution is a process due to which we now have all these traits and peculiarities which make us human beings. Its discovery was a very important step in development of science. It helped people to recognize their nature and origin and understand how we managed to obtain different qualities. Evolution is a very longstanding process which becomes possible due to the influence of different factors. These factors can be change in weather, traditional occupation or something else. Moreover, scientists usually separate four forces of evolution which are responsible for all changes which happen to living beings. They are natural selection, mutation, gene flow and genetic drift. They influence greatly the way and order in which individuals obtain new traits and adapt to changing environment. Moreover, it is due to these forces we now have a great diversity of different species which are wide spread all over the world. Evolution cannot be stopped that is why it is possible to observe it even nowadays as it helps us to survive. As we have already said, there is a great number of different kinds of species which differ from each other. This diversity is determined by the fact that each living being has to survive in the concrete area which has its own peculiar environment. It influences greatly lifestyle of a creature which lives under certain conditions. That is why evolution helps to obtain new traits which can help this living being to survive. However, there are variations which occur among individuals from the same species. Presence of a factor which distinguishes one individual from another is usually taken as some preparation for the next step or even the next stage of development of certain species. It happens under the influence of genetic drift, the process which helps an individual to obtain new genetic variation. Usually, it happens among small populations. This process can serve as an evidence of a longstanding character of evolution. Genetic drift is one of four forces of evolution. They are natural selection. mutation, gene flow and genetic drift. Each of them is very important and plays a great role in the process of obtaining a new quality. Natural selection is a process which makes some peculiarities more popular as they help representatives of a population to survive, adapting to conditions of the environment. Mutation is another force, which is strongly connected with the previous one as it makes changes in the DNA which lead to certain changes in appearance of an individual which in its turn leads to better adaptation. Another important process is gene flow. It is a process of exchange of genes, portions of DNA (Haviland, Prince, Walrath
Troy University Working from home: The rise of the DIY office Article Analysis.

You are required to prepare and present one short report to the class on a news article published in the last six months on a topic that is relevant to the topics covered in the course. The topic of the article does not have to correspond to what is being covered in the class at the time you present the article. The article must come from a well-known and reputable news source. You must submit an analysis of the article two days before your scheduled presentation. Then, on your scheduled day, you will present the analysis to the class in a three to five-minute oral report. You will be evaluated on the quality of your reports, presentation mechanics, and the questions your report stimulates. Try to find an article on a topic that has not already been presented unless your article is an update to the prior article. The analysis should include the following:An introduction to the topic and the reportWhat are the main points of the article?What ethical, social, political, or economic issues are present and how do they relate to business and society?A clicker question to stimulate class discussionThe clicker question must be in a Yes/No, True/False, or A,B,C,D format. Provide a citation to your article using APA Style
Troy University Working from home: The rise of the DIY office Article Analysis

MUS 4 UCSD Music History During the Renaissance Period Questions.

Answer the following questions in 2 to 3 paragraphs each. Be specific in your answers, and give examples from the pieces you discuss. However, I do not expect you to cite specific moments in each piece (no need to use time-stamps).Compare the relationship between text and music in THREE of the following works: 1) Hildegard of Bingen’s “In Principio Omnes” from Ordo Virtutum, 2) Il bianco e dolce cigno by Arcadelt 3) Cruda Amarilli by Monteverdi and 4) Strozzi’s Lagrime mie What is the nature of each composer’s approach to text-setting? What is the overall musical texture? Does the composer of each work employ any techniques for text-depiction or text-expression? (Check the class glossary on Canvas for a specific definition of the highlighted terms. Translations of the text for each are available under the “files” tab on our Canvas site.) (10 points)Discuss the relationship between the following works and the cultural/religious/political context in which they were written: 1) the “Agnus Dei” movement from Palestrina’s Pope Marcellus Mass and the Council of Trent 2) Haydn’s Symphony No. 100 “Military” (second movement) and the decline of the Ottoman Empire. In what way does the music of each composer reflect these contexts? Discuss specific characteristics of the music. (10 points)Drawing on the assigned reading, discuss THREE of the following: 1) the development of notation, 2) the development of the printing press and the popularity of amateur-music making during the Renaissance (ex. madrigals), 3) the role of publishing in the career and legacy of Barbara Strozzi and 4) the role of publishing in the “Bach Revival.” Cite the ideas, and any quotes, that you have drawn from the assigned reading. (10 points)
MUS 4 UCSD Music History During the Renaissance Period Questions

Feminism is best described as a structured movement that endorses the idea of equality for women and minorities in the economic, social and political arenas. No one would question that women have historically been subjugated to second-class citizen status and oppressive tactics simply due to their gender in the dominant patriarchal society. Feminists believe this subjugation continues today even after the gains made by the feminist movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The outcome of eradicating the concept of a patriarchy can only result in the liberation of women, gays, minorities and men as well. Women, minorities and gays are oppressed and do not enjoy equal opportunities in a patriarchal society as evidenced throughout history. Liberal feminism is the type most identified with the civil rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s. The focal point of their viewpoint is that all people, including men, are entitled to equal rights and considerations. Liberal feminists believe the oppression of women begins the way both genders are socialized. Aggressiveness by boys are encouraged by society but girls are generally taught to be ‘ladylike’ which promotes the patriarchal system allowing men to retain their power and control over women. Liberal feminists have been instrumental in producing and supporting laws which eradicate social barriers women have historically endured. These laws have sought equal rights and opportunities for women in the workplace, educational system and through social and health programs. By legislating equality for all, the traditional patriarchal ideologies are challenged and broken down while liberating women at the same time. Liberal feminists have been criticized for concentrating only on the legal aspects in the struggle against the patriarchal system but not the social aspects of the inequality problem. In addition, liberal feminists generally discount class and racial concerns. The goal of realizing equal rights and opportunities are shared by both radical and liberal feminists; however, the methods are dissimilar. Radical feminists advocate social changes while liberal feminists look more to individual rights. Liberal feminists believe it wrong to enact ‘morality laws’ designed to restrict the free will of women, which only serves to further oppress women. Liberal feminism believes women should be free agents, allowed to choose any vocation they wish. Women have historically been restricted in their choice of profession such as in areas of education, politics and business [often referred to as the ‘glass ceiling’] and their right to choose should not be limited by legislation or condemnation by those who are unwilling to modify their point of view. Liberal feminists do not consider prostitutes to be victims and realize the reasons to choose the sex profession as a multi-layered, complex and individualized decision. Liberal feminists submit that decriminalizing prostitution would permit women the chance to pursue their career choice without being punished, choice should be a fundamental right for all. Liberal feminists argue that legalization would make the profession safer and would allow for them to collect governmental benefits such as social welfare and could unionize instead of fearing punitive actions based solely on moral grounds. Works Cited Knuttila, Murray “Introducing Sociology: A Critical Perspective” The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology.

Finding Opportunities for Forming Your Own Business Case Study

A narrow-focused orientation and implementation of straight strategies constitute the basis for business success. Judging from the case under consideration, CompuDyne has managed to define its main position, as well as the range of products it manufactures. The experience demonstrates that the company’s prevalence over other security software organizations is due to the introduction of a core strategy uniting all assets of CompuDyne. Hence, manufacturing electronic and specific software has much more perspectives for promoting profitability and productivity because greater attention is paid to the development of a simplistic approach. As presented in the case, one-dimensional production can be greater controlled by the manufacturers because all resources and skills are directed at sophisticating and improving a specific product (Nickels et al., 2010). In addition, there are much more opportunities for presenting one product, especially when it is at early stages of development. Management of such products can also be carried out with greater risk because all departments are united under similar goals and objectives. However, the case teaches that well-coordinated and straightforward work is the key condition to business growth and technological upgrade. Explaining the concept of being in the right place at the right time Business development should take into consideration external economic and social factors influencing the production process. In this respect, the case proves that the product specification should be strongly associated with needs and concerns of community at a certain period of time. The terrorist attacks and period of deterrence in the United States made the company introduce change to the sphere of specialization and focus on the manufacture of security equipment for prisons and government buildings. Additionally, the company’s advancement was largely due to the introduction of new technologies and implementation of successful strategic acquisitions. As a result, the concept of being in the right place and at the right time defines a universal approach to creating a healthy business environment within an organization (Nickels et al., 2010). Because the manager of company Marty Roenigk recognized the production of electronic and security software as a good business situation for growth and profitability increase, the company revenues were significantly boosted. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The presence of exclusive market information served as another proactive stimulus for the company’s reconstruction and re-conceptualization. Previous strategies were not effective enough because the management team failed to introduce a single, united goal highlighting the main perspectives. Case Evaluation: Lessons to Learn With regard to the above-presented considerations and the case itself, a number of conclusions can be made concerning the main aspects of business development. First of all, the case teaches that the choice of simple and transparent strategies creates a solid basis for the company’s growth. Defining specific goals, orientations, and target markets is crucial for sustaining a competitive advantage. Second, being in the right place and at the right place is also imperative for carrying out business because the external economical and social factors should never be ignored. The case reveals that a quick re-organization of the company with regard to external demands has contributed to a rapid increase in revenues and productivity. Finally, realization of future goals and perspectives, as well as greater attention to production specialization, is considered the driving force of organizational improvement (Nickels et al., 2010). Moreover, readiness for organizational change and reconstruction has enhanced the company’s competitive edge. Reference List Nickels, W. G., McHugh J.,

Essay On CAR-T Hepatic Artery Infusions

assignment writer Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Background The liver is the site of metastases for numerous malignancies, including colorectal cancer. Surgical removal of liver metastases (LM) can cure a small number of patients (Tomlinson et al., 2007). Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of patients with LM are unable to undergo surgery due to extensive volume of disease. Modern chemotherapy is not curative, and new treatment approaches are needed. The immune system represents a powerful defense against malignant cells. T cells can penetrate virtually every biologic space and have the power to kill malignant cells, as demonstrated by the rare spontaneous remis­sions of cancer. Many investigators have attempted to apply immunotherapy to treating metastatic tumors. Infusions of activated T cells have yielded promising results. Despite encouraging results with certain diseases such as melanoma, cellular based immunotherapy has failed to achieve reliable success against other solid tumors. Recently, genetic re-engineering of patient T cells has allowed investigators to produce highly specific immunotherapeutic tools for a variety of malignancies (Porter et al., 2017). Case Presentation We reprogrammed patient T cells by preparing chimeric genes in mammalian expression vectors to yield chimeric antigen receptor modified T cells (CAR-T) from normal patient cells. The chimeric genes will produce a CAR, which will be expressed by the CAR-T. The Ig portion of the CAR-T allows it to recognize tumor antigens and then cytokine signaling induces T cell activation. Prior studies have demonstrated that CARs can direct T cells to attack tumor cells and initiate a self-sustaining immune response (Beaudoin, et al., 2008). The target antigen for these studies is carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), which is primarily expressed on tumors of the colon and rectum, breast, pancreas and other sites (Midiri et al., 1985). For our studies, we selected CEA as our target, because it is expressed at high levels in the majority of primary and metastatic colorectal cancers, in addition to other tumor types (Midiri et al., 1985). This protein is expressed on normal cells of the colonic epithelium and elsewhere in the gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, tumor cells frequently express quantita­tively much higher levels of CEA, which should enhance discrimi­na­tion between normal and malignant cells. A potential limitation of CAR-T therapy is the difficulty in delivering a sufficient number of cells to the actual tumor sites. To optimize delivery of CAR-T to liver metastases, we have developed the Hepatic Immunotherapy for Metastases (HITM) translational research platform. LM are preferentially supplied by the hepatic artery, whereas normal liver tissue receives most of its blood flow from the portal vein (Archer

Argosy University Child Development and Motivation Literature Review

Argosy University Child Development and Motivation Literature Review.

For this paper you will choose one of the topic areas that you picked in Week 3. You will then find at least 2 more articles for that topic and include them in the literature review section ( so there will be a minimum of 5 articles cited in the literature review section).Here is the list of topic areas that was used (choose one of the two that you used for W3 )Social cognitive theoryPositive psychologyCognitive dissonanceIntrinsic and extrinsic motivationMindfulness and happinessSleep and motivationExpectancy theoryChild development and motivationI will attach week 3 when chosen
Argosy University Child Development and Motivation Literature Review

Writer’s Choice Essay

Complete the portfolio to present a point of view on immigration to New Mexico. This paper should show understanding of more than one point of view on the topic. You will present the paper as a written editorial that could be published in a print or online newspaper. Please create a graphic organizer that thoughtfully compares and contrasts at least two points of view on immigration.